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Muskoday (John Smith) Band Metis Who Withdrew From Treaty

Muskoday (John Smith) Band Metis Who Withdrew From Treaty

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The John Smith (Muskoday) Band members who took Metis scrip.

The John Smith (Muskoday) Band members who took Metis scrip.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Muskoday Band Metis Who Withdrew from Treaty
Chief John Smith founded the Muskoday First Nation. The Muskoday First Nation wasformerly the John Smith First Nation. It is located in along the South Saskatchewan River near Prince Albert and is composed of Cree and Saulteaux peoples.The First Nation's land was settled by Chief John Smith leader of a Cree and Saulteaux band originally from the St. Peter’s Reserve on the Red River near Selkirk, Manitoba. Byillegal and controversial means the St. Peter’s group and was dissolved, and moved northwith the remainder of the band today comprising the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba.The other band members settled along the South Saskatchewan in the 1870s. Chief Smithsigned onto Treaty Six at Fort Carlton in 1876.Chief John Smith, was a brother of Chief James Smith, the founder of the James SmithFirst Nation. Altogether, six Smith brothers left St. Peter’s to move west. During the late19th century, James Isbister, the founder of Prince Albert served for a period as a farminstructor at Muskoday. He was married to Band member Margaret Bear, the daughter of William Bear.During the same period as the First Nation's name change, a highway was completedthrough the reserve that linked the town of Birch Hills with Prince Albert. The MuskodayBridge was then built over the South Saskatchewan River, which divides the reservelands roughly in half.
Metis who left Treaty:Anderson, Elizabeth Jane
. (Band # 23)Anderson, Elizabeth Jane; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1053; born: 1865 at HighBluff; father: Thomas Hourie (Métis); mother: Agnes Bird (Métis); children living: 1;children deceased: 2; scrip for $240.00.Scrip Certificate No. 859 Form A for $240.00 in favour of Elizabeth (Jane) Anderson.
Badger, Nancy
. (Band # 66)Badger, Nancy, wife of David Anderson; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 990; born:1847 at Winnipeg; father: William Badger (Métis); mother: Elizabeth Sanderson (Métis);married: 28 July, 1858 at St. Peters to David Anderson; scrip cert.: form A, no. 811 for $160.00.Scrip Certificate No. 811 Form A for $160.00 in favour of Nancy Badger.
Bear, Henry
. (Band # 48)Bear, Henry; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1057; born: 1858 at Carlton; father:William Bear (Métis); mother: Marguerite Tate (Métis); scrip for $240.00.Scrip Certificate No. 642 Form B for $17.77 in favour of Henry Bear an heir of WilliamBear.1
Bear, Margaret.
(Band # 29)Scrip Certificate No. 677 Form B for $17.77 in favour of Margaret Bear an heir of William Bear.
Bear, Nancy
. (Band # 24)Bear, Nancy; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 967; born: 1853 at Winnipeg; father:William Bear (deceased Métis); mother: Margaret Tait (Métis); married: 1871 at PrinceAlbert to Alexander Landry; children living: 3; children deceased: 3; scrip for $240.00Scrip Certificate No. 786 Form A for $240.00 in favour of Nancy Bear.Scrip Certificate No. 641 Form B for $17.77 in favour of Nancy Bear one of the heirs of William Bear.
Bear, Thomas
(Band #56)Application of Thomas Bear of John Smith's Band to be discharged from treaty and toshare in the halfbreed grant. 1890-1911. File. RG15-D-II-1.The process of withdrawal and final denial of obtaining Metis scrip took 32 pieces of correspondence. From the application in October of 1888 to February 23, 1891 whenwithdrawal was approved.
