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Printed Whalen

Printed Whalen

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Published by Ray_Walsh011793

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Ray_Walsh011793 on Oct 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Military review
M-Jun 2007
Lieutenant ColonelRobert P. Whalen Jr.,U.S. Army
Lieutenant Colonel Robert P. WhalenJr. is currently assigned as a military assistant to the acting secretary of the Army. He earned a B.A. in econom-ics from Yale University and a B.A.and M.A. in philosophy, politics, and economics from Oxford University.Whalen commanded the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion and led the unit through two deployments to Iraq be-tween 2003 and 2006. He previously served as battalion and regimental S2 in the 75th Ranger Regiment. _____________
PHOTO: Companies E and F, 51stInfantry (Long Range Surveillance),at the handover of responsibility for Multi-National Command-Iraq’s TaskForce Phantom, 20 October 2005, at Al Asad airbase, Anbar province, Iraq.(USMC photo)
t is no small irony h   egece (mi) bgde ce he bve ccu bu f pe dug e h 20 hf cb  2003 d 2005. Wh iq  he b d  XViii abeCp f g-ge uvece (lrs) cp  he e , hea h w pduced  ub bd f evdece  hw h cd w lrs dce  ekb pee  21-ceu cueugec wfe.th   devepe h hud  p uced b he a’ f d
intelligence communities, and especially by the architects of the new battleeld
uvece bgde, whch  deged  he uch f he a’ ep-
sibility for ground surveillance in combat over the next ve years.
The Kindness of Strangers
Cp F, 51 if, eued  iq  e 2004 f  ecd u f du  w e. the F Bgg-bed f u—ged, depe pvece,  XViii abe Cp’ 525h mi Bgde—fud ef ce g  he cu’ he pvce, whee  hd pe  f 2003. Bu h w he  : hg ee bu he eu egge-e w he e.lke he cp-eve lrs u, Fx Cp w deged  be bgge, e be, d cpbe f peg ve ge e h he
typical infantry rie company. The Army had invented the LRS concept in
he 1980  he hegh f nato’ dff wh he Ww Pc  Eupe.accdg  bh f d mi dce,  cp-eve lrs cpw deged  ed 18 x- e up  150 kee behd ee
lines to observe operational- and strategic-level objectives, then guide res
 he ge. (a dv eve,  lrs deche f x e hd     we, e d p f ee e.)t ccph h dedg — he uff f Hwdhe—he a hd ch edwed  cp lrs cpe wh nCo
and ofcer leaders trained at the Ranger, Pathnder, and Military Free Fall
cue; g-ge, hgh-peed cuc equpe d  pf g p  pee he; dze f gh vehce d uck; de-f-he- pc, dvdu wep, d e ge deg.Depe h ebe f che,  lrs cpe ugged  he1980 d 1990  p he e he a hd we f he, bu fedf e h eed depeg ce: he hd ehe he ff 
nor the inuence to coordinate all of their support requirements.
ometimes Army doctrine actually works when given the chance
M-Jun 2007
Military review 
lke teeee W’ hee BcheDuB, lrs u “hve w depeded  hekde f ge.” t pef  Eupe-euvece  deep  he ee hed,f expe, he lrs cp hd  k f  bed  w k f ee upp. iequed a v  a Fce p wg
to y into a hornet’s nest of enemy air defenses to
dp ppe ve deed e; gc
of the corps support command to gure out how
 eupp he e ude he e up-g cd; pee ecve expe dw up  p  ecue lrs p  he evef cpe; d cp fequec ge dedce che f h e cp, ch-e h wee  h upp d gh ed.meve, G2 , ccued  pdeg
transnational battleelds, had to switch gears to
 pduce deed egece fde  w
dened point targets. Meanwhile, the chief of staff,
bbed wh  d f he cce, hd fcu h ff  g gehe he  eed f lrs upp.
 Not surprisingly, many staff ofcers preferred to
wh he hd f h bude ee. Fwg peve debu  mch 2003, whe heeuvece e ved ve 400 kee iq  upp he dvce f 3d if Dv,V Cp ged  gc lrs u, E Cp,51 if,  ee f ue k h equede cd b  hedque. Eve wh w edehp ch, he lrs cp wge egeced b  pe cd, 205h m- iegece Bgde. th ue he bgde’edehp w dced b he k f upevghe cve egece pe f eghubde b—cve h cudedhe ce f  hee-eve eg cee 
