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2016 Romney’s America

2016 Romney’s America

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Published by gary6432

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Published by: gary6432 on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2016:Romney’s America
Chapter One
I try not to stare at the chain gang as I pull into theparking lot to go to work. Fridays used to be fun for a lotof people because it meant you had the weekend off. But nowit’s only fun for the barbarians who get to forciblyrepopulate the country with more barbarians, or femalesthat will grow up never knowing freedom.Every Friday, they’ll take some women with shackles aroundtheir necks, hands and feet, in chain gang style, andparade them through the street as a reminder of whatrebellion gets you. These women are what’s left of thepoor, the lower-middle class, and any who rebelled in any way. They listened to the wrong music, read the wrongthings, got their news from the wrong source, whatever. Aslong as they weren’t lesbian, they were kept alive if they were of childbearing years. And it truly sickens me. Any man is free to breed withthem. They don’t get a say in the matter. They’ll be“released” to any man who’ll have them if he asks to haveone of the women for the night, in hopes that she’ll getpregnant and produce the right offspring.That’s the world today. It’s Friday, December 2
, 2016. Ilook down and hide my eyes from the security guards as Iturn the key and shut my car off, release my seatbelt andopen the door. I try to look as happy and positive as Ican, so that I’m not suspected of discontent.
Chapter Two
 The elections never happened last month, in case you were wondering. No one expected an election take place, notsince early last year. Then by the time it got here, it wasfar too late. It’s always been too late. Four years ago, it was too late. Eight years ago, we might have had a chance.We really should’ve started twenty years ago, but when weall had what we wanted in life and things were going justfine, who would have thought? And I know what you’re thinking; you don’t believe that wecould ever lose the country that we knew, as we knew it.You never saw the slightest possibility at all that life,as it used to be, was about to change drastically for the
 worse. You have perfect faith in your government, just likeI did. But let me tell you how it all went down.
Chapter Three
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won the last election, the one in2012. Looking back on it, it was like mass hysteria thatyear. Everyone was so up in arms about everything.Politicians, newscasters, other public figures and otherblowhards had the country in an uproar. They had everyonebickering and arguing over all the issues that are going tobe raised in any large-scale population. But now thoseships have sailed, and all of the hate-mongers won.Oh, of course there were riots and public outcry, but no more so than what we saw with the whole Occupy Wall Streetthing and other protests in recent years. The only thingthat ever came out of the protests was thousands ofarrests. The public at large just didn’t care about theirown interests. It’s too easy to dismiss dissenters asunemployed, lazy bums and not think twice.The first thing the Romney administration did in 2013 wasbeef up the TSA, increasing their presence and power. TheTSA became an official branch of the military along withthe Army, Navy, and so forth. They kept most of the currentemployees, anyone under 300 pounds was eligible becauseboot camp wasn’t a requirement for the TSA. But to get thenumbers they wanted, they offered a pay increase for otherservice members to jump branches, plus it meant they’dnever get sent overseas.The TSA also assimilated local police forces and todetermine which officer was able to make an arrest or not,the original TSA employees wore orange insignia todesignate that they were formerly civilian. Although sincethen, most of the original employees have learned theprocedures of the police and military and many have beenpromoted to orange-free status. And at this point, any TSA officer still wearing orange labels probably has a deskjob.The TSA was stationed on every highway and street thatintersected state lines. At first, they were just needlesscheckpoints. Are you intoxicated? Do you have any weaponsor hazardous materials? Are you carrying drugs? Are you

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