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Feeding the Flame - Lobsang Rampa - Eng.

Feeding the Flame - Lobsang Rampa - Eng.

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Published by jedna_natasha

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Published by: jedna_natasha on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 As Dr. Lobsang Rampa lay, desperately ill, in a Canadianhospital, he looked up with pleasure to see his old friend andmentor, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, standing by his bedside.But it was with some dismay that he listened to the messagethat the Golden Figure had brought.Lobsang Rampa’s work on this plane was not, as he thought,completed; he had to write another book, his eleventh, for therewas still more of the mystic truth to be revealed to the world.Here then is that eleventh book.
Feeding the Flame
is mainlyconcerned with answering some of the any questions whichDr. Rampa’s readers have put to him over the years. It coverssuch subjects as Life after Death, Suicide, Meditation and QuijaBoards, and includes many invaluable observations on the modernworld. Dr. Rampa’s many admirers will be delighted that, despitethe pain and suffering of his illness, he has been spared to writethis fascinating and inspiring book.
 FEEDING THE FLAMEIt saves a lot of letters if I tell you whyI have a certain title; it is said, ‘It isbetter to light a candle than to cursethe darkness.’In my first ten books I have tried tolight a candle, or possibly two. In this,the eleventh book, I am trying to Feedthe Flame.RACE OF TANCopper is this man,A man of daytime white,Yellow is that man,And one of dark night. . .The four main colours,All known as Man,Tomorrow's unity will comeForming the Race of Tan.Poem by W. A. de Munnik of Edmonton, Alberta.

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