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Published by callmeastha

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Published by: callmeastha on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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08:11,65700:00:00,657 --> 00:00:03,251The rich get richer,that's the law of the land.9600:00:03,327 --> 00:00:05,488Who belongsto the BM?9700:00:10,734 --> 00:00:12,599It is 7:30.9800:00:12,669 --> 00:00:14,830So who is that?9900:08:26,906 --> 00:08:28,840And where isMr. Roma?10000:08:28,908 --> 00:08:30,569Well, I'm not a leash,so I don't know, do I?10100:08:31,711 --> 00:08:35,704Let me haveyour attention for a moment.10200:08:35,781 --> 00:08:39,012You're talking about what?You're talking about...10300:08:40,386 --> 00:08:42,445bitching aboutthat sale you shot,10400:08:42,522 --> 00:08:44,717some son of a bitchdon't want to buy land,10500:08:44,790 --> 00:08:46,155somebody don't wantwhat you're selling,10600:08:46,192 --> 00:08:48,160some broad you'retrying to screw, so forth.107
00:08:48,194 --> 00:08:50,287Let's talkabout something important.10800:08:50,363 --> 00:08:51,990- Are they all here?- All but one.10900:08:52,031 --> 00:08:53,020I'm going anyway.11000:08:53,065 --> 00:08:56,626Let's talkabout something important.11100:08:56,702 --> 00:08:59,068Put that coffee down.11200:09:03,676 --> 00:09:06,645Coffee's for closers only.11300:09:09,081 --> 00:09:11,549You thinkI'm fucking with you?11400:09:14,987 --> 00:09:16,784I am not fucking with you.11500:09:17,523 --> 00:09:19,718I'm here from downtown.11600:09:19,792 --> 00:09:21,350I'm herefrom Mitch and Murray.11700:09:21,427 --> 00:09:24,590And I'm hereon a mission of mercy.11800:09:28,501 --> 00:09:31,993- Your name's Levene?- Yeah.11900:09:32,071 --> 00:09:35,871You call yourself a salesman,you son of a bitch?120
00:09:35,942 --> 00:09:37,671I don't got to listento this shit.12100:09:37,743 --> 00:09:41,008You certainly don't, 'causethe good news is, you're fired.12200:09:42,782 --> 00:09:45,546The bad news is you've got...all of you've got...12300:09:45,618 --> 00:09:47,609just one weekto regain your jobs,12400:09:47,687 --> 00:09:51,145starting with tonight...starting with tonight's sit.12500:09:53,726 --> 00:09:57,025Oh, have I gotyour attention now?12600:09:59,799 --> 00:10:00,959Good...12700:10:02,535 --> 00:10:04,127'cause we're addinga little something12800:10:04,203 --> 00:10:05,864to this month'ssales contest.12900:10:05,938 --> 00:10:08,998As you all know, first prizeis a Cadillac Eldorado.13000:10:09,075 --> 00:10:11,100Anybody want to seesecond prize?13100:10:11,177 --> 00:10:14,613Second prize isa set of steak knives.13200:10:17,149 --> 00:10:19,481

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