at Abu Ghraib prison. In the war’s rst months,
he 205h hwed e ee  ebg  ef u  pef  eded cb e.th qudeed he lrs cp’ uque cp- be. afe mch 2003, Ech Cp’ lrse fuced  e e h pe f iq. the eced cv, cduced peece p, ed gud we, pwed hghw f hede bb d, f  bef ped, h fedg  U.s. be. i eeed  e h he edd  evehg
lrs pe.a ecd lrs u, ched  V Cp  fewweek befe he v, fed ewh df-fee. i, V Cp ced Fx Cp,51 if—he XViii abe Cp lrs
unit—into groups of free-oating teams, stripped
f he gc cp edehp d eked dvdu dv. i m, he ew-ceedCbed J tk Fce 7 bugh he u bck gehe d ched   he 101 abe Dv-, whch fuhe ubded he cp-evelrs u   f b peg  mu.i, he lrs cp pefed p buue —deveg ppe g d gud-g bk  he cp f nevh pvce.tw h e he dv cde, mj Gee Dvd Peeu, ged Fx Cp ew  h exped  pec e f he
rst time. Dispatched to the northern Kurdish occu
- ped pvce, he u uveed iqfewhtuke d i d ed Peheg e eve  ebe f iq’ ew fede bde  pce. Ude he def upev f he dv’ egece b, Fx Cp epeed wh ee  ee, uu eh wud hve defeed he vehce, e-f-ghd, d bck uce f cve fu. the cp’ pe d egeceec ce   w, pg  dgzg gc upp  lrs e wdeceed c he Zg mu.
[LRS units were] designed tobe bigger, more mobile, and capable of operating over larger areas than the typical 
infantry rie company.
Fox Company teams operated with ease in remote, mountainousterrain that would have defeated the vehicles, line-of-sight radios,and back muscles of conventional 
infantry units.
Military review
M-Jun 2007
Fx Cp  pvded egece epf bde e whee few aec hd ve-ued ce he feh f he Guf W. Whg- pd pec e  he u’ eewe
reports on the shadowy Kurdish PKK (Kurdistan
Wke P) gue vee,  uce f gwg fc bewee he Ued se d  nato  c he iq
 bde, tuke. Whweek, Peeu’ ec-f-fce  ued  hwce f lrs egh  U.s. pe  iq beg  jue dw ew dufeee ph.
LRS, Version 2.0
Up he eu  F Bgg, d ed wh
experiences in Kurdistan and a letter of support from
Peeu, Fx Cp d  pe gz,519h mi B, pe e h  2004 cqu-g equpe d g  pepe f geuelrs pe  iq. Cp d b ed-e hued  he XViii abe Cp hedque exp lrs cpbe d  ped f h wud exp he u’ uque k.thee eff ce   e whe iq’ gwgugec w ceg  ded f exeded u-vece f he cu’ wee bde. B Feb-u 2005, whe he XViii abe Cp ff k ve edehp f mu-n Cp–iq(mnC-i), c fce fced  gwg c- pg f d f ucde bbe. iu-
gents engineered a ow of money, men,
d equpe f ude he cu cee he  iq’ bgge ce. thek dvge f he g, udefeded
frontier with Syria to supply Iraqi ght
-e wh he w e f hede bb d he wep f e. i 
rst two months of independent operations
g he bde, Fx Cp e efu-be evdece  Bghdd f he uge’udcueed   bh dec,heede f iq bde pce.mnC-i eved  g c f iq’
western frontier to stop this deadly ow.
the 3d aed Cv rege (aCr)w eged f he Bghdd eg  be ude t af, 40 e wef mu, whee  ebked   cu-eugec cpg e ecgzed  de f  kd. t upp he ege’eff, mnC-i ubjeced  egece fce he h   exee keve. a he he f h egz w  ew k fce wh FxCp, ce g  iq,   ch.Ceed  ap 2005, tk Fce Phepeeed  e ce f he dc ue f lrs cp  cb. Cheed  defd p uge bde ce, Ph’ 15lrs e wee jed b  pwefu cec f dd egece  ke f mnC-i’upp cke, cudg— 
Dozens of Omnisensors, remotely monitored
uc ee h, whe ppched b vehce pepe, k dg pcue d beed he  ee. Wh ue he pcue wee   ecueiee e h p  he dee cud vew.
● An AirScan system consisting of a Cessna
337 wh  vde pckge   h fud Ped ued e vehce. asc ege  e e  lrs e  he gudd  he ce  mu.
Signals intelligence from a corps eavesdropping
e whe abc-pekg pe ejedede cce  -eve gece.
A tactical human intelligence team of experienced,
abc-pekg U.s. cueegece ge whccped lrs p  he p.
● A Trojan Spirit communications ensemble
h ffded ecue cec  cde 
Beginning in January 2005, Task Force Phanto placed teasalong the Iraq-Syria frontier west of Sinjar mountain.

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