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How to Smash Everything by Singlethorn Collective

How to Smash Everything by Singlethorn Collective

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Published by Adrian

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Published by: Adrian on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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an anarchist sourcebook 
Singlethorn Collective@2007
dedicated to Jordan Matthew Feder 1980-2003and  Bradley Roland Will 1970-2006 brave friends who died in the fight,but whose hearts live on in the struggle.
The real world of twenty-first century politics is quite violent and chaotic. Forget the sanitaryimages in the corporate media, politics mark the difference between life and death for thousands of  people every day. We live in a world where rotting ideologies from the graveyard of history rise to walk among us thumping nineteenth century manifestos or twentieth century Mein Kampfs, while soullesscorporations and authoritarian religious terrorists – at the head of state or not – plague humanity.Some people may find the shattering of deeply held assumptions within their own hearts, and thesharing of rebellious ideas, passions, tactics, stories and skills, as inappropriately or too abruptly life-altering. Note that none of us within the anarchist movement condone nor encourage racism, sexism,homophobia, exploitation, oppression, militarism, capitalism, greed, religious superstition and zealotry,ignorance, bigotry, authoritarianism, reformism, statism, conservativism, liberalism, neo-conservatism,neo-liberalism, fascism, neo-fascism, or violence against innocents. Political discretion is advised.-- evl, editor.
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Anarchist History of the World page 10Militant Tactics page 39Creating the Anarchist World page 4Radical Self-Defense page 30Fire Your Boss page 46Steal These Words page 12Glossary Of Terms page 4Know Your Rights page 45How We Roll page 9What is Social Revolution?– page 7Know Your Enemy page 37Where We're At page 8

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