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Guinevere - 2

Guinevere - 2

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Published by Sammy Butler

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Published by: Sammy Butler on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The film opens in King Arthur’s court introducing the characters of 
King Arthur, Guinevere, SirLancelot, Mordred, Sir Kay, Sir Galahad and Sir Bedivere. They talk of the disappearance of Merlin.Guinevere is captured by some unknown band of assassins but she escapes with the help of hersecret fighting skills and Amicus, a roman alchemist. They find themselves in Rome so Guinevere
assumes it’s an assassination attempt by the Emperor Lucius.
They travel to Briton using disguise potions, created by Amicus, as they fear the assassins will besearching for them. The
potions aren’t very strong but alter
their appearance to others. When they
reach King Arthur’s court they find an imposter queen on the throne. This is Guinevere’s identical
half-sister by her father; who Guinevere explains to Amicus, she thought was dead. As Guineveregoes to announce her return Amicus stops her reminding her that she herself could be seen as theimposter.
They return at night and sneak into the imposter Queen’s room to question her. The imposter is
confused as she believes herself to be the real Guinevere and when tested she knew as much of 
Guinevere’s history as she did herself.
Amicus uses a true potion on her but rather than making hertell the truth it makes her scream shrilly attracting the attention of the guards outside the room,however, they escape unseen.The two flee to a nearby lake where they review what just happened. Guinevere notes that they arenot her usual guards and that her ladies in waiting are missing. She then begins to question her own
identity as she believes the imposter to be telling the truth “I know my own face when it’
s telling the
truth.” but
says he knows she’s the real one. His faith encourages her. They decide to work in
stealth to uncover what is going on. They find a cave near the lake in which to hide and rest.
Meanwhile, a woman’s head rises from the lake, it’s the Lady of the Lake, and she appears evil.
The two wake the next day to find an ambush of knights outside the cave. They have to fight toescape. Amicus uses a potion meant to make them run in fear; however, it turns the closest knightinto a chicken. Amicus steals his shield to defend himself and the two escape. Afterwards theyreflect that someone must have known they were there and who she was. Imprinted on the back of the shield was a small crest; it was the crest of Mordred, Arthur
s nephew.Guinevere discuses herself again
and begins to infiltrate her way into Mordred’s life while
Amicusgets a job in the kitchens so he can learn from the gossip as keep close watch on the imposterqueen. Guinevere begins a romance with Mordred in order to extract information about his plans.Amicus laces Mordred
s food with a better made true serum that works slowly over time. Mordredtells Guinevere about his mother, Morgan le Fay, pushing him to be better and saying to him thatsoon he will be king, however, he appears to have no idea that the current Queen on the throne isan imposter. Meanwhile, Amicus discovers that the imposter queen is having relations with SirLancelot. He also finds that a woman so
metimes enters through the imposter queen’s
window; he
doesn’t know who she is and
has never seen her in court.Having extracted enough information Guinevere and Amicus swiftly leave the castle. They decide towait for this mysterious intruder before searching out Morgan le Fay. The woman appears, cloaked
and hidden, on a horse with four guards. While the woman enters the imposter queen’s room
Amicus uses a potion to knock out two of the guards, Guinevere and Amicus then disguisethemselves in their robes. They follow the mysterious lady back in the night only to find themselves
entering Morgan le Fay’s court.
 Guinevere and Amicus disappear,
knowing that discovery wasn’t an option
, and find refuge in a localvillage. Guinevere explains her confusion as Morgan was always a kind lady and a healer of the sickbut that she had been rarely seen for a year now and the people in the village explain how she isnow cruel. The next day they hear that the Queen is to be executed as they have discovered heraffair with Sir Lancelot.Knowing this means the plans, whatever they are, are about to be put into action, the two arepushed to act fast. They enter her court again and
Guinevere tricks one of Morgan’s body guards
into a dungeon while Amicus waits outside. Guinevere threatens the guard to get him to talk. Heexplains how they found the identical Guinevere and brought her to this dungeon where she stayed,unseen, for a year. Morgan visited every night until one day she brought her out and she had no ideaof her old life and believed herself to be the Queen, Guinevere. While King Arthur was on his romancampaign they had organised Guinevere to be taken over seas and assassinated, so her body
wouldn’t be found, but the assassins thought they’d take her to Rome instead and sell her as a slave.
Meanwhile, Morgan replaced her with the imposter. Guinevere asked why Morgan did all this, the
guard smiles and says in a feminine voice “to put my son on the throne”. It turns out to be Morgan
herself using her shape shifting powers. She hits Guinevere with a spell. Before Guinevere passes outfrom pain she sees Morgan transform into her mirror image and leave the dungeon.
Guinevere is woken up by one of the boys from the village but she doesn’t remember who she is or
how she got there. The boy tells her to find her friend and that he went to the great lake. Notknowing who she is or anything about her past she decided to head to the lake as the boy said. Theword in the village is that the Queen, who was sentenced to death, was rescued by Sir Lancelot and
he’s fled overseas pursued by King Arthur.
Guinevere arrives at the lake to find Morgan, seemingly alone, discussed as Guinevere; however,Guinevere has no recollection of what she looks like so only sees what seems to be a familiar face.She approaches Morgan and asks if she know her and explains about her amnesia. Morgan plays
along and pretends to be the friend she’s looking for. She tells her that Mordred will be here soon
and they must kill him to save the king. Guinevere is reluctant but then the lady of the lake appearsand tells her it is true. They tell her that the evil Morgan has placed an imposter queen on the throneand that the disguised Morgan is the genuine queen. Guinevere says that a Lancelot had just recueda queen and that the King has left to fight him; Morgan looks ecstatic at the news. She tells
Guinevere that this means it’s the perfect time for her to kill Mordred but that she, Morgan, had tosort out other things. She tells Guinevere to kill the next man to enter the lake’s cle
aring and givesher a knife.Later on Amicus
walks into the clearing and sees Guinevere. He hurries over explaining that he’descaped Morgan, knowing she’s fake, to come and free her but she’d gone. He
embraces her, behindhim Guinevere sees the Lady of the Lake. Amicus then goes to kiss her and as he does Guinevere
stabs him in the back. She then suddenly remembers everything but it’s too late;
Amicus dies in herarms.

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