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Investec Rhodes Top 100 2012

Investec Rhodes Top 100 2012

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Published by The Oppidan Press
The Investec Rhodes Top 100 addition to the 8th edition of The Oppidan Press 2012.
The Investec Rhodes Top 100 addition to the 8th edition of The Oppidan Press 2012.

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Published by: The Oppidan Press on Oct 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2 Te Oppidan Press 9 October 2012
Investec Rhodes Top 100 2012
From the desk of the DoS
 Thoughts on the Investec Rhodes Top 100
My warm congratulations to
Te Op- pidan Press
, who have yet again pulledof the ‘op 100’ initiative or the 3rdtime at Rhodes, under the impressiveand able leadership o Jamie Be-zuidenhout. As always, reading aboutthe achievements o the ‘cream o thecrop’ at Rhodes has been inspiring andimpressive. It is indeed a privilege andan honour to be Dean o Students at aUniversity where so many o our stu-dents take such amazing advantage o the brie opportunity available to themduring their time as students, and whoget wholeheartedly involved in extra-mural activities while maintaining asolid academic record.
We have students with perect recordswho have been on the Deans’ liststhroughout their time at Rhodes; wehave students who have dedicated hourso their time working towards the uplif-ment o our local community, and wehave others who energetically espouseparticular causes such as HIV AIDS, hu-man rights violations and environmentalissues. Our SRC, sub-wardens, housecommittee members, society chairper-sons, and sports captains have excelledthemselves. And we have superb sports-women and men, musicians and artistsand entertainers.Not one o them has had a seriousacademic or disciplinary ‘blemishrecently. Not one o them has lost a DPor received a June warning in the past2 years. More than just that, in the DoSLeadership and Academic categories thewinning candidates are all ne role-models, and I have little doubt that thereaders o this edition will be inspiredby their talent, energy and passion. Ourmotto is “Where leaders learn” and thereis little doubt in my mind that each o our top 100 students will go out into theworld once they have completed theirdegrees, make a positive contribution tosociety and show everyone what Rhodesstudents can do.Te secret o real success at University is in nding the right balance betweenwork and extra-curricular activities. Tisrequires engagement with a wide rangeo new experiences and opportunities,many o them outside the classroom.During this active process, studentsbegin to understand their strengths andwork on their weaknesses, and acquirequalities which will enable them tobecome critical and engaged citizens inour new democracy. Tis sort o learningis voluntary, and takes place outside theormal classroom. I am sure all o ourtop 100 students will agree that they have learned a lot, and that the eort wasextremely worthwhile.I am well aware that there are armore than these 100 students who arealso outstanding in many ways, and arenot yet acknowledged or listed in thesepages. Many o you were probably toomodest to put your names orward andlef it to others to nominate deservingcandidates. Next year please don’t letthat happen - we would like to recogniseall deserving students.My personal congratulations goes toeach o the students listed in this edition,who have risen to the top through sheerhard work and dedication.
Dr Vivian de Klerk 
     M    e    e    t    t     h    e     j    u     d    g    e    s
A message from Investec
Another year and another cohort o youngleaders recognised and celebrated as part o the Investec Rhodes Top 100. Having beenpart o the adjudication process, exposedto the intense discussions around who isto be included as part o this list, I wish toextend well-deserved congratulations to allthose who have been included in the 2012Investec Rhodes Top 100 list.It takes committed and hard-workingpeople to be part o such a prestigiouscommunity. Those who make it onto thislist possess a rare combination o traits andabilities. They are perormances driven byaction-oriented people “who walk the talk”.We at Investec are delighted to provide, inpartnership with Rhodes University and
TheOppidan Press
, a platorm that acknowledg-es and celebrates such leadership potential,qualities and abilities, or it is celebratingothers that encourages them to continuedelivering all-round. We also believe thatthe creation o this list connects like-mind-ed people who will not only celebrate eachother but will draw rom each other in moreways than one, not only or the better-ment o their own lives but those o theircommunities and society at large.All successul participants are requestedto make use o this achievement andrecognition to accomplish even the small-est o jobs with perection. This is becauseeach time one conquers the smallest task,it lets them grow stronger, enabling themto take on an even bigger task. All o youare on your way to doing some great thingsindeed. I would like to remind winners thatthe more successul they become, the morethey need to inspire others to ollow theirpassions and aspirations. True leadership isabout taking others along.Due to the socio-economic challengesacing South Arica and the world, there is aneed or people who are passionate, hard-working and committed to their chosenspaces as well as to the empowerment o others. Those who make it onto this list arerepresentative o such people and we hopeto see this community grow over the years.Once again, congratulations!Best wishes,Setlogane Manchidi
Dr Vivian de Klerk — General Excellence andDean o Students Leadership
Vivian de Klerk has been the Dean o Students at Rhodes University since 2007.She obtained her BA (Hons) and MA de-grees cum laude rom Rhodes and a PhDrom UC, as well as completing an HDEdegree rom Unisa. She was Proessorand Head o the Department o EnglishLanguage and Linguistics rom 1991 to2006, and was awarded the Rhodes ViceChancellor’s Senior Research Award in2004.
