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October_november 2012 Mopp Enewsletter

October_november 2012 Mopp Enewsletter

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Published by Bob Keough

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Published by: Bob Keough on Oct 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.moprecinctproject.org  missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com 
(Join us now on Facebook, Twitter and FreedomConnector for regular updates) 
Dear MOPP Subscriber/Supporter…We are closing in on “V” Day = November 6…V=votes, Votes = Victory!We at MOPP have been focusing on several key areas that we believe are vital to accomplishing this goal…
Poll Worker Training
Registering Voters
Working for the Conservative candidate(s) of your choosing
Get Out the Conservative Vote
and get 2 new voters to the polls to do the same!In this edition of our MOPP E-News Magazine, we will share ways in which we urge you to become involved. It is going to take everyone of us working together to bring this country back from the brink.Please note of the important election timetable below “V” for Voting = Victory – ELECTION DAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2012>> LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE WAS: October 10, 2012 << Absentee ballots available from September 25, 2012 to October 31, 2012 Voting by Absentee Ballot from September 25, 2012 to November 5, 2012 at 7pmFor more voter registration information go to: http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/s_default.asp?id=voterFor more absentee voter information go to:http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/s_default.asp?id=absentee TO FIND OUT 2012 BALLOT MEASURES:http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/2012ballot/default.asp#amend3 FOR CANDIDATE LIST/STATEWIDE
Thanks to everyone who attended our “Winning in November” seminar on July 14. It was a great turnout. We truly appreciate our guestspeakers…Erin Anderson of True the Vote, Bill Dallas of Champion the Vote, Deb Kohl of Concerned Women for American/She Votes 2012,Chris Littleton, Director of American Majority/Ohio for providing information on ways we can make a huge difference in this election season.
Thanks to Champion the Vote for working tirelessly to get help get our MOPP Voter Initiative feature added toThanks to Champion the Vote for working tirelessly to get help get our MOPP Voter Initiative feature added toThanks to Champion the Vote for working tirelessly to get help get our MOPP Voter Initiative feature added toThanks to Champion the Vote for working tirelessly to get help get our MOPP Voter Initiative feature added toour MOPP website. Please visit our Home Page to see our new look.our MOPP website. Please visit our Home Page to see our new look.our MOPP website. Please visit our Home Page to see our new look.our MOPP website. Please visit our Home Page to see our new look.
Thank you and welcome! to MOPPs newly added County Coordinators…
Cape Girardeau County: Brian Bollmann
Randolph County: Darrel Hansen
Platte County: Theresa Emerson
Jackson County: Mary Gilbert
Laclede County: Ike Skelton
Dallas County: Mike Smith
*Crawford County: Laura Hausladen (interim)*We are sorry to report that Barb Siegfried, MOPP Crawford County Coordinator, was recently hospitalized with a serious health issue.However, we are glad to relay that Barb is back home now. Love and prayers go out to Barb for a full and speedy recovery.A complete listing of MOPP County Coordinators can be found at the end of this newsletter. If you know someone who lives in any of thecounties listed, please encourage them to contact their MOPP County Coordinator to learn how to get involved. Our goal is to have a countycoordinator in each of Missouri’s 114 counties. If you have a recommendation(s) for someone who you think would be a good candidate tobe a County Coordinator for MOPP, please send us an email atmissouriprecinctproject@gmail.com, Attn: Judy.
We are very excited to announce that MOPP was recently granted access to a phenomenal new database tool, “Voter Gravity” for use duringthis election season…and beyond…as we work to grow our impact/influence on the precinct level. Gravity is a powerful tool that allows us tocreate a reliable voter database for “Get Out the CONSERVATIVE Vote/GOTCV” efforts. More details are available later in this publication.We are actively seeking volunteers to help make phone calls and/or do door to door canvassing/lit drops in order to GOTCV on November 6
.Please contact us at 314-717-1411 or email us at missouriprecinctproject@gmail.com for more information on how you can make a differencein this very important election!
You may recall that MOPP is working with True the Vote to ensure integrity of the election process. In St. Louis County, MOPP is recruiting“poll challengers” to be present at specific polls where questionable individuals have been identified that are registered in more than onelocation. We would like to point these individuals out to the Poll Supervisors. If you would like to volunteer to be a “poll challenger”, pleasecontact us at 314-717-1411 or email us atmissouriprecinctproject@gmail.com.
SPECIAL NOTE: The St. Louis County Election Board is still in need of poll workers. If you would like to volunteer for this most importantrole in the election process, contacthttp://www.stlouisco.com/YourGovernment/Elections/PollWorkers or call 314-615-1804
If you live In
