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PROPHECIES by Siener Van Rensburg

PROPHECIES by Siener Van Rensburg



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Published by Gregory Hoo
Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie's
Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie's

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Published by: Gregory Hoo on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Watchman Willie Martin Archive
Foreword by the English TranslatorsIt has been a privilege to translate this very important book; a book with a clear message from a prophet of the Almighty God to his people, not only present inthe Southern point of Africa, but also to the Western World. If one reads thesevisions of the Seer Nicolaas van Rensburg, one finds the Hand of Almighty Godalways present, surely guiding His people towards their destiny, according toHis Will, through all the errors made by this stiff-necked people out of ownchoice.The time of this destiny is on the horizon and like the sun at dawn, only a faintlight is visible, but as the sun rises over and above the horizon, its lightsuddenly becomes bright and clear. So also will the time of this destinysuddenly appear. The brightness thereof will be such, that it will consume their enemies like that of fire, forever to be destroyed.Jeremiah chapter 51:20: “Is tusa mo thau agus mo ghai-sce cogaidh ina n-aonar ina bhfichidi augus ina mbeirt agus ina sivaite!” (Thou art my battle-axe andweapons of war, for with Thee will I break in pieces the Nations and with Theewill I destroy kingdoms). After the great struggle has ended, may we then voicethe following to the Honour of our God “Wha hae wi God bled.”General informationPurists will probably find much to criticize about while perusing this book, asthe language therein is inclined to be rather archaic. However, rewriting it intomodern English would change the whole character of the Seer Van Rensburg’sstory. As the reader will learn, Seer was a simple, humble man who had noformal education, being able only to read his Bible with great difficulty.The manner in which he describes his visions may initially seem confusing, andsometimes may not even make sense to the average reader. However, as thestory unfolds, the reader will become more familiar with his particular style. Tofacilitate understanding of the symbols which he used, a complete list will befound elsewhere in this book.The term ‘Kaffir/s’ has been retained wherever the Seer describes his visions inwhich blacks are featured. Should anyone feel offended by this, pleaseunderstand that no offence is intended, but the term is in keeping with his styleof expression and the period in which he lived.All Biblical quotations used in the text have been taken from the King JamesVersion, except where specifically marked: ‘Good News Bible’.The Seer often refers to shoes or boots in his visions. Please note that the shoesor boots generally worn in his day were known as ‘velskoene’ (literally ‘skin’-shoes). Many farmers of his day made their own shoes or boots from tanned ox-or other hide, and although not as stylish as the factory product, werenonetheless sturdy, tough and hardwearing.The War of 1899 - 1902 is commonly referred to as the Anglo Boer War. It isalso known as the Boer War, Second Boer War, Second War of Liberation or Freedom. For the sake of conformity the latter term is used throughout most of the text.Aloes, or aloe trees are often used throughout the text. However, the aloesreferred to here are the Agave, American aloe or sisal plant, commonly called‘garingbome’ (cotton-trees) in Afrikaans.Michael Viljoen and Julie van Rensburg 28th June, 1998
Let us go to the Seer...About five o’clock one autumn morning, I was sitting on my cane chair reading1 Samuel 9. Saul and his servant were looking for his father’s asses that had been lost. They found nothing, and when Saul wanted to go back his servantadvised him that they should consult a man of God. He said the following toSaul: “Behold now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honourableman, all that he saith cometh surely to pass; now let us go thither (to the seer); peradventure he can show us our way that we should go.”Something happened to me at that moment; a shudder went through me, a lightflashed through my head and as I stood up I spoke aloud to myself: “Have wenot had our man of God and Seer?”Vague memories came to mind, and for a fleeting moment I saw myself in thecountryside at Lichtenburg where my father was busy telling me, my brothersand sister about Seer van Rensburg who always went to a hill behind his houseduring the day, to read his Bible and pray. “And there God spoke to him.” Iheard my father say.This was what I could remember. I then started searching, but just like Saul’sasses, Seer van Rensburg was lost to me. Then one morning at a place calledEloffsdal, Pretoria, he appeared before me in the form of old Mr. Paul Prinsloo,an eighty two year old “disciple”, and a person who knew all about Seer vanRensburg—a man even at that age, who had bright and clear eyes. And for thefirst time since my childhood I heard the following words: “Seer van Rensburgsaid... ‘ And from that time on I met various other people who knew about theBoer Prophet and what he had said. Then information started coming to me likea flood.Today I know without doubt—we had our own Seer!PREFACEProphet, or bearer of an apocalypse?During the last quarter of the previous century and the first quarter of thiscentury, no one was more well- known in the Western Transvaal than Nicolaasvan Rens- nburg, the Seer.He was a legend during his lifetime and not only did well-known generals of the Boer war, like De La Rey and Kemp believe that he was a prophet, butstatesmen like Generals Hertzog, Louis Botha and J.C. Smuts on more than oneoccasion witnessed, even in Parliament, that Nicolaas van Rensburg’s prophecies have come true during their lifetime.There is enough evidence which proves that Nicolaas van Rensburg was nocharlatan. The only book he read was the Bible and he believed that his visionscame directly from God and never did he practice occultism. He was a devotedChristian and never used his “gift of prophecy” for personal gain, or attempt toimpress anyone. He believed that you must live your life in honour of God andmany Bible verses are found in his prophecies, and to this day it has not yet been proven that his prophecies were false, (except those ignorant people whohave attempted to interpret them in their own way).In a study called