Larissa Klazinga— Dean o Students Leadership
Larissa Klazinga is the Student ServicesOcer at the University’s Dean o Stu-dents oces. In addition to working withthe Dean o Students, Klazinga is also theLilian Ngoyi Hall Warden and the StudentAnti-Harassment Ocer. Commenting onthe students who made the op 100, Klaz-inga said, “Tey have shown exceptionalleadership skills, they are committed andhard-working, and this award celebratestheir endeavours.”
Eric Oei— General Excellence andDean o Students Leadership
It is the breadth and intensity o hisleadership experiences that dene EricOei most completely. During his years atRhodes, Oei has displayed an interest inservice. He has been active in community engagement volunteering programmesand participated regularly in residencesports and student governance. In particu-lar, he has been SRC President, Hall seniorstudent, a society president and a classrepresentative (2007-2010). Oei is cur-rently the SRC Student Liaison Ocer.
Dr Kenneth Ngcoza— Community Engagement
Dr Kenneth Ngcoza is a science educationlecturer in the Education Faculty and hasbeen involved in establishing the MiSResearch Centre. Ngcoza is also involvedwith Te Khula Programme, which wonthe 2009 Vice-Chancellor’s DistinguishedCommunity Engagement Award. Teprogramme teaches senior school learn-ers valuable skills in areas such as mathsand science, which allows them to assisttheir teachers in educating their class-mates in these subjects.
Setlogane Manchidi— Commerce and Finance
Setlogane Manchidi, Head o Investec’sCorporate Social Investment division inSouth Arica, was awarded an Honoursdegree in Social Policy and Managementwith distinction rom the University o Cape own (UC). Afer graduating, heworked or Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as an organisation and humanperormance business analyst and consult-ant, beore joining Investec as a CSI con-sultant in 2003. He headed up the divisionin 2005. Investec CSI, under Setlogane’sstewardship received the 2009 Sunday imes op 100 CSI Leadership Award.
Sarah Green— Commerce and Finance
Sarah Green is currently the Head o theCareer Centre at Rhodes University andhas been in this position or just over ayear. Green has worked with studentsat Rhodes University or 8 years as acounselling psychologist
7 o these inthe Counselling Centre and enjoys thechallenge o interacting and assistingstudents with nding their eet and ully participating in University lie and in thewider world o work.
Gillian McGregor— Sports
Gillian McGregor is a lecturer in theGeography Department. She completedher BA Honours and MSc at Rhodes. Herprimary research elds include uvialgeomorphology, impact o impoundmentson rivers systems, developing methodsor water resource management throughGIS. She is extensively involved in RhodesSport, specically underwater hockey.
Stephen Penney— Sports
Stephen Penney is the Sport and Motor-ing reporter or
Grocott’s Mail 
, as well aschie photographer. Penney was the 2005recipient o the Sanlam Community PressPhotographer o the Year award, and has akeen interest in sports photography. He isalso an avid runner and has completed thewo Oceans Marathon, among others.
Roger Adams— Sports
Roger Adams is the current Deputy Deano Students and ormer head o Rho-des sport. In his tenure, Rhodes sportenjoyed a considerable shake up, withthe improvement o the Inter Res sportsprogramme, and o the various sportssocieties at Rhodes. Outside the oce, theather o two enjoys cycling and playinggol.
Mandla Gagayi— Sports
Mandla Gagayi is the head o sportsat Rhodes University. He was also therecipient o the 2010 Vice-Chancellor’sDistinguished Community Engagementaward, which he received or his work es-tablishing the Grahamstown High SchoolsSoccer League.
Corinne Cooper— Arts, Culture and Media
Corinne Cooper is a Sound echnology lecturer at Rhodes University and owns arecording studio. She is actively involvedin Grahamstown’s music industry, servingas a judge or Live Music Society’s Battleo the Bands.
 The Oppidan Press— Judging acilitators
Benjamin Katz, Editor; Kate-Lyn Moore,Deputy Editor; Jamie Bezuidenhout,op 100 Project Coordinator; CamaguMona, Managing Editor; Kirsten Makin,Chie Photo Editor; Sian Rees, MarketingManager.
Viren Raja has been actively involvedin campus lie since his rst year whenhe was elected onto the HSS execu-tive, staying on to become the vicepresident the ollowing year. He hasparticipated in various Moot Competi-tions, nishing second in the country in the Kovsie Moot Competition andrepresenting Rhodes at the All AricaMoot. He has also tutored and servedas sub-warden or two years.amryn-Leigh Dickenson has beenthe chairperson o the Live MusicSociety or the past three years. Shehas worked as a tutor or MarketingManagement 3, and served as classrepresentative or the ManagementHonours class. As Chairperson o LMSshe has organised various events andhas collaborated with environmentaland community engagement organisa-tions to set up perormances.
