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Lakhshmi - English - South.pdf

Lakhshmi - English - South.pdf

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Published by sameir

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Published by: sameir on Jan 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Horoscope of 
Prepared using
Astro-Vision LifeSign
Software.Licensee: Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt.Ltd.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 9[[9[j|ª -l[ vY [( s| ^Q  ^Qv^  v^  Kl[  s-lL¦9[j^N( 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For the welfare of the mother and the childFor the growth of the family happinessTo follow the ancient virtuous practicesThe horoscope is written 
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Astro-Vision LifeSign Horoscope Panchanga PredictionsName : Lakhshmi
Om SriDuring Dakshinayana period; with Jupiter in Dhanu rasi and Saturn in Meena rasi; on
 Thursday at
Vinazhika After sunset; in Second Pada of Star Purvabhadra; KrishnapakshaDwitheeya Thidhi, Taitila Karana and Drithi Nithya Yoga; with Moon in Kumbha rasi and VrishabhaNavamsa; in Mesha Lagna and Middle Drekkana; the Girl is born.Weekday : Thursday
Birth on a Thursday makes you kind and compassionate. You can look forward to a happy family life. Youcombine practical wisdom and a philosophical and religious approach to life in a seamless manner.
Birth Star : Purvabhadra
You are practical, efficient, impartial and independent. However, you are extremely demonstrative and sometimesemotionally needy in the realm of inter-personal relationships. You are willing to do anything for the person youlove. Beware of this tendency because it sets precedents that are hard to break. You tend to express all your feelings and emotions to those you trust. You will earn money through the government or large institutions. Youare also careful in how you spend money. You are not above conniving or scheming if it suits your best interests.You get angry quickly, but you also forget your anger in a hurry. You are adventurous and enjoy travelling. Youmay be involved in a couple of unsatisfactory relationships before you find the man who is worthy of you. The person who finally captures your heart will become lucky and wealthy because of you. You love to eat well andlive well.
Thidhi (Lunar Day) : Dwitheeya
Since you are born in DWITHEEYA THIDHI, you are quite wealthy. You have a very strong sense of self worth.You have a special affinity for movement. You enjoy such things as kites, roller-coasters, fast cars, birds andanimals.
Karanam : Taitila
Since you are born in Taitila Karana, you may find it difficult to stick to your own ideas and words. Generally, youdo not voice strong opinions. You may shift your residence often.
Nithya Yoga : Drithi
Scientific knowledge and inventions are part of your interests as you have DRITHI NITHYAYOGA. You arefascinated by air travel and you dream about space travel. You are an effective communicator and you have theknowledge and ability to shine in this field. You are tenacious in your pursuits and are capable of shrewd dealingsin the business world. You are strong-willed and difficult to influence.
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Astro-Vision LifeSign Horoscope
[Ref: Not Regist-080606]
 Name: Lakhshmi Sex: FemaleDate of Birth: 29 August, 1996 ThursdayTime of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec): 10.25.26 PM Standard TimeTime Zone (Hrs.Mins): 05.30 East of GreenwichPlace of Birth: AloraLongitude & Latitude (Deg.Mins): 073.34 East , 17.28 NorthAyanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 48 Min. 41 Sec.Birth Star - Star Pada (Quarter):
- 2Birth Rasi - Rasi Lord:
- SaniLagna (Ascendant) - Lagna Lord: Mesha - KujaThidhi (Lunar Day): Dwitheeya, Krishnapaksha Sunrise (Hrs.Mins): 06.22AM Standard TimeSunset (Hrs.Mins): 06.52PM '' ''Dinamana (Hrs. Mins): 12.30Dinamana (Nazhika. Vinazhika): 31.15Local Mean Time (LMT): Standard Time - 36 MinsAstrological Day of Birth: ThursdayKalidina Sankhya: 1861859Dasa System: Vimshottari, Years = 365.25 Days Star Lord: GuruGanam, Yoni, Animal: Manushya, Male, LionBird, Tree: Peacock, Mango treeChandra Avastha: 6 / 12Chandra Vela: 17 / 36Chandra Kriya: 28 / 60Dagda Rasi: Dhanu, MeenaKaranam: Taitila Nithya Yoga: DrithiRasi of Sun - Star Position: Simha - MakhaPosition of Angadityan: HandsZodiac sign (Western System): Virgo Yogi Point - Yogi Star: 192:19:35 - SwatiYogi Planet: RahuDuplicate Yogi: ShukraAvayogi Star - Planet: Purvashada - ShukraAtma Karaka (Soul) - Karakamsa: Kuja - MithunaAmatya Karaka (Intellect/Mind): ShukraLagna Aruda (Pada) / Thanu: SimhaDhana Aruda (Pada): Karkata 
Sayana Longitude of Planets
The longitude of planets including that of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are given as per western method of calculation.Your ZODIAC sign as per WESTERN system is Virgo

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