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Gaean Reach Layout Sample

Gaean Reach Layout Sample

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Published by PelgranePress

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Published by: PelgranePress on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The gaean Reach 
 Chapter Name
The GUMSHOE rules system takes as its core thought theidea that it’s never interesting to ail to get inormation. I your ultra-competent characters look in the right places orclues leading to Quandos Vorn, they’ll nd them. They’ll getother inormation as well, and will have to sort the relevantrom the distracting as they zero in on their quarry. That’swhere the mystery comes in—in piecing together the puzzle.This streamlines the investigative portions o play, by editingout the rustrating bits where you roll and ail to get a crucialpiece o intelligence, and the GM must then thrash aboutimprovising a workaround—hoping you don’t ail againwhen you get to it.Other obstacles lead to interesting plot developments evenwhen you ail—you might get attacked by alien creatures,imprisoned in a pit, or knocked out o the sky when yourairborne vehicle malunctions. Even here, however, thesystem allows you to shape your success and ailure, byselecting moments in the spotlight and spending points toincrease your chances o glint-eyed triumph.
This section explains what you can do using the game’s variousabilities. Bullet-pointed lists o sample actions are indicative,not exclusive. Expect your GM to reward creativity in applyingabilities to tasks, so long as the attempts your describe existexist somewhere on the continuum o plausibility.
INvestIgatIve abIlItIes
Using these abilities, you’ll nd and ollow the circuitoustrail o the hated Quandos Vorn.I you typically use the ability by simply remembering aact you’ve already learned, it’s an
ability.I you use it to get someone else to tell you something, it’san
abilities oten require you to take physicalaction o some sort as you inspect a piece o evidence.Some academic abilities can be used like interpersonalabilities under particular circumstances, which are given in bullet-points ollowed by the
Mankind’s multi-millenial diusion across the Gaean Reachhas innitely complicated the study o human culture,mores, and behavior. Experts such as yoursel grapple withthe innite variations o human social arrangement—andthe mysterious persistence, across countless societies o selshness, obstruction and cupidity.You can: 
identiy artiacts and rituals o living cultures 
describe the customs o a oreign group or local subculture 
extrapolate the practices o an unknown culture romsimilar examples 
predict the behaviors o individuals in response tostimuli (assuming that their reactions will all within thenorms o their culture) 
interact successully with individuals rom tribal andpost-human cultures
You exhibit a voluminous amiliarity with the art practices o human (and, where applicable, devolved sub-human) culturesthroughout the Gaean Reach, past and present. You can: 
detect akes 
 judge the skill o perormers and artists 
issue authoritative critiques 
name the culture, planet o origin, period, and aesthetictradition that produced a work o art 
estimate the resale value o an art object 
speak elevated art lingo to aesthetes, earning theircondence
You can read and interpret a star map. The three-dimensionalspatial relationships between stars, planets, and other majorheavenly bodies o the Gaean Reach are thoroughly imprintedin your memory. You can: 
plot the astest and/or saest course between twodestinations 
extrapolate the intended destination o another ship 
recall the properties and hazards o documented stellarand sub-space anomalies 
extrapolate the behavior o astronomical anomalies 
nd inconsistencies in accounts o interstellar travel
Wherever you go in the Gaean Reach, you will nd a pettyocial who wishes to impede your activities. Your superiorgrasp o procedure and preternatural awareness o typicalstalling tactics allow you to entangle ocial interlocutors inthe very red tape meant to stop you. By striking ear into thehearts o unctionaries everywhere, you can: 
access ocial records 
extract inormation rom bureaucrats 
guess what governments are covering up, and why 
secure permission to enter government installations anduse their resources
You study chemical substances and the molecular science thatlends them their properties. With portable science kits or, incomplicated cases, access to a ully equipped laboratory, you can: 
identiy non-organic compounds 
speciy the properties o toxins, hallucinogens and othernon-organic compounds that interact with living beings’ body chemistries 
match samples to sources, or example correlating a soilsample rom one location to the dirt on a target’s boots 
identiy sources o contamination and alteration in amineral sample 
identiy the planetary or extra-planetary origin o amineral or compound
hd nd su-hd
synthesize small quantities o specic compounds 
determine whether a compound is naturally occurringor was synthesized
You know how structures, devices, machines and vehicles areput together, rom the abrication o parts to nal assembly.You can: 
identiy the designer, or design tradition, o a device,structure, or machine 
date an obsolete piece o equipment 
relying on your knowledge o design practices, guess theinterior layout o a building or starship 
rom its remnants, determine how a ship, structure ordevice was damaged or destroyed 
identiy an industrially processed material
eidnc Cocion
You can collect pieces o evidence without contaminatingthem. While anyone can spot a bloodstain, broken lock orglass bullet ragments in plain view, you can:
scour a scene to nd its careully hidden samples o traceevidence.
