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Midnight Rose

Midnight Rose

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Published by Princess Veena

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Published by: Princess Veena on Oct 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SHADOWS shrouded me in a veil as the silver touch of moonlight cast a glow in mywake. Silence, having conquered all in the night but me, surrounded me, chastisingme for the slap of vibrating sound that my boots created on the wet cobblestones.The chill that had accompanied the arrival of the mysterious night- always in itscompany like the most faithful of friends- signalled to every particle in me that Iwas not wanted here. My lips twisted into a wry smile as this thought entered mymind. Who ever wanted me in their presence? Not even the night had any pity forme as it chipped my face with its icy touch and numbed my fingers till no feelingcould be provoked in them. Gathering my thin silk shawl closer around my stiffenedbody I continued my walk through the dark and dim alley lost in my thoughts andunaware of my murky surroundings. Why was I here? I chanced to ask myself butno answer was immediately thought of.Fatigue was draining me of the remaining energy I had and my whole body wasswaying from lack of rest. Unable to stand upon my feet anymore I surveyed thedark sanctuary I was in for any resting spot that would bear me for a few minutes.However none was in sight except the filthy ground that was polluted withcenturies of grime, which in my current state seemed just as welcome as any plushcushion would seem in any other case. Collecting my skirt I sluggishly sank downpraying that when I returned back to the mansion- that was my solitaryconfinement- Madam would not see the dirt stains on the dark blue iris colouredsatin material. The odours of stench that tickled my nose in a miserable way werenothing in comparison to the bliss created by the departure of exhaustion as itslowly trickled away from my secluded being.And in this very spot as I lay humbled by the oppression of any happiness in my lifeby certain factors I revived the life I held in my hand that had never seen a day
without being molested at the least once. Life as I knew was sprung from thedepths of the realm of divinity but after it was placed in the hands of the parent itwas up to them to adopt the theme of it. Should the parent be poor or materiallydeprived then that theme which they would bestow on the new born would beequally deprived of objects but not of love. However should the parent be rich andin access to great wealth then the theme would be sharply contrasting to the firstthough not in the case of love. In regard to all this my life was not so simple. Myparents were of the second category and they had excess of everything fromhappiness to money. But all of their contentment was demolished when the divine
handed me over into my mother’s arms.
Second in birth and second in their heartsI remained for I was no darling like their Adam and despite the strains they took toshow affection for me it was never sufficient. At a very tender age I was concludedby the
m as ‘different’ and without the charms of any young infant of similar age.
my fellow playmate and the daughter of my mother’s best friend
- hadelaborately curled blonde ringlets and big blue eyes and a charming nature asMadam used to say. On the other hand look at you! She would cry and would turnher pretty face away from me as if I brought her immense grief. My thick black hair
that had a natural curl to it and my equally big grey eyes were no match for Marie’sin my mother’s eyes. I was nothing
but a quiet infant who never uttered a singlesyllable whilst Marie was an object of unceasing splendour to her mother andmine.Fastidious for attention Marie always reminded my mother how inferior to her Iwas. So unpleasant was this thought that she shunned me away in the early stagesof my life and took to cosseting my elder brother who was superior in both age andcaptivation to me. My father was no more amiable to me than my mother for hewas strict and austere and was not very fond of young children especially wild oneslike me. He would spend days without greeting his little girl or speaking of a wordto her until duty demanded. Never did he regard me with warmth and I wassurrendered to my own solitude to do what I pleased and say to myself what Iwished with no companion but the room I sat in.Ignorance having played a big part of my childhood I sought no comfort in myparents but from my nurse Miss Marianne. I still remember plainly the day shearrived to take care of me. She was a tall lady of fair complexion and a sweet
temper. I was four years old then and so far had had no love shown to me in thosefour years of life. With gentle words and equally benevolent acts she won myconfidence and my heart on first approaching me in my secret corner in thenursery. She became the image of a mother with the qualities that my own was sodeficient of in a very short period of time. Miss Marianne was appointed to be bothmy nurse and governess and therefore she fed me with luscious books that I learntto read and told me of tales that were so engrossing for my yet undeveloped mindthat they made me shiver with awe. I was fast in learning and soon my knowledgeexceeded that of my brother who was 2 years senior to me. No account of myaccomplishments were given by either of my parents but I had Miss Mariannewhose praises were of more worth and importance to me.Yet all this was before the day it happened. It befell on my 7
birthday and as usualI was alone with Miss Marianne and I was opening my presents which though of great beauty and expense were not given with love when with no warning Isuddenly fainted. I remained unconscious for three days much to the agony of MissMarianne and the panic of my family. Doctors were summoned but theirexamination gave them no reason for my abrupt decline in health. The mansionbecame solemn and the inhabitants and the visitors were shrouded in the fear thatI would leave this earth forever very soon. What I went through during this periodof time is beyond my own words for even though I sensed everything around me I
couldn’t move nor speak. It was as if I had been frozen in time while my
environment was as normal as ever. My body experienced many physical changesand my soul withstood many emotional changes for as I lay there in my bed, MissMarianne sitting beside it, I was forced to experience the unpleasant sensation thatsomething was happening to my body.The blood flowing through me seemed to tinge with something more than warmth.My bones seemed to harden and the flesh attached to them felt as if somethingwas weaving into it like a dressmaker embroidering a dress. Skin turned fromnormal to pale. Eyesight grew sharper allowing me to see the tears that fell frommy governesses eyes in minute detail. My breathing slackened- the doctors saw itas a symptom of death- and my senses enhanced. Melodies of music seemed totravel through my veins and for a time I was lost to this extraordinary grip that Iwas being held in. At last the day came when the spell that had binded me to my

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