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Islam, Jihad, Terrorism and Wahabiism

Islam, Jihad, Terrorism and Wahabiism



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Published by Abdul Mustafa
This MUST READ collection of short articles and recommended books explains the differences between Islam, Jihad and modern day Terrorism. Links to MUST READ books on Wahabiism (a deviant cult started by Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab at-Tamimi an-Najdi) are also given. PLEASE click on my username, "Abdul Mustafa", and go to the 'Wahabiism/"Salafiism"' folder for many books proving the Sunnhi Aqaaid.
This MUST READ collection of short articles and recommended books explains the differences between Islam, Jihad and modern day Terrorism. Links to MUST READ books on Wahabiism (a deviant cult started by Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab at-Tamimi an-Najdi) are also given. PLEASE click on my username, "Abdul Mustafa", and go to the 'Wahabiism/"Salafiism"' folder for many books proving the Sunnhi Aqaaid.

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Published by: Abdul Mustafa on Jan 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.islam786.org/terrorism.htm www.FazlurRahmanAnsari.orgMore books on Comparative Religion: http://www.scribd.com/my_docs#tab:folder:62882
 What Islam says about ''Terrorism'' !
This question was asked in the wake of the recent terrorist acts perpetrated by thoseclaiming to be Muslims and acting in the name of 
There is also clarification of theIslamic Ruling on Suicide Bombers.This is the reply Hadrat Shaykh al Islamgave to the question...
'This is a disease spreading throughout the modern world, where the irresponsiblewords and actions of certain powerful Government leaders triggers and spurs a violentand grotesque reaction amongst individuals or some politically inclined groups which isthen highlighted by the world media as 'Islamic Terrorism'. Nothing can be further fromthe truth. If only people read and try to understand the real teachings of this great faith,for Islam is the most peace loving and tolerant religion.
Islam teaches us to show care and compassion even towards the plants and animals.To inflict destruction, harm or injury towards them is deemed as a major sin, so how cananyone under any circumstances justify the killing or maiming of innocent humanbeings? Even during the times of war when the Blessed Companions of our NobleMessenger peace be upon him were engaged in battle they had clear instructions tospare the elderly and those who cultivate the land. They were also informed to treat theprisoners of war humanely and to feed them as they would expect to be fed. Thoseprisoners who taught the illiterate how to read and write were freed and it was throughobserving this compassion and good nature of the Muslims when they expected to beill-treated and abused that many converted to Islam.
To commit suicide is Haraam, clearly a forbidden act. Such a person who ends his/herlife this way will be answerable to the Almighty Allah who gives and takes life. He grantsus life and has commanded us to fulfil it according to His law and order. We as meremortals have no say or control as to when we are given life and when it is ended. Thosewho intentionally end their life through their own actions are committing a major error ofsin. And those who end their life in such a manner by blowing themselves up thus killingmany innocent civilians with them thinking it is an act of 'Jihad' or Islamically acceptableare surely brainwashed by the leaders of these extremist groups and organisations. Theleaders of such groups and sects use these gullible recruits to fulfil their own ambitionssuch as to gain control of a disputed territory. Many a times the aftermath of a foreign
http://www.islam786.org/terrorism.htm www.FazlurRahmanAnsari.orgMore books on Comparative Religion: http://www.scribd.com/my_docs#tab:folder:62882
invasion ignites rival groups and sects of improper and radical views to engage in civilwarfare.No religion teaches or encourages violence, hatred or even terrorism for that matter butto drag the great religion of Islam to such debacle and debate is nothing short of absurd.Undoubtedly the real enemies of Islam are working and planning day in day outconspiring and conniving every possible opportunity to tarnish the pure name of Islam.The new found 'Terrorist' label they have associated with it is certainly helping theircause especially with the rising number of suicide bombers and fanatical organisations.But we are all sensible enough to understand that the woeful and evil actions of anindividual or groups of individuals does not and cannot change the teachings of a GlobalFaith. The message of Islam is precisely today as it was over 1400 years ago; teachingand encouraging peace, tolerance and love. How can we forget the Prophet's lastsermon, ''You are all the children of Adam, there is no superiority of an Arab over aNon-Arab, the Non-Arab over the Arab or the white over the black nor the black over thewhite except those who are righteous and have good hearts''.
