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Princeton 1017

Princeton 1017

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Published by elauwit

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Published by: elauwit on Oct 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OCTOBER 17-23, 2012
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Mayor, council meet
Forum held to discuss localzoning regulation bill.
Special to The Sun
Kicking off ‘Fire Prevention Week,’ local students from The Nursery School at YWCA Princeton were treated to a first-hand look at afire truck and its various equipment. Pictured is firefighter Manolo Donis, Rocky Hill Fire Department, showing Javier Yurrita ofPrinceton a pumper hose.
Fire Prevention Week
Festival joins art,music
The Princeton Sun
Just a few steps away from artmasterpieces by Henri deToulouse-Lautrec and ClaudeMonet, kids at a table in thePrinceton University Art Muse-um are hard at work creatingtheir own art as part of AsianAdventures” Festival of Musicand Art. The festival, which tookplace on Saturday, Oct. 6, is in itssecond year and is run by thePrinceton University Art Muse-um in conjunction with thePrinceton Symphony Orchestra.The event first came aboutthanks to a grant by the BergenFoundation to the orchestra, saidMeredith Laing, Princeton Sym-phony Orchestra manager of communications. The grants areintended to support the educationof the public in classical music,and Princeton Symphony Orches-tra executive director MelanieClarke decided to create an eventthat would focus on educatingchildren as well as adults.To flesh out the event, the or-chestra turned to Princeton Uni-versity’s Art Museum – “We’ve
 please see
CONCERT, page 4
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Rabbi to hold book signing
The Center of Theological In-quiry in Princeton hosts LordJonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi andauthor of The Great Partnership:God, Science and the Search forMeaning, launching the US edi-tion of this major new book.Sacks will give a lecture andbook-signing at the Friend CenterAuditorium, at William andOlden Streets on the Princetoncampus on Oct. 17, 7:30 p.m.In The Great Partnership: God,Science and the Search for Mean-ing, Sacks argues that scienceand religion complement eachother and that both are necessaryin order to understand thehuman condition. He believesthat the current battle betweenscience and religion is based on afalse dichotomy. The more urgentconflict is not between differentkinds of belief and non-belief, butbetween militant dogmas, andtheir champions, the likes of atheist Richard Dawkins (OxfordUniversity evolutionary biologistand author of The God Delusion,2006) and American author andneuroscientist Sam Harris (TheEnd of Faith, 2004).Described in the United King-dom as “a wise thinker and a na-tional treasure,” Sacks drawsupon sacred and poetic texts aswell as the thoughts of notedatheists and philosophersthroughout the book, which con-cludes with an epilogue: Letter toa Scientific Atheist.Lord Jonathan Sachs is Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Con-gregations of the Commonwealthand a Member of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom.
India foundation to holdits annual celebration
The India Foundation of Met-ropolitan Princeton (IFMP) pres-ents its annual Navratri-Rass-Garba celebration at the WestWindsor-Plainsboro High SchoolNorth, on Friday Oct. 19, Satur-day Oct. 20, Friday Oct. 26, andSaturday Oct. 27. The Star of theGarba-Raas-Dandiya will be aguest singer from Mumbai per-forming on all four eveningsthroughout the nights accompa-nied by local New Jersey basedsinger Anuja Wala and her group.If you’re new to Raas Garba,we encouraged you to come andtry it out!If you want to learnDandia/Raas/Garba steps, pleasecome early before 7:30 p.m. andfree lessons will be provided byexperienced dancers to all ticketholders. It’s easy to pick up.Early bird special tickets areavailable for those who arrive be-tween 7–8:30 p.m. Early bird tick-ets are $6 for members and $8 fornon-members. Regular admissiontickers are $6 for seniors and stu-dents, $8 for members, and $10 fornon-members.Come and enjoy a night of dancing and celebration in agreat family atmosphere!Refreshments are available forsale at a reasonable price. For fur-ther information please visit ourwebsite at www.ifmp.org or emailus at ifmp@ifmpnj.org or (609)297-7116.

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