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Property Tax Facts

Property Tax Facts

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Published by Kevin Watterson
The DFL is making several claims about property taxes in Minnesota. This document debunks all of them.
The DFL is making several claims about property taxes in Minnesota. This document debunks all of them.

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Published by: Kevin Watterson on Oct 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CLAIM: 95 percent of homeowners saw a property tax increase in 2011.FACT: According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue approximately 32 percent of homeowners actually sawLOWER property taxes.
This directly disproves the assertion that 95 percent of homeowners saw a property taxincrease.
 Multiple media outlets have examined this claim and found, by way of Revenue
s statistics, that it simply doesn
t add up.The defense offered by Democrats shows either a fundamental misunderstanding or intentional deception aboutproperty taxes.
CLAIM: Property taxes are at record highs.FACT: Property taxes set new
“record highs” every year,
including 2012. And 2011. So did 2010. And 2009. And 2008.And 2007. And 2006. And 2005. And 2004. And 2003. You get the point. To pretend that 2012 is an anomaly is ignoringthe previous nine years.
CLAIM: Republicans eliminated $538 million in property tax relief.FACT: That claim is based on a future spending projection that never came true,
the money was never spent. It seemsrather difficult to eliminate something that never existed. (Unless one has a flux capacitor.) But to believe that claimrequires you to go one step further and believe no new form of property tax relief was put in place. That also isdemonstrably false as there is a new Market Value Exclusion program that lowers homeowners
taxable values plus $30million in increased property tax refunds.
Claim: Democrats will restore the Market Value Homestead Credit and lower property taxes.Fact: This graph shows the amount the DFL Legislature spent on Local Government Aid, County Program Aid andMVHC and the corresponding tax increase
during its first two years in the majority, FY 2008 and 2009. On the right, thesame data for 2012-13 under the budget set by Republicans. All statistics come from nonpartisan House Research.The numbers show that in the first two years of a Republican-led Legislature, less spending on local government aids andno MVHC corresponded to property tax increases BELOW the increases seen under the first two years of an all-DFLLegislature. In 2013, projections are for residential property taxes to see an actual decrease. It is worth noting that 2008-09 was the first time that the MVHC was fully funded, so even at its peak it failed to keep property taxes under control.These facts make it very hard to reach the conclusion that the DFL proposal to re-instate the MVHC will lead to lowerproperty taxes.
0500,000,0001,000,000,0001,500,000,0002,000,000,0002,500,000,0002008 - 2009 2012- 2013
Property tax increases in relation toLGA, CPA & MVHC spending
LGA + CPA + MVHCSpendingProperty Tax Increase

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