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Brian Mulligan Transcript From May 13, 2012 Contact With Glendale PD

Brian Mulligan Transcript From May 13, 2012 Contact With Glendale PD

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Published by: scprweb on Oct 15, 2012
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Brian Mulligan
Glendale PD encounter
Officer: Sir. What can I do for you?Citizen: Pardon me?O: What can I do for you?C:
I feel like there are…
I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I feel like there are peoplefollowing me, I feel like there was a chopper, do you hear a chopper?
O: We don’t have a helicopter up in
we don’t come up until 9 o’clock.
 C: Okay
O: There hasn’t been one up at all today.
So it’s not…
 O: At least not in Glendale.C:
…So it’s not yours.
 [Police scanner and traffic noises in the background]C: Do you hear one?O: I hear the wind. And I hear you.C: Okay.O1: And I hear another carC:
[laughs] Okay, maybe I’m nu… I could be nuts, I – 
I, uh… I guess
.O: You taking any medication or you diagnosed with anything?C: No, no, no,
I’m not, I’m, I am… I am a little paranoid, but ah…
 O: This ever happen before?C: Yes. It has happened before.O:
you’re hearing things,
you’re seeing things that people don’t see…
 No, not… not seeing things or hearing things, but just people, you know, like, crossing
up, and then the helicopter
, I keep hearing the helicopter coming close, and um… I don’t
know, maybe its, maybe it is just meO:
Where abouts do you live, you live in Glendale? Or…
 C: Pardon me?O: You live in Glendale?C: I live in La Canada, bordering GlendaleO: Okay, just down here, you were at the Galleria, right?
you were shopping, or…
 C: Yes, I was at the Galleria,
at the um… ah, what store, picking up the uh…
 O: Is that your car?C:
 Nope, that’s my car 
 O: Ok. [pause]
See, I mean, I’m not… I checked at the Galleria units, I only got threeofficers working the Galleria, ‘cause it’s a Sunday, and none of them have been
with anything, and there’s no helicopter up, so… I don’t know— 
 C: Okay, alright
, I just want you to know that I apologize, I just, uh…
It’s okay.
 C: Okay, Sorry to bother you, officer.O:
 No, its’ not a bother. Are you okay to get home?
 C: yeah,
[laughing] I think so…
You want me to call somebody for you, or…?
 C: No, I mean, I can get home, I can get home.O:
Okay, do you, I mean… Personal question: do you have family at home? Or you live
by yourself?C: I do, I have, um, my wife and two childrenO: Okay. You headed home to them right now?C: I am indeed.
O: Okay.C: [laughing]O: [laughing] You gonna be alright?C:
I am… I am starting to question myself,
though, I have to say, officerO: I mean would you consider talking to somebody and getting things checked out?C: No. Well, I-I have to do that anyway for other reasons [laughing] but,
 but not… well,maybe ‘cause of this but… this is so bizarre to me.
I… I mean, is there any reason someone would be following you? You’re not like a
wanted fugitive, are you?C: I, I will tell you what
I, I’m probably uh, probably my lawyer will
kill me when I saythis, but I-I went to a head shop and I bought some of that white lightning stuff, whichwas bought at a store. So then I bought some more and I said
this stuff…
 O: Small container?C: Yeah, small container...O: Did you snort it?C: Yes.O: Bath salts?C:
I don’t know what it is, but it was bad
 O: The stuff causes psychosis.C:
Yes, well…
 O: Causes hallucinations, auditory and visual.C: Well, so what I did is, I-I took what I bought and I dumped it,O: Mm-hmC: And I washed it and I put it in my locker at uh, at the clubO: Mm-hm

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