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Street Hype- October 1-18, 2012

Street Hype- October 1-18, 2012

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Published by Patrick Maitland
The lifestyle newspaper fro Caribbean and African Americans.
The lifestyle newspaper fro Caribbean and African Americans.

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Published by: Patrick Maitland on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Community Lifestyle Newspaper’
PatrieceB. MillerFuneralService, Inc.
Licensed Funeral DirectorFrom Westmoreland, Jamaica WI• Shipping Local & Overseas
Entertainer Killedin Love Triangle
• Cops Seek estranged husband
 By Patrick Maitland  Editor- Street Hype
everal cases of allegedlyinfidelity, jealously, stalk-ing and abuse have beenlinked to the double murder of Jamaican entertainer Wayne“Captain Barky” Hamilton, 50and his secret girlfriend, TracyBennett, 38, the estranged wifeof Joseph
Kernizan,42 of a Long Island address.The New York PoliceDepartment (NYPD) is nowlooking for Kernizan whoallegedly shot and killed bothBennett and Hamilton execu-tion-style on Saturday (October13) as they left a motel on theNew England Thruway in theBronx.An ex-soldier in theJamaican Defense Force,Hamilton was shot severaltimes as he ran away from a cardriven by Bennett. The shotterlater turned the gun on Bennettwho begged for her life asKernizan shot her twice.Both were pronounceddead on the spot.In August, Bennett, a regis-tered nurse at WinthropHospital, took out a restrainingorder against Kernizan, who isthe father of her two youngestkids.He was arrested August 17for contempt and due in courton domestic-violence raps onOctober 22.A club owner and showpromoter, Kernizan has sixprior arrests, all sealed, includ-ing for robbery, assault andfraud, law-enforcement sourcessaid.He and Bennett had beenmarried for more than a decade,her relatives said, and were sep-arated but still sharing herElmont, LI, home.According to sources closeto the former deejay, Hamiltonreceived several death threatsweeks before his killing onSaturday. The threats were inconnection to a relationship thatHamilton was having withBennett.The entertainer lived inMilwaukee, Wisconsin with hiswife, Mavis Hamilton, 48.She knew nothing about hisaffair with Bennett, even thoughhe alluded to it in song. “Nowthat he’s dead, what can I do?”Mavis Hamilton, said.She left worried messagesfor him when she didn’t hearfrom him after taking him to theairport Friday for his New Yorktrip.”Sources also report that afew weeks ago Hamilton wasadvised by his long-time friendand deejay partner David“Wickerman” Taylor to avoidthe relationship.Hamilton, best known forhis hits “Go Go Wine,” and“Nah Lef Joe,” was a veteran of the Jamaican sound system cir-cuit had a few hits before top-ping local charts 16 years agowith Go Go Wine, after whichhe scored with Bun Fi Bun.He eventually partneredwith fellow deejay Taylor andthe duo put out a number of hits,recording for giant dancehallproducers King Jammys andSteelie and Clevie.
Anyone with informationin regards to the whereaboutsof Kernizan is asked to call theNYPD's Crime StoppersHotline at 800-577-TIPS.
Wayne Hamilton, 50“Captain Barky” Received deaththreats weeks before his killingTracy Bennett, 38Begged for her life beforeshe was shot dead.Joseph “Country’’ Kernizan, 42Has been named a suspect
Street Hype-pages-24_street hype-front page 10/16/12 10:41 PM Page 1
Street Hype-pages-24_street hype-front page 10/16/12 10:41 PM Page 2
t is often said that a woman can easilydrive a man to insanity, and it certainlyseemed that way as Mr. Vegas (reggaesuperstar) seemingly lost his mind last weekvia social media.Some even say that men think withtheir little heads, while women rule withtheir hearts- which head was Mr. Vegasusing last week and where was his managerto rope him back in?A woman’s love can help a man movemountains, they say; if the relationship doessucceed.However, relationships and marriageshave a very high percentage rate of failingand up to half of all marriages end indivorce. Many a times the problem howeveris not the actual demise of the relationship,but the reaction to the break-up by both par-ties.Do men act differently than womenwhile going through a break-up? Doestestosterone play a role in a man’s behavior?Should Mr. Vegas, rants and raves onFacebook recently over his baby mother’ssupposed cheating ways, further prove thatmen supposedly lose their minds when theyfeel slighted by their women? Is the shoeokay if only on the other foot?Generally speaking, most women dur-ing and after a break-up will bawl their eyesout for a few weeks, call their girlfriends onthe phone who will most certainly tell her,“Girl you were too good for him anyways-he never deserved you.”Whether they are correct in their state-ments or not, we can always depend on ourgirls to boost our spirits and take us out on agirls night-out.This will last for weeks of course; butthen