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Director's Journal

Director's Journal

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Published by Jazz Hanspal

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Published by: Jazz Hanspal on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Director’s Journal
 Jaspreet Hanspal
What role does the Director play in the production of the product?
A Director must direct the actors and film crew in the film making process. They control the film’s
artistic and dramatic aspects whilst guiding the technical crew and consistently giving input to
shape the product into their vision. It is the Director’s responsibility to select and collect the cast,
arrange for the set and props, including costume, and to give suggestions in the post productionprocess i.e. sound effects, shot types, editing. The Director must also turn the script into asequence of shots that are visually coherent when being merged together via editing.Furthermore, it is vital that the director works closely with the actors and is in charge ofscreenplay, as it is their vision that is translated through the acting of the cast, and in order tohave their intentions communicated, the acting must reflect the vision of the Director.
Why did I decide to take on this role?
Taking on this role seemed fit for me, as being a Director allows you to learn every aspect of thefilmmaking process, from filming, to acting, to editing and sound. I have partaken in every stageand find it very helpful toward developing and expanding my skills. I also felt as if I had to stepout of my comfort zone and adapt to using technology such as SoundTrack Pro, SLR Cameras,Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and many others. However, I was the Director in my AS Media Studiesassignment, and willingly took on the role again at A2 as our previous project was a success, and Iwanted another chance to improve even more and produce an original and complex piece. I alsofeel as if I am a candidate who is liable to be organised and able to communicate with both theEditor and Cameraperson comfortably and maintain a good relationship to collectively producean excellent product. I have always believed in aiming for the best and have strived to do so withmy role as Director.
What did the role involve?
The role involved-
Producing an idea and plot for the film, and later creating the script
Producing a Pitch for other entities to help sponsor our film and invest in our idea todisplay it on a larger platform
Gaining an understanding of our target audience
Coming up with the name for our film
Organising the cast, makeup, costume, props and location
Arriving on set, directing the actors and cameraperson
Watching the footage over, and working with the editor to weave the shots together tocreate the intended narrative
Collectively adding sounds with the other members of the group, e.g. music, diagetic/nondiagetic/synchronous/score music

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