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Published by Suvashish Gautam

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Published by: Suvashish Gautam on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here is a simple
engineering project circuit
of handy
mobile cell phone detector (sniffer)
.The pocket-size
mobile communication detector
or sniffer can sense the existence of mobile. So it can be used to avoid use of mobile phones in private rooms, examination halls,etc. It is also useful for detecting the use of mobile phone for spying and activities. Thecircuit can detect incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, MMS, GPRS usage and videotransmission even when the mobile phone is set aside in silent mode. The instant bug detects
RF (Radio Frequency) transmission
signal from a mobile phone, it produces a beep soundalarm.
Circuit diagram of mobile detector
Circuit diagram part 1
Circuit diagram part 2
Components required of mobile detector
Resistors (100kΩ; 10kΩ; 15kΩ; 18kΩ x 2; 2.2kΩ; 56Ω x 2)
Potentio meters (1MΩ; 22kΩ)
Capacitors (47µF, 25V; 0.1µF; 10µF, 25V x 2; 100µF, 25V x 8; 4.7µF, 25V)4.
Diodes (1N3491; 1N4148)5.
Transistor BFR966.
IC TL0717.
IC LA44408.
Loud speaker (8Ω, 6W)
Areal (You can use a simple wire piece)
Working mobile detector
This circuit can notice the use of GSM mobile phone in mobile restricted areas suchas Examination hall or confidential rooms etc.
It can sense the activity of mobile phone from a distance of 8 meters or more.
The sniffer keeps monitoring the RF (Radio frequency) level in the region and giveswarning if the RF level increases due to mobile phone activity.

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