Viren Raja Tamryn-Leigh Dickenson
Set to receive her Bachelor o Artsdegree, Morolong’s track record withcommunity engagement and aware-ness campaigns has been impressive,having been a SHARC peer educatorsince 2009 as well as a workshop acili-tator or SHARC, Women’s Week andConstitution Week. Morolong has alsobeen a Rhodes University WellnessLeader, sub-warden o Lilian BrittenHouse and a tutor in the psychology department or the last three years.Michael James is a third year studentmajoring in English and Philosophy.He was a ounding member, secretary and later Chairperson o the Babilantosociety. He has also held the positiono Chairperson in the Chinese Society,as well as having served on the com-mittee or the Student Christian Fel-lowship Society. James is a sub-wardenin Cullen Bowles House and also actedas the I representative or his housecommittee.Fadzai Eunice Munedzimwe is com-pleting her degree in Pharmacy. Sheis currently the president o the SouthArican Pharmaceutical Students’ As-sociation, o which she was previously the general secretary. She is as an ac-tive member o the Rhodes University Pharmacy Students’ Association,where she has also served as presidentand vice-president. She worked asa demonstrator or PharmaceuticalChemistry 2 and as a mentor or rstyear Pharmacy students.
Mmaphuti MorolongMichael JamesFadzai Eunice Munedzimwe
Tis qualied personal trainer hasrepresented Rhodes in squash, cricket,pool and mixed martial arts andhas been sports representative orDe Beers House as well as De Beerssportsman o the year in 2010. Hisphysical prowess is matched only by his involvement in the community:he has been the project leader orthe Health Suite and Upstart com-munity engagement project, and hasrun weekly aerobic sessions at FortEngland Hospital.Anele Msayi is doing his Honours inInormation Systems. In addition tohis maintaining a high standard in hisacademics, he has been a tutor or ouryears. He also mentored or two yearsin the Extended Studies Programme.Msayi has been involved in the Na-tional Youth Service Student VolunteerProgramme, teaching high schoolmathematics. He is also involved inthe Inormation Systems outreachinitiative Ulwazi.iany Brown is in her third year,majoring in Psychology, Anthropology and Classical Civilizations. She hasbeen a dedicated member o the Rho-des University Chamber Choir or ouryears and served as the public relationsocer in 2011. She was the head stu-dent o Victoria Mxenge House and iscurrently employed as the sub-wardeno the residence. Brown was one o eight students awarded the MandelaRhodes Scholarship this year.
Robert William EvansAnele Msayi Tifany Brown
With a Bachelor o Science Honoursdegree and a Bachelor o Sciencedegree with distinction, Crymble’sacademic achievements have seen heron the Dean’s List or academic excel-lence, with Academic Hal colours.A student lecturer or HKE, she hasrepresented Zimbabwe or tennis andhockey, and has been a volunteer atthe SPCA or the last two years. Shealso spearheaded a drive or donationsto help victims o a digs re this year.Masters student ina Dreier is thecaptain and a member o the RhodesWomen 1st team soccer. She is also amember PEFA District eam. She hasworked as a tutor or German Studies3, as head student o Celeste house andas a student assistant at both the Inter-national Library o Arican Music andRhodes library. Dreier is also the only emale member o the Rhodes InternalSoccer and Futsal Leagues.Precious Garayi is currently in her rstyear o her Master’s degree in SocialScience. In 2011 she was named asone o Rhodes University’s op 100students and received the GeneralExcellence Leadership Award. In ad-dition, she has been the president o the Rhodes oastmasters Society, SRCChair Committee member and theRhodes representative at the SASAConerence. In 2012 Precious was alsothe Eastern Province Country DistrictsHockey representative.
 Tegan Crymble Tina DreierPrecious Garayi
Fabio De Dominicis is in his third yearstudying Journalism. He has workedat
Te Oppidan Press
as sports editorand sub-editor. He has also worked assub-editor or the Rhodes Sports Me-dia Centre and as a tutor or Journal-ism and Media Studies 1. In additionto being a sub-warden o De BeersResidence or both 2011 and 2012, hehas worked as Weights Facility FloorInstructor at the Rhodes Health Suite.Nomlando Lukuleni is in her ourthyear o Business Science. She is thechairperson o the Rhodes NetballClub and captain o the 1st team.She has played netball provincially or the Cacadu Seniors and served asdevelopment ocer on the RhodesSports Council. Lukuleni was the headstudent and mentoring representativein her house. She has also tutored inManagement.Caley Chaplin is both a member o the Golden Key society and has beenplaced on the Dean’s List or academicmerit. In 2011 she obtained a distinc-tion in her Honours degree in HumanKinetics and Ergonomics. She wasawarded the Henderson PrestigiousScholarship in both 2011 and 2012. Inaddition to her academic achievementCaley was both the 2012 secretary orthe Rhodes Canoe Club and an Op-pidan sub-warden.
Fabio De DominicisNomlando LukuleniCaley Chaplin
Investec Rhodes Top 100 2012
9 October 2012 Te Oppidan Press 3
 The Dean o Students’Leadership Awardsrecognise leadershippotential as wellas extraordinaryextramuralcontributions orachievements bystudents. Receivinga DoS LeadershipAward is a specialhonour. A maximumo 25 candidatesare selected to berecipients o theaward each year.
     D    e    a    n    o     f     S    t    u     d    e    n    t    s     L    e    a     d    e    r    s     h     i    p

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