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i & ii

i & ii

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Published by Asia Meana
two new, based on one face.
two new, based on one face.

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Published by: Asia Meana on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I:My first openingnight in years, and you had
a show, too, but I’d been to yours
would havehad to miss my own party.
And why I didn’t care as much as I should have
 that you had to leave right afterwas, I had found already my secondlover, and so.He kept me busy.You sent a message to my phoneas the grand swept back in.
Told me you didn’t know
 I coulddo what I had done.These days I get upset when there are more linesin one stanza than the other, and anotherfunny new thing isHow To enjamb or Not To enjamb.Begins to come in scattered.They call it.Messing with style.I play with the ideaof sending you my latest work 
this one.In fact.As you began integral, thenfled the page and now.That idea has come from a singleearlier one.I did send yousomething. On your phone
 it was an offering.No. Not that, an opening.To take in what you choseto offer to me.
 Thank you, subtle finallys.If he were more than
just a distraction Id’ve not 
given second thought to you tonight.Except that.Again.
With him there’s a secret.
 Maybe I just like to whisper and to know.Between the Two of us.A new rhythm is what.This is, what last night gave me.My old dear.Friend another A, another archer.He was born, or rather Iwas born on his day.If weeks ago, just weeks.He would have hugged me, all politeand earnest, and my other
A, she’s gone and burned.
 Herself away.Right at the root.A left turn and a U-turnat the split.Upon returning home.I noticed you had gone.
II.I should feel that.
It’s over.
 Everyone tells me.So, everyone.
Says, isn’t it.
—it isn’t.
 With the two.Cars, the blank space.Between them.
 All moved. And moved us.
To make.One, means to wander.The dreamscape.I built in.Words
my head.For our escape
feels too tight.When you pause, so.I can pullYou from your page.Borrow a likeness.Striking at.The least, of you.Fasten it.Into the image.The images, all.Of them, I.Speak, so I may.Require.A moment.Of glory, they all talk.The same.Truth
it is.Over
oh.How.Is it.Over, the doubt.I would have.If.

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