mentally recreate a sequence o events by eyeballing thespatial relationships between objects ound at a scene 
tell when evidence at the scene has been aked, moved,contaminated or otherwise interered with 
lit ngerprints rom a scene and match them to thecontents o a ngerprint library
You understand commercial transactions, bookkeeping,securities exchanges, and interstellar banking. You can: 
spot accounting irregularities 
ollow money trails to reveal shady activities 
trace unds to their source 
assess the scal health o a business, government orinstitution 
tell i complex deals are avorable, unavorable, orraudulentOn a spend, you may be able to skim or divert the proceedso illicit transaction rom wrongdoer’s accounts into yourown, or those o someone else you wish to benet.
You instinctively sense and replicate the prevailing ashionsand modes o any society. Whatever supercial qualitiesrender a person magnetic and popular in any given culture,you adopt them as easily as donning a hat. Doubtless youpreer the more outlandish, perhaps even peacockish,styles o worlds where lavish extroversion is celebrated.Nonetheless, you can as easily assume the dour garb andsullen mien considered desirable by ascetics or puritans.You can: 
appear at ease in any social situation 
win the condence o socialites, gadabouts, scenemakers,worthies, and upper crusters 
impress members o the lower orders who admire therich, the suave, and the trendsetting 
where ckle tastes reign, predict or inculcate newashions
Within seconds o meeting a new person, you can accuratelyguess the compliments he most wants to hear about himsel.By smoothly lacing these into your conversation, you put thesubject at ease, making him receptive to your requests orinormation or other assistance. You adjust the eusivenesso your praise to meet local norms, so that it never seemsoverdone or sel-serving.
Your raw sexual charisma wins the cooperation o others,who all in love—or at least lust—with you ater a brie interaction. How thoroughly you choose to romance themater getting the inormation or aid you seek is up to you.Many o the subjects you successully use this ability on areinterested in nothing more physical than winks and banter.You never blunder into making a pass at an unreceptivesubject—your nely tuned sense or romantic niceties tellsyou how ar you can go with any subject.
You are an expert on rocks, soils, minerals, plate tectonics,and planetary ormation. You can: 
analyze soil samples, crystals and minerals 
determine the age o a rock stratum 
date and identiy ossils o known lieorms 
evaluate soil or agriculture or industry 
identiy promising sites or resource extraction 
anticipate volcanism, seismic events, avalanches, andother planetary phenomena 
determine the properties and origin o unknown mineralcompounds 
nd sources o resh water
You’re an expert in recorded human history, with an emphasison its political, military, and economic and technologicaldevelopments. You can: 
recognize obscure historical allusions 
recall capsule biographies o amous historical gures 
tell where and when an object made in a past era wasashioned 
identiy the period o an article o dress or costume
You extract inormation and other concessions rom others by inducing anxiety, or activating their impulse to submitto a person they recognize as superior. When dealing withthe weak and submissive, you immediately seize emotional
The gaean Reach 
 Chapter Name
advantage, which you proceed to coldly exploit. This bullyingmay be physical, emotional, or both. In the rst case, youinvade your target’s boundaries, emphasizing your greatersize or strength, making implied or explicit violent threats.In the latter, you threaten more sophisticated punishments,rom nancial doom to personal humiliation.
