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September 20, 2012 P-20 Meeting Transcription Partial

September 20, 2012 P-20 Meeting Transcription Partial

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Published by RestoreOKPublicEd
A partial transcription of the audio taken at the Oklahoma P20 Council meeting, September 20, 2012
A partial transcription of the audio taken at the Oklahoma P20 Council meeting, September 20, 2012

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Published by: RestoreOKPublicEd on Oct 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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P-20 data council-September 20, 2012 The K20 Center form OU gave a presentation on their model dashboard theyare producing. OKCPS and TPS( these school districts already have longitudinaldata on their students) have agreed to give OU their data on their students tohelp them build this model and generate data that could be useful.30:20 Several smaller grants were discussed, some not received yet. JohnKraman talked about how all these pieces can be converging to the same goal. John Kraman: “…intention is to get the data set we have capable to support anumber of dashboards…” Tony Hutchison-
Do you see this as part of the long term budgetrequest?
(No response.)46:00 JK: We ( SDE) will bring in a data architect for the SLDS grant. Then the WQDI grant was brought up and the Dept of Labor rep, Richard, wasasked if they were hiring a data architect too . Richard was not sure. Someoneelse, the K20 presented said we should use the same one, to maximize dollars.Oh yes everyone quickly agreed.48:55 JK: standards, we need them, they are coming… the Feds have movedforward with Phase 3, 3.0 Common Education Data Standards ( there’s even awebsite for it that came out one day before this meeting:https://ceds.ed.gov/connect.aspx) just released new connect tool- to help youmap put indicators, how other states are answering similar questions, to domulti state assessments and so forth for analysis, linking data across agenciesand to other states. The support is built around the sets as they expand.49:00 JK : we can get together with someone, the executive committee, fromthe state support team in Wash DC… do some kind of briefing, to do a walkthrough… what type of strategy we might deploy to get or pursue standards( here he is talking about data policy standards) stood up in Oklahoma, plus getPre-K involved, get Debra involved…PR asks for comments- everyone agrees they need to listen to the Feds JK : …” OK, I’ll get that scheduled.”

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