 Bible History for Catechises
published in 1971 and edited byProfessor J.I. de Wet, it would seem that Nicolaas van Rensburg was a bearer of an Apocalypse more than being a prophet. Nicolaas (Seer) van Rensburg, the Boer Prophet, died in l926, but today he isstill considered to be one of the most remarkable personages in our history.It is therefore surprising that there has been only one half-hearted attempt, 70years after his death, to publish his life story.From 187l (when he was only seven years old) until his death in 1926, he hadmore than 700 visions about his people in South Africa, other nations, as well
as world affairs. Although many of his visions were remembered by word of mouth, it was only during the last ten years of his life that he asked hisdaughter, Anna, to write down his daily visions.The Books are Lost!The two books which contained his visions as written down by Anna, hisdaughter, were nowhere to be found during the early years of l980, and even theremaining family did not know where they were. According to an article in aSunday newspaper in 198l, these books disappeared after the death of hisdaughter, Anna Badenhorst, and could not be found. Now, after about 50 yearsthe books have again emerged and when reading these visions (they have anastonishing parallel with the Revelation of John) one realises that the symbolsand metaphors just may contain the key to those things we do not yetunderstand in our times. In about 700 visions the history of Nicolaas vanRensburg’s people, the Afrikaner, is sketched over a period of l00 years, fittingtogether like pieces of a puzzle. One must only find the right piece at the righttime to complete the picture.Knowledge and interpretation of most of these visions were for years onlyknown to certain people. But to date many of the Seer’s closest friends couldnot interpret all Nicolaas van Rensburg’s visions. An attempt was made in arecent publication, but not only were these interpretations contrary to thosegiven by Nicolaas van Rensburg himself, (but even contrary to theinterpretations given by the people themselves) thereby causing a lot of damage. Just as there are visions and revelations by Daniel and other pro- phetsof the Bible which will only be understood when they are fulfilled, so it is withsome of Nicolaas van Rens- burg’s visions.So that everyone can know”With the publication of 
Voice of a Prophet 
, I am fulfilling the wish of Nicolaasvan Rensburg, namely that his visions should be made known to all his people.In 19l6 he had a vision that towards the end of this century his people would become more and more interested to know about his visions. At that time hetold a very good friend of his, Mr. Boy Mussmann, who lived in Vryburg, thefollowing: “There will come a time when I will be much in the news again. Atthat time I saw that we as a nation were still arguing amongst one another, andthen suddenly we have a black government. Then only will the Afrikaners’ most bitter struggle begin.” He also said: “I see a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. (This is the beginning of the Third World War and everythingwill be in disorder and confusion will reign). Then I saw a snake lying on the ploughed land. I could not see its head or tail ....(Nobody will know for certainwhere this war will begin, or where and when it will end). Everything in thechurches will also be wrong. I saw my daughter Anna seated and writing, then Iknew: nobody would be able to make head or tail of my visions for one will say —Nicolaas van Rensburg said this and another will argue and say, no, he saidthus.... After seeing this vision I asked my daughter to write down my visionsdaily so that all will know when the time comes.” Mrs. Anna Badenhorst (hisdaughter), who was 14 at the time, started writing down all his visions from15th August 1916 until his death ten years later, filling two books withhundreds of entries. How many actual visions Nicolaas van Rensburg had will probably never be known. Those which he “saw” from 1871, were mostlymemorized and kept by word of mouth.The Seer, Nicolaas van Rensburg, did not discuss his visions with everyone.Perhaps the reason was that God so decreed it and sent only a few genuine andtrustworthy friends and people to the old prophet, people and friends who hadthe gift, when Nicholas van Rensburg had pas- sed away, to be able to

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Frans J.L. Zegers added this note
You will be greatly ecnouraged to read the visions of the South-African seer Nicolaas van Rensdorp. First read about him. Just look at these for a start: http://www.rense.com/general25/whites... and: http://www.wnd.com/2002/05/13875/#tl3... Also watch the video's Siener Van Rensburg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9s7Kt...
Frans J.L. Zegers added this note
Thanks for uploading this!
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