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LICI Scheme

LICI Scheme

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Published by: Eduard Aung Colod Kyu Jr. on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Strategic and Logistic Development Planning towards Reorganization and Restructuringof the Louisian Studentry”
Louisian Inter-organizational Collaboration and Integration Scheme:
“Strategic and Logistic Development Planning towards
Reorganization and Restructuring of the Louisian Studentry
Proponent:Prime Movers SocietyDepartment of Social WorkSchool of Humanities (SoH)Saint Louis UniversityFunded by:Kataastaasang Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral/Supreme Student Council(KASAMA/SSC) Executive Committee (EXECOM)Proposed Budget:PhP 39, 173
“Strategic and Logistic Development Planning towards Reorganization and Restructuringof the Louisian Studentry”
The Prime Movers Society or otherwise referred as PMS is theRepresentative Student Organization of the Department of Social Work whereinSocial Work Students as regular members and other bona fide Louisians asaffiliates to organize themselves to represent the academe sector of the Social WorkProfession in Saint Louis University thus it is an avenue of orientation and trainingas well as for camaraderie, friendship, and rapport to the aforementioned studentsto further develop and enhance their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values forfuture deployment in various communities in order to advance and expedite socialtransformation and development that leads to the attainment of the globallyaccepted fundamentals of the Social Work Profession which are Social Justice andHuman Rights.Saint Louis University has a community of students which is called as theLouisian Studentry, it is composed and subdivided by various professional fieldsand expertise that are interrelated and interdependent as an integrated wholewithin an Institution which serves as an avenue of education and training for futureprofessionals in the society. The subdivisions of the Louisian Studentry is eitherdiscipline-based such as the Prime Movers Society of the Department of SocialWork, sector-based such as a debaters club (Debate Society), or cause-based such asan Ecology-oriented Group (Ecolodians) and the student government which is theSupreme Student Council or otherwise referred as SSC, these subdivisions are themain centers of influence and power that affects the dynamic and collectivemovements of students and produces the vast emerging trends of the studentrywithin the Louisian Community.However, the stated subdivisions of the Louisian Studentry are disintegratedand are aloof to one another causing disparities, extreme and excessive competition,political and social stratification, and an over-all retrogression that affect themajority if not all the existing associations and organizations in the University. It isobserved that the rate of distrust and disappointment to the Elected and AppointedOfficials of the KASAMA/SSC is gradually increasing resulting to apathy and thelack of proper student representation on the part of the student council leaving theredress, grievances, sentiments and the plight of the studentry to remainunrepresented and unattended on the other hand the majority if not all thecommitted and dedicated Officials of the KASAMA/SSC as well as the Officers inthe same nature of the extracurricular and co curricular organizations areexhausted and frustrated to initiate individual initiatives for reform that are oftenreplicated but remain in a deadlock at the end of their terms as a consequence thestudentry had always been used to be dissatisfied, pessimistic, and disinterested incampus life that leads them to seek other means of acquiring status quo and sociallife which some of this alternatives are seemingly unproductive and destructivesuch as excessive drinking sessions, excessive partying, gambling, excessive playingof computer games, gossiping, and etc. The lack of opportunities for the students toconduct activities and projects that develop and enhance their attributes is
eminently manifested in the deterioration of the students’ over
-all performance andprofessional culture as the rates of absences and failing marks are still high thus itis the lack of awareness, involvement, information, and participation that causes aculture of backwardness in the Louisian Studentry as well as the lack of unity,cooperation, coordination and collaboration among its subdivisions.
“Strategic and Logistic Development Planning towards Reorganization and Restructuringof the Louisian Studentry”
The Prime Movers Society is aware of this despicable condition in theLouisian Studentry and as a part of this community, the PMS decided to present amodified and remodelled pattern of its Decentralization and Empowerment Agendaof the Kyu Administration in the Academic Year 2010-2011 which is readapted andimplemented in the current PMS Administration of His Excellency, the HonorablePresident Kevin Antonio Bumagat which is more applicable in the context of thestructure and system of the Louisian Studentry that is under the generaladministration and supervision of the Supreme Student Council in which it is animperative that to address this issue of underdevelopment on the part of theLouisian Studentry, the Supreme Student Council should serve as an impetus andprimary vessel in undertaking a university-wide reorganization, restructuring, andintegration in order to initiate collective and effective reforms in the systemenabling the Louisian Studentry to become a more dynamic, developmental, andsustainable community of future professionals that empowers students to becomeresponsible and productive members of the institution and of the society as anintegrated whole.Therefore, with the modified and remodelled pattern of the aforementionedPMS Decentralization and Empowerment Agenda that will be referred as theLouisian Inter-organizational Collaboration and Integration Scheme, a strategicand logistic development planning towards over-all reorganization andrestructuring of the Louisian Studentry will be presented to the Supreme StudentCouncil as a proposal for social transformation and development of the LouisianStudentry. The scheme is mainly focused on social legislation that seeks to improvethe legal framework which serves as the backbone of the Louisian Studentry in allits day-to-day operations.The composition of the proposed reforms which are deemed as sociallegislations are deeply rooted in the amendments in the KASAMA/SSC Constitutionand By-Laws on Article VIII pertaining to the Structure of the ExecutiveCommittee, Article X pertaining to the Structure of the School Assemblies, and Article XIII pertaining to the funds of the student council and its disbursementsand for the creation of a Constitutional Commission on Student Rights as well asthe enactment of statutes which are referred as Louisian Acts: (a) for the creation of Leagues for the different positions of Officers in the School Assembly and for theSchool-based Presidents; (b) for the creation of a Disaster Risk ReductionCoordinating Council; (c) for establishing a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standardsof KASAMA/SSC Officers and Members; (d) for the mandatory creation of a DisasterRisk Reduction Coordination Committee to all extra and co curricularorganizations; and the (e) mandatory creation of committee on student welfare anddevelopment for university-wide organizations. It also aims to implement measuresfor transparency and service-oriented administration by promoting a joint-effort forcomprehensive and systematic information dissemination through the use of aLouisian Integral Calendar that is composed of all the plan of actions and officialactivities of the KASAMA/SSC as well as extra and co curricular organization andby promulgating mandatory submission of progress reports and financialstatements in a monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis which will eventually leadto a fast track change and development manifesting (a) participatory democracy;(b) institutional viability; (c) viable, sound and broad-based development;(d) university-wide cooperation; and (e) the increase of competency and character of the Louisian. Lastly, the Scheme also seeks to continue the operation of the
Louisian’s Charter and
its successful implementation under the reorganized andrestructured Louisian Studentry.

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