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Bronze Suction Shell Corrosion Study

Bronze Suction Shell Corrosion Study

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Published by GTpianoman
A study of white water ion concentrations as related corrosion of bronze suction shells
A study of white water ion concentrations as related corrosion of bronze suction shells

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Published by: GTpianoman on Oct 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Angela Wensley & Harry DykstraBacon Donaldson Consulting Engineers12271 Horseshoe WayRichmond, BC, Canada
V7A 4V4
Alicja AugustynAvenor Inc.2001 Neebing AvenueThunder Bay, ON, Canada
P7E 6S3
A year-long program of white water corrosion monitoring wasinitiated at the Avenor Thunder Bay mill after rapid corrosion of bronze couch rolls was observed. The program consisted of weekly chemical analysis of white waters from three papermachines, in conjunction with suction roll bronze (85Cu-5Pb-5Sn-5Zn) corrosion rate monitoring by the linear polarizationresistance (LPR) method. using corrosion probes installed inwhite water piping.White water corrosivity was found to berelated to the thiosulfate concentration.As the thiosulfateconcentration often exceeded 20 ppm, it was necessary toemploy corrosion inhibitors to protect the bronze rolls.
corrosion testing, paper machines. suctionrolls. white water
The newsprint machines in the Avenor mill in Thunder Bay,Ontario, have a number of suction rolls made from centrifugallycast 1N bronze alloy (nominally 85% Cu, 5% Pb, 5% Sn, 5%Zn), an alloy more noteworthy for its good casting propertiesthan for its corrosion resistance
.The suction roll shells at the Thunder Bay mill are experiencingcorrosion of both the outside and inside surfaces (manifested bythe appearance of black streaks on the surfaces), andenlargement of the suction hole bores. It has been necessary toapply a corrosion inhibitor to showers on both the inside andoutside of the bronze suction shells, although this is anexpensive process and the need for continual application hasbeen questioned.water corrosion monitoring program was initiated for threepaper machine white water systems at the Thunder Bay mill.The program duration was one year. In that time period:
White waters were sampled on a weekly basis for chemicalanalysis of inorganic species, including thiosulfate andchlorides.
Six corrosion probes were installed in white water systemsfor instantaneous corrosion rate monitoring of 85-5-5-5bronze by the linear polarization resistance (LPR) method.3. The LPR results were verified by weight lossmeasurements on the bronze electrodes, which wereremoved and replaced every 3-6 months.
The bronze electrodes were also examined by scanningelectronmicroscopy(SEM) and X-ray energyspectroscopy (XES) after exposure in white water systems.
The white water corrosion monitoring program involved bothmill personnel and consultants. White water analysis, corrosionprobe installation, and LPR corrosion rate monitoring wereperformed by Avenor personnel; data analysis, and microscopywere performed at the Bacon Donaldson laboratory.
Monitoring Locations
Two locations on three paper machines (PM’s 3,4. and 5) wereselected for corrosion monitoring by simultaneous white watersampling and LPR corrosion rate measurements. The locationswere selected for accessibility for installation of the corrosionprobes and of nearby valves for white water sampling. Thelocations selected also had high flow velocities (mostly in pipesahead of pumps), which prevented buildup of slimy depositsaround the probe electrodes.The six monitoring locations were:
PM3 inlet of pump from wire pit overflow to saveall.
PM3 white water silo.
PM4 inlet of pump from wire pit overflow to saveall.
PM4 inlet of seal pit pump.
PM5 white water silo.
Inlet to rich white water chest.To obtain a better understanding of the causes and control of 
corrosion of bronze suction roll shells, a comprehensive white
1997 Engineering & Papermakers Conference /489

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