Your quest or vengeance will require you to navigate a tangleo laws intergalactic, planetary and local. Though QuandosVorn may have committed criminal violations on a historicalscale, you will as oten as not nd yoursel blocked by minorocials doggedly intent on the enorcement o petty codesand regulations. Understanding o underlying legal principlesallows you to blu your way through the unamiliar preceptso the obscurest backwater world. You can: 
tell when an individual’s otherwise inexplicable actionsare designed to exploit or evade a particular law 
pinpoint a speaker’s planet o origin or law school romthe legal arguments he makes 
distinguish real lawyers rom raudsters 
identiy laws you can use to hamper your opponents orexert pressure on third parties 
sense when local authorities have been suborned 
assess the legal risks attendant on any course o action
lif scinc
Training in botany, biochemistry, evolutionary theory andzoology allows you to: 
identiy the likely environment a plant sample grew in 
name the home planet o a plant species rom a sample 
determine whether a plant grew on its planet o originor elsewhere 
tell whether a plant has been genetically modied, and atwhat point in its history 
orage or ood plants, or plants with needed medicinalqualities, even on an unamiliar or undocumentedplanetary environment 
identiy plants which might be toxic, carnivorous, orotherwise dangerous 
spot the symptoms o plant-derived poisonings 
nd times o death or corpses rom the insect larvaound in tissues 
distinguish deaths rom animal predation rom thosecaused by sentient violence 
match the species o an animal lieorm to its tracks,spoor, hairs, blood or tissue 
extrapolate the mass, body morphology, behavior and/or ecological niche o an undocumented, unseen animalspecies rom any o the sample types in above example 
predict the behavior o an animal, given its species orecology 
tell whether apparently normal animals have beengenetically altered, either rom tissue or hair samples,or rom observing their behavior 
make inerences about unknown animals by studyingtheir ossilized remains 
trade the origins o an organism, distinguishing localrom invasive species, taking into account the eects o rapid speciation
As an expert in weapons, munitions, and military equipmentpast and present, you can: 
identiy unknown weapons 
pinpoint the age and planetary origin o nonstandardweapons and military vehicles 
when inspecting the body o a murder victim, identiythe weapon used, along with other kinetic circumstanceso the killing, such as:  —the angle o blows  —relative size o the attacker  —trajectory o weapons re 
identiy weapons or munitions rom damage done tophysical objects 
deuse bombs and traps 
reconstruct exploded bombs, determining theirmaterials, manuacture, and the sophistication o the bomb-maker 
saely construct and detonate explosive devices o yourown
You can examine and diagnose injuries and ailments o thehuman and human-derived orm. (To be able to treat patients,also take points in the general ability Medic.)In living subjects you can also: 
tell i a disease is natural or man-made 
identiy toxins 
identiy the planetary origin o uncommon diseases 
predict likely time o death, in the case o a atal condition(or one that will become atal i untreated)With dead patients you gain additional latitude. Byperorming autopsies, you can determine: 
the presence o intoxicants or other oreign substancesin the bloodstream
primitiv covls 
Recovery from serious wounds takes a prolongedperiod when you are deprived of high-tech medicalfacilities. In an archaic hospital, your period of forcedinactivity is a number of days equal to the positivevalue of your lowest Health pool score. (So if youwere reduced to –8 Health, you are hospitalized for 8days.) On the day of your discharge, your Health poolincreases to half its maximum value. On the next day,it refreshes fully.Recovery rates double when your medical care isnonexistent. This includes hospitalization in a facilityprovided by a pre-industrial society.

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