another county that has all of it’s poll worker positions filled, and you would like to volunteer in St. Louis County you can do so by gettingpermission from you local election board/county clerk’s office. FYI..You will need to declare a party affiliation to be a poll worker.…historically Democrats usually have enough poll workers, but Republicans fall short in which case they can assign Democrats to fillRepublican poll worker positions for the day.
MOPP has joined with a number of other grassroots groups and individuals to form a coalition called “Missourians for a ConservativeSenate”. The goal of the group is to “Defeat McCaskill” and hopefully be another “cog in the wheel” to retire Harry Reid as Senate MajorityLeader. Many activities, events and get out the vote efforts are being coordinated statewide in order to accomplish these goals. More detailslater in this issue.
Starting on Sunday, October 28, Family Research Council/FRC will begin a week long bus tour in Hannibal, through the State of Missouri,ending on November 2 in Kansas City. The tour is the “Repeal and Replace McCaskill” tour. More details of the tour are available later in thisissue. In the event of last minute changes after this issue goes out, you can see the most up to date agenda for the tour by visitingwww.nomccaskill.org. If the tour comes to your area, you are encouraged to come out and join the festivities. Confirmed speakers at
selected stops include Bev Ehlen of CWA, Michelle Moore of St. Louis Tea Party and Smart Girl Politics, former U.S. Rep from ColoradoMarilyn Musgrave, Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum and several other surprise speakers.
In this issue you will find MOPP endorsements for various candidates and issues. Please note that these are merely recommendations andwe urge ALL readers/subscribers/members NOT to base your decisions on one source’s “opinions”. It is imperative that you DO YOUR OWNHOMEWORK!MOPP is committed to working within the framework of the 2 party system that exists currently, especially in this election cycle, when a thirdparty candidate could diminish our chances for victory. We are frankly not happy with either party, but of the 2, we feel the one that comesclosest to being “salvageable” is the Republican Party. Therefore, at this juncture, we are dedicated to utilizing the precinct strategy to workwithin the Republican Party, from the ground up, to make it more reflective of grassroots conservative principles and values...we believe weneed to BE the party!. For this reason, our endorsements lean heavily toward the Republican ticket; however, we are pleased to note thatquite a few of those running on the Republican ticket, and whom we are endorsing, have come out of the “grassroots movement”, so we aremaking positive strides and this is a step in the right direction. Remember…we did not get here overnight…it will take time to turn the time!Per Frieda Keough/MOPP St. Louis County Coordinator: A separate memo will go out shortly to our contacts with recommendationsregarding judgeship and ballot issues specific to St. Louis County.
State Rep. Gary Fuhr, R-South County was recently appointed as the new Republican elections director. Fuhr replaces former Republicanelections director Joe Goeke. His appointment was approved by a vote of the four election commissioners, Dick Kellet, who is the chairman,and Julie Jones, Ann Pluemer and John Siscel.By law, the election board must have a Democratic and Republican member in place for general elections. The election board's Democraticjudge is Rita Heard Days. Fuhr has said, "My goal will be to work for the citizens of the county to continue to develop credibility in theelection process." Fuhr spoke at the October St. Louis County Central Committee meeting where he spoke about the requirements for theelection. The committee people present asked him lots of questions and to a (wo)man they were impressed by his knowledge about theprocess and rules. (h/t Frieda Keough)
Below you will find an email from Jim Holland to encourage folks across the State to participate in a "letters to the editor" campaign...it is a "cheap", effective wayto spread the word...
(Jim serves as MOPP County Coordinator for Callaway County) 
Greetings,My initial goal of writing a different letter to the editor each day until election has been derailed by . . . just stuff, distractions, family duties,bad cold, and an over-load of topics to write about. There is just so much garbage being dumped on us each day, it's getting hard to keep up. You don't suppose that old age has anything to do with it, do you? I have posted a new crop of letters on thePatriots Dream Team web site...http://patriotsdreamteam.com/conservatives-wanted/letters-to-the- 
editor/ . Just scan the list, pick one and cut and paste away,It's my hope that people around the state will feel free to take these letters and make them their own. Re-write them to suit their style or just put their name on it and post it in their local paper. It is my intent to write a letter each day that echos the message coming from the Akin campaign or is relevant to current events.We must work to educate our neighbors on the dangers of one more term for Claire McCaskill. Even if Romney is elected, he can only effect a delaying action as long as the "Demonrats" control the Senate.Letters to the editor is a very efficient and cost effective method of spreading the word and influencing our neighbors. If you know anyone who might help with letters to the editor, Thanks in advance.
Pick a letter, any letter and start posting. Set a few "brush fires in the minds of your fellows" in your corner of the state. Note: Guidelines for letters to the Editor can be found under Resources. And please feel free to forward to your likely "suspects" list.

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