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English Puzzling Expressions

English Puzzling Expressions

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Published by vittoriog

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Published by: vittoriog on Oct 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ENGLISH PUZZLING EXPRESSIONS- it doesn't take the mind of a genius (to understand/recognizethat ...)non c'è bisogno di essere un genio per capire/rendersi conto che ...-------------- make the cut (superare una selezione) this time around (in questoturno)I think this comes from movies, perhaps, i.e. "cut" in the sense of the "cutting room" where rejected scenes get left out and end up onthe floor. Anyway, "the cut" here means the selection process, and if you say thatsomething "did not make the cut this time around" it means that itfailed to pass the selection process at this stage of production. If youhave a company hiring for one job and they have 100 replies to anad, from which they choose 20 candidates for a first interview (i.e.the first cut), a person might be included in that group of 20 butthen excluded from the subsequent group of three who are calledback for a more in-depth screening process. Those 17 people madethe first cut but, upon the second cut, can be said not to have"made the cut this time around."-------------- give a run for its money (dar filo da torcere, lanciare una sfida) To give someone a run for his or her money is to put her or him tothe test, to make him or her work to keep up, to present achallenge. Sometimes you might be able to rendere this with "darefilo da torcere" if you are trying to translate--------------- not to go for the sky (non puntare al massimo, limitare le proprieaspettative) The sky is the limit, as the expression goes. If you are not going forthe sky, you are not aiming for the max, you're setting your sightssomewhat lower.-------------- laid back spirit (informale, rilassato)"Laid back" was originally sixites slang for the attitude of someonewho was not getting too excited about something, someone whowas definitely not uptight about the issue.-------------- ungagged (incensurato, senza essere soffocato)Well, literally, this means not prevented from breathing andspeaking, i.e. without one's mouth covered. There might be variousnuances depending on context, but one meaning that comes to

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