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The Song Writing Genius Within You

The Song Writing Genius Within You

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Published by JR Booker

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Published by: JR Booker on Oct 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.genius-songwriting.com © 2008 Page 1
Part 1: Introduction
1.1 Welcome1.2 Commonly Used Terms1.3 Are You Creative?1.4 The Difference Between Traditional Songwriting and
Songwriting?1.5 What's the Difference Between You and a Musical Genius?1.6 What Does Your "Music Software" Consist of?1.7 The Five Step Process
Part 2: Sharpening Your Internal Senses So You Can Observe andRecognize the Creative Process That Runs within You
2.1 Internal Senses2.2 Modalities: How Do You Decode Musical Ideas In Your Brain?2.3 Sound Streaming2.4 Image Streaming2.5 Decoding Your Ideas: Perfect Pitch/ Relative Pitch
Part 3: What Is Creativity?
3.1. How does the creative process work?3.2. What's The Natural Law That Controls Your Ability To BeCreative?3.3. What Are The 4 I’s?3.3.1. Setting Your Intention… The Crucial First Step3.3.1.1. Internal Criteria: What's Your Definition of "Perfect Music"? What Makes
a Unique Creative Artist?3.3.2. Taking In Information To Expand Musical Possibilities3.3.2.1. Is Outside Influence Good For Your Music? Music You Listen To Will Reflect The Music You Create3.3.3. Incubation: The Secret to Your Best Creativity3.3.4. Inspiration3.4. The Sideband Response: There's More Going on Inside YourMind Than You Think3.5. Socratic Method: How To Use The Most Effective LearningMethod In Existence To Improve Your Songwriting3.6. The Pattern That Best Supports Creative Behavior3.7 How To Get Into A Deep State Of “Heightened CreativityAnd Performance"3.8 A Case Against Perfection
Part 4: The Mindset of a Musical Genius
4.1 The Crucial Mindset for Creating Amazing Music4.2 Musical Chunking4.3 Developing Unshakable Confidence In You And Your Music
Part 5: Unleashing an Endless Flow of Inspirational Musical Ideas
5.1 Focusing Statement5.2 Why It’s Vital to Record Your Creative Sessions5.3 Entering The Mental State The Opens The Creative PartsOf Your Mind5.4 Creative Improvisation (Freeplaying)5.5 Evoke the Sideband Response5.6 Evoke the Sideband Response… Further5.7 Using Other Music to Evoke New Sidebands5.8 Creative Lyrics5.9 The Key To Writing Lyrics That
Your Listeners ToFeel Emotion49121418212427283337404243485155586266707275808488919597107111115116122124131135137139146
www.genius-songwriting.com © 2008 Page 2
Marathon Method or Slow and Steady?
Part 6: How to Take These New Ideas and Arrange, Integrate, andPolish Them Until They are in the Form of a Complete Piece of Music
6.1 Compiling Ideas6.2 How To Access Thousands of Perfect Song Structures6.3 Imagine Your Song as a Journey6.4 How to Master Your Instrument6.5 The Groove: How To Energize Your Music6.6 conTRAST!6.7 How to Create Compelling Transitions between DifferentIdeas
Part 7: Electrifying Tips For Creating Magical Music
7.1 Giving Creativity a "Shove"7.2 Setting the Mood7.3 Introduce New Musicians7.4 How to Dream Up a Hit Single7.5 Discover Your Magic “Peak Creative Time” 7.6 How to Create Fresh Inspiring Music What You’re Not InThe Mood7.7 What to Do About Negative Feelings About Your Music7.8 Another Quick Tip to Increase Your Creativity
The End
www.genius-songwriting.com © 2008 Page 3

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