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Living With the Lama - Lobsang Rampa - Eng.

Living With the Lama - Lobsang Rampa - Eng.

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Published by jedna_natasha

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Published by: jedna_natasha on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“You've gone off your head, Feef,” said the Lama. “Whowill believe that YOU wrote a book?” He smiled down atme and rubbed under my chin in just the way I liked bestbefore he left the room on some business.I sat and pondered. “Why should I not write a book?”I thought. True that I am a Cat, but not an ordinary cat.Oh dear! No! I am a Siamese Cat who has traveled far andseen much. “Seen?” Well, of course, I am quite blind now,and have to rely on the Lama and the Lady Ku'ei to tell meof the present scene, but I have my memories!Of course I am old, very old indeed, and not a little infirm,but is that not good reason why I should put on paper theevents of my life, while I am able? Here, then, is my versionof Living with the Lama, and the happiest days of my life;days of sunshine after a lifetime of shadows.(Mrs.) Fifi Greywhiskers.. :
Mother-to-Be was shrieking her head off. “I want aTom,” she yelled, “A nice STRONG Tom!” The noise, thePeople said, was TERRIBLE. But then, Mother was re-nowned for her loud calling voice. At her insistent demand,all the best catteries in Paris were combed for a suitableSiamese Tom with the necessary pedigree. Shriller andlouder grew Mother-to-Be's voice. More and more dis-traught grew the People as they turned with renewedstrength to the search.At last a very presentable candidate was found and he andMother-to-Be were formally introduced. From that meeting,in course of time, I appeared, and I alone was allowed tolive, my brothers and sisters were drowned.Mother and I lived with an old French family who had aspacious estate on the outskirts of Paris. The Man was adiplomat of high rank who journeyed to the City most daysof the week. Often he would not return at night but wouldstay in The City with his Mistress. The woman who lived9

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