One has to be very careful when talking and discussing these issues in the presentsensitive climate. When we condemn the actions of the extreme Wahhabi/Salafi andShi'ites who have blood on their hands, are responsible for the murder of many innocentbystanders but unconcerned and engaged in terrorist activity in the way of suicidebombings, kidnapping and beheadings, the observers immediately imply that we aresupporting the right wing regimes whose ultimate aim is to divide the Muslims evenfurther and tarnish the name of Islam. And when we equally condemn thoseadministrations for instigating and fuelling terrorism, for their illegal interventions anddestruction of foreign lands, their lies and hypocrisies and greed for oil and power theobservers are quick to jump at the chance to label us as supporters or sympathisersof Al-Qaeda. It is for this reason many people choose not to openly talk on these issueshowever The Ahl as-Sunnah w'al Jama'ah denounce and distance themselves fromsuch dirty policies and politics and choose to live and be governed by the beautifulteachings and the life of the Last Messenger of Allah, may infinite peace and blessingsbe upon him.'
http://www.islam786.org/terrorism.htm www.FazlurRahmanAnsari.orgMore books on Comparative Religion: http://www.scribd.com/my_docs#tab:folder:62882
The Principles of Islam
byMaulana Abdul Aleem siddiqui Qadri
The beautiful panorama of the heavens and the earth, which we see around us, carries in itsbosom the testimony that it is the creation of a Great Artist. The existence of order and designin the universe, which modern science teaches us, leads us to the belief in the existence of aSupreme Power and a Supreme Intelligence who is responsible for this complex but orderlydesign, --of a Supreme Being who brought it into existence and supplied it with all that itneeded for its life and growth, --in the language of the Holy Qur?an, of the Rabbul-Alameen.The universe, as we know it in Science, is an organic Whole, all of whose parts are beautifullyand harmoniously inter-related. It is, further, a Domain of Law in which every particle existsand moves in subjection to a prescribed and immutable course of law. Neither the hugeplanets that swim in space, nor the tiny particles of sand that lie scattered on the seashore,can deviate even slightly from that course. Their life is a life of complete submission to theLaws of Nature, in the language of Science, and to the Laws of God, in the language of Religion. Their life is the life of Islam, which means submission to Divine Commands. In otherwords, they are Muslims. The Holy Qur?an refers to this truth in the following words:
"And to Him submits whatever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly, or unwillingly, and to Him do they return" (III: 83) 
 The sole exception to this general rule is man. He is unique in the whole domain of creation,inasmuch as he possesses not only the faculty of reasoning but also a free will. This makes hiscourse of action and the pattern of his behaviour undetermined. You can predict the action of the sun, because it functions under an immutable law and possesses no freedom to deviatefrom it. But you cannot do the same thing in the case of man. The activity of all the things of the universe is mechanical. But not so that of man. He can choose his ends and he canprescribe the means. For that purpose, he relies on his Reason. But, in that way, he commitsmistakes side by side with achieving great things, and ultimately lands himself in a confusion.The same faculty, which is his asset, becomes the instrument of his undoing, solely because of its wrong use. The human intellect can guide him only to certain limits, because it works onthe basis of known facts to discover the unknown. It can serve efficiently to some extent inthe domain of the physical reality. But when it enters the realm of fundamental truths, wherethe first requirement is the possession of a comprehensive knowledge of the past, the present,and the future, it can give us only conjectures and inferences. In its very nature, it is incapableof discovering ultimate truths of life.The human soul is, however, in dead earnest to know those ultimate truths, because withoutthem the real meaning of life remains unexplained and the true code of human endeavourremains unfixed. Science cannot supply that, because it deals only with the immediate physicalreality. Philosophy cannot give it, because it works on postulates and inferences.It is at this stage that the human soul cries for guidance from the Great Beyond or the GreatUnseen. It yearns to have a torch which might illumine its path, and a Guide who might supply

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