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Aiyaa - Movie Review

Aiyaa - Movie Review

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Published by Puja Roy
Brilliant comeback by Rani..superb plot and extraordinary approach to the concept of "love"..must watch!
Brilliant comeback by Rani..superb plot and extraordinary approach to the concept of "love"..must watch!

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categoriesTypes, Reviews, Film
Published by: Puja Roy on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Check out for theReview of Aiyaa movie…a sweet film thathas much more to offer than just “going wakda”…From ‘aaiyaa’ to ‘aaiyo’, Rani pulls it off!! There was a time in the early ‘2k era’ when an actress wasslowly making a mark in Indian cinema. She was small,impish, vigorously spontaneous and ever charming. Hercrackling voice appeared unpleasant initially leadingfilmmakers like Mahesh Bhatt to dub someone else for her.However, like a true talent would, she turned every scar tostar.Rani Mukherjee, the actress with all her effervescencewas missing all this while from the silver screen, she madeher fans wait and grumble. However, the wait was worth!!With “Aiyaa”, Rani is rightfully “back with a bang”. Sherants, she banters, she raves and she rules!!!Meenakshi Deshpande (Rani Mukherjee) loves to dreamherself as Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Juhi Chawla (the ladieswho ruled Indian cinema in the 90’s). She idolizes them...butwait, she is not a wannabe actress, she simply loves todream! A typical ‘teenage Bollywood freakat heart,Meenakshi’s dreams are pompous, opulent and larger-than-life, no matter how diminutive her real life existence is.While her parents almost hound for a suitable match for her,she secretly nourishes the idea of eloping with her boyfriendby taking away all her grand ma’s assorted jewellery.A secret wish to fall in love and get rid of the ‘ever-so-mundaneways of life is all that she wants. The moviebegins by elucidating upon the innuendos of this freaky,simple yet vivacious Marathi mulgi. Meenakshi’s dream isperhaps every (middle class) girl’s dream and this is wherean instant connection takes place between the audience andthe gripping narrative of this girl.Rani Mukherjee with all her gusto gives a live wireperformance as Meenakshi on-screen.
Before one could settle down with the vibrancy of this girl,another aspect about her comes to surface. Meenakshi ishyper-sensitive to ‘smell’ in general. The municipalitydustbin is just a stone’s throw from her house. She isagitated, screams and rants about it all the day. Feels stifledalmost every time she passes by it and gets nauseated by itsfoulness. However, the fragrance of dreams never ceases tograsp her. The bin here works as a complete metaphor toshowcase the innate quality of this girl to live life just theway she wants to! The story develops further. Meenakshi eventually manages a job as a librarian in an art college and consequently feels amagnetic pull towards an art student there for the“heavenly” smell that he emanates. Is it the perennial stingysmell that she has to bear with back home which makes herso drawn towards this “out-of the world” smell of this man?We ponder!Prithviraj, I was told is a South superstar. He absolutely livesup to the expectations in the film. Super dashing as he lookson screen, his contemplative face as an artist is a“countenance to reckon with”, so much so that Meenakshieventually falls head-over-heels in love with him and so doesmost of the girls in the audience! (I included)Like her dreams Meenakshi follows him almost everywhere.She goes all out of her way to learn Tamil. She barges intothe men’s toilet, gatecrashes into his house as a saleswoman and secretly steals his shirt only to wear it in thenight and feel closer to his ‘existence’. The longing to bewith the beloved can also be satiated by wearing his clothes,his belongings and their remnants. A beautiful expressionindeed!!Gyrating dance moves and raunchy make-ups are nothingbut an expression of her fantasies that plummets themoment real life strikes.
Meenakshi’s marriage gets apparently fixed up with the‘Farooque Sheikhadmirer Madhav which she couldn’timpede even after a forceful horrendous rendition of a Tamilsong.She continually follows her dream man who is continuallyoblivious about her. Meenakshi pulls out all the stops tofollow him for an entire day and escapes from her pendingengagement. She finally meets him eventually discovers thereason for the heavenly smell that pulls her....Almost a fairytale story told in a fairytale fashion, ‘Aiyaawins your heart with its softness, unique expression of loveand ever so pure “smell” factor attached to it. What is it,other than the looks, which make a person different from theothers externally? Smell right?No two individual can smell the same technically. Thedirector harps on this fact and colors it with all the possibleshades of romance. The intensity of a person’s body, thefeeling of getting attached with him by inhaling thatfragrance…..emotions become almost palpable at the veryrealization of it all!!‘Aiyaa’ other than being a fun to watch movie is also veryprofound in the message it inadvertently conveys. Withsome comic relief in the form of the ‘golden tooth of thegrand maand Meenakshi’s pro-PETA brother (which Ihonestly feel the script did not need at all), the film fulfills allthe quotients of entertainment.After Sridevi’s powerful performance in English Vinglish, itsRani’s exuberance that comes our way this time round. Whata treat for movie buffs! Much like Sridevi’s Shashi, who endsup completely transforming herself as an expert in English,Rani’s Meenakshi too coverts from speaking “aiyaato“aaiyo”. She meets her dream man finally and becomes“Meenakshi Deshpande Iyer”.

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