Bear, William
. (Band # __)Bear, James; for the heirs to his deceased father, William Bear; claim no. 1062; born:1810 in North West Territories; address: Prince Albert; father: White Bear (Indian);mother: (Métis); married: 1832 at Red River to Margaret Tate; heirs: Margaret Bear (widow), $17.77; James Bear, deponent, $17.77; Margaret Bear, wife of James Isbister,$17.77; Maria Bear, wife of George Kippling, $17.77; Philip Bear, $17.77; Nancy Bear,wife of Alexander Landry, $17.77; Thomas Bear, $17.77; Joseph Bear, $17.77; HenryBear, $17.77
Boyer, Maggie nee Bell.
(Band # 82)Hands in Power of Attorney in his favour to draw Scrip from Maggie Boyer nee Bell,also discharge of said Maggie Boyer from John Smith's Band of Indians.
Cameron, Isabella (Brinkman).
(Band # 67)
Crane, Flora Harriet.
(Band # 46)DUCK LAKE AGENCY - JOHN SMITH'S BAND - FLORA HARRIET CRAIN WASGRANTED DISCHARGE FROM TREATY. Band # 46 Flora née Ross, wife of HenryCrain, daughter of Thomas Ross and Elizabeth Beardy
Crane, Henry.
(Band # 46)HENRY
Crane, Henry; heir to his deceased son, Adam Thomas Crane; claim no. 113; address: Atthe South Branch, Saskatchewan; born: 11 February, 1885 at Cedar Lake, Saskatchewan;father: Henry Crane (Métis and deponent); mother: Flora Harriet Moise (Métis); died: 25February, 1894 at South Branch; scrip cert.: form D, no. 395 for 240 acres of land
Crane, Nancy.
(Band # 16)Robertson, Nancy; address: Prince Albert; born: 1859 at Fort A la Corne; father: ThomasCrane (Cree Indian); mother: Mary Twatt (Métis); married: 1874 at Prince Albert toGeorge Robertson; children living: Mary Ann; children deceased: Jane; scrip for 240acres; claim no. 1748.
Desmarais, William
. (Band # 57)Desmarais, William Thomas; address: Pakan, Post Office; claim no. 1758; born: 1856 atPortage la Prairie; father: Baptiste Desmarais (Métis); mother: Sophia Erasmus (Métis);married: 1876 at the Pas to Elizabeth Harriet Bear; children living: 2: Sophie, born: 1878;John, born: 1880; scrip for $240.00
Donald, Mary Ann.
(Band # 58)Donald, John; heir to his deceased daughter, Mary Donald; claim no. 90; address: PrinceAlbert; born: 1 February, 1883 at South Branch, St. James; father: John Donald (Métisand deponent); mother: Mary Ann Erasmus (Métis); died: 21 or 22 March, 1886 at SouthBranch; scrip cert.: form D, no. 3 for $240.00
Erasmus, Isabella.
(Band # 28)Erasmus, Isabella; address: Pakan, Saskatchewan; claim no. 1745; born: 1837 at RedRiver; father: William Spence (Métis); mother: Victoria Trottier (Métis); married: 1861at St. Andrews to William Erasmus; children living: William, Mary Anne, Marguerite,Henry, Isabella, Peter and John George; scrip for $160.00
Erasmus, James G.B.
(Band # 97)Erasmus, James G.B. - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, Victoria - Born,August 7, 1868 at White Fish Lake - Father, Peter Erasmus, (Métis) - Mother, CharlotteJackson, (Métis) - Scrip for $240 - Claim 1131Scrip Certificate No. 483 Form A for $47.00 in favour of James G. B. Erasmus.
Erasmus, William.
Erasmus Junior, William; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1743; born: 1860 at St.Andrews, Manitoba; father: William Erasmus Senior (Métis); mother: Isabella Spence(Métis); married: 1877 at South Branch, Saskatchewan, to Elizabeth Badger; childrenliving: Mary Margaret, Isabella, Catherine, Albert Leopold and Charles Edward; childrendeceased: John Henry and William; scrip for $240.00
Flammean (Flammand), Sarah.
(Band # 23)Flammand, Sarah; address: Pakan P.O; claim no. 1756; born: 1863 at Red River, St.Andrews; Father: Thomas Hourie (Métis); mother: Agnes Bird (Métis); married: 1883 at3

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