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AL - 2012-10-11 - McInnish Et Al v Chapman - Petition for Writ of Mandamus

AL - 2012-10-11 - McInnish Et Al v Chapman - Petition for Writ of Mandamus

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Published by Jack Ryan

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Jack Ryan on Oct 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Civil ActionNo.:
Plaintiffs challengehe legitimacyof eachpersonwhosenamehas beensubmitted o theAlabamaSecretary fStateorplacementon theAlabama2012 presidentialballotas candidatesforPresidentf the United States. nparticular,his would ncludeBarackHusseinObama I(Mr.Obama),Mitt RomneyRomney),Virgil H.Goode, R.Goode),ndany otherswhosenamesmightbe submittedasproposedandidatesor President. It istheinherentdutyof theSecretary f Stateoverify whetherhesecandidates re eligible to run fortheOffice ofPresidentf the United States.Plaintiffsarerequesting writof mandamusrderingDefendantBeth Chapman,Secretary f Stateorthe Stateof Alabama, o verifythe eligibilityofthecandidates efore heir namesareplacedon the Alabama2012presidentialballot, or to removethese ames romthis ballot f eligibility s not verified,asmaybe with the casefMr.Obama.
l.JurisdictionThisCourt hasoriginalurisdictionto hearcasesnvolvingmandamus ursuanto Ala.Code$6-6-640.ThePartiesHUGHMcINNISH,acitizen of theStateof Alabama, saqualifiedAlabamaelector,amemberof the AlabamaRepublicanExecutiveCommitteeand he MadisonCounty,AlabamaRepublicanExecutiveCommittee.AsanAlabamaelector,as wellas apoliticalpartyofficial,McINNISH hasan interest n havingall Presidentialandidatesn theAlabamaPresidentialenerallection allotmeethe minimum constitutionalrequirementsoreligibility for theOffice of President f theUnited States.VIRGIL H.GOODE, JR. hasqualifiedn Alabama obe anndependentandidate orPresidentf the United States. nd he ison the ballot of some20other states s acandidate or Presidentnder heConstitutionParty.BETHCHAPMAN is the Secretaryf Stateorthe State f Alabama,ndsthe State'sChief ElectionsOfficial. She s responsibleoroverseeing ll elections, nd heprintingof ballots, nthe State fAlabama.Codeof Alabama$l7-14-20,et seq.Statementof Facts5. Article ISection1,U.S. Constitution,equireshat hepresidente at east35yearsold,l4yearsa residentof the UnitedStates,nd "shall" be a naturalbom citizen.(ArticleI,Section1,U.S. Constitution).
6.On or aboutApril20ll, onlyafteryearsntohispresidency,nd undermediaandpolitic-alpressure,Mr.Obamapublishedon thenternetan electronicversionof apurportedbirthcertificatelleginghisbirth n Honolulu,Hawaiion August4,196ltoAmericancitizenmother,StanleyAnn Dunham,and Kenyan Britishsubject ather,BarackHusseinObama,Sr.7. There scredible womevidencendicatinghat his electronicallyroducedirth certi-ficate s entirely fraudulentorotherwisealtered.8. Nophysical,papercopy of theactualongform birth certificatehasbeenproducednor-der o definitivelyestablishMr.Obama's irthwithinthe UnitedStates.9. Plaintiff MCINNISH furtheralleges he following facts:a. Even f Mr.Obamawasactuallybornwithin the UnitedStates, e s still not a"naturalom citizen"as equired y the U.S.Constitutionecause e was notbomto two U.S.citizenparents.b. BarackObamaSr.,athero Mr. Obama,was born in the British ColonyofKenyaonJune 8-1936.c. Birth in Kenya madeBarackObamaSr.a British subject,according o andgov-ernedby the BritishNationalityAct of 1948,Part , Section . d. According to Immigration andNaturalizationService ecords,Barack ObamaSr.was nthe United States n a student isa, and wasnevera legal residentor cit-izenof the United States.Hewasater deportedromthe United States.

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