the sun will shine again and our beauti-ful smiles will re-appear as we hit the gymtoo of course, “Get our sexy back.” Foreverthinking to ourselves, “Watch me and himwhen I see him again. I gwaan mek himmouth drop to the floor.”Dieting, the gym and our girlfriends areour tools for revenge. In a few months timethat man will be forgotten, as she moves onto another, better you; with bigger bicepsand fuller lips of course.Hell hath no fury like a womanscorned! However, if I, like most otherwomen who have been cheated on, were tolose it such as Vegas, then we would walk-ing the streets on a daily basis, ripping thehairs out of our scalps.I believe that women handle such situ-ations more calmly, as it happens to us moreoften than to men.When a man breaks up with a womanhowever, often times it is never that easy;whether he is in the wrong or not.His reaction to his wife, girlfriend orlover, is often filled with rage, spitefulnessand revenge; especially when it is clear thatthere will be no reconciliation.The events of the past week, as we readthe notes on Mr.Vegas’s Facebook page ashe referred to his baby mother, ShellianMcBayne in the most derogatory of terms,made us all gasp in awe and amazement atthe things that were being said.“Listen Sandy, you have to understandthat a man never ever wants to see hiswoman with another man, whether he lefther or not,” my male friends tried to explain.“Ina his mind, you are his forever, andimagining or worse seeing you making loveto another man will eat him alive.”Could that be the answer to all of life’squestions? Are men ultimately dependent onthe love of a woman to survive, so muchthat World War Three might occur if he doesnot get his way?More importantly, are women suchpowerful human beings that with the swirlof our hips and the touch of our hands, weare able to control men; if we so desire?Geez, if that is the case, then most of my problems would never have occurred inmy past relationships, as I would have wonin every situation!
Stop domestic violence with moretolerance of family members
The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send yourcomments or suggestions to editor@streethypenewspaper.com. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published
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Mr. Vegas: What a piece of double standard!
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Consulting Editors
711 S Columbus Ave, Fl 1Mount Vernon, NY 10550Tel: 914-663-4972-3 • Fax: 914-663-4972editor@streethypenewspaper.comadvertising@streethypenewspaper.comwww.streethypenewspaper.comPublished by:
Community Lifestyle Newspaper
ome three weeks ago popular entertainerMr. Vegas posted on his Facebook pagethat his girl friend and mother of his one-year-old daughter was caught on tape cheat-ing with another man.Several persons hit out against Mr.Vegas for “washing his dirty laundry in pub-lic.” But, he insisted it was his way of vent-ing his hurt and frustration as he was con-sidering violence as a solution.A few days ago popular Jamaican enter-tainer Captain Barky and his girlfriend,Tracy Bennett were murdered outside aBronx motel.The police is now seeking Bennett’sestranged husband Joseph Kernizan who isnow on the run.Preliminary data from New York Citymayor’s office revealed that there were 92family-related homicides in 2011, comparedwith 77 in 2010.These cases include intimate partners aswell as homicide committed by other familymembers and include children who werekilled as a result of family violence.Domestic violence is a matter foreverybody.All of us know or could relate to sever-al cases that remain underreported or sweptunder the carpet.But, it’s always in our face and willcontinue to be a major issue affecting us.People are hurting, children are losing theirparents and lives are being destroyed.African American represents about25% of the New York City population, yeton observation at any given court day, wellover 90% of the people with cases of domestic violence, divorce and other civilmatters are Blacks.Domestic violence interrupts almost allaspects of victims’ lives – from housing toemployment and from support systems totheir children’s school.To be safe, victims need assistance withall of these issues.We must take personal responsibility toprevent domestic violence by being moretolerant of the people who we love and careabout.We should take advantage of the vari-ous initiatives promoted by the numerousNew York City agencies and more than 200community based organizations.We are in a society that promotes jus-tice, freedom and tolerance to each other.If we want to stop domestic violencewe must demonstrate more patience andrespect for our family members in the sameway we are forced to tolerate our neighbors,colleagues and friends.
Contact Sandy at:sanydaley88@hotmail.com • www.sandydaley.com
Street Hype-pages-24_street hype-front page 10/16/12 10:41 PM Page 3

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