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Free Press 10-19-12

Free Press 10-19-12

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Published by hudgons
Serving East Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Tucker and Stone Mountain.
Serving East Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Tucker and Stone Mountain.

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Published by: hudgons on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OCT. 19
, 2012 • VOL. 15, NO. 30 FREE
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Serving East Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Tucker and Stone Mountain.
See Fire Station on Page 15A
New Avondale fire station on the way
 by Carla Parker carla@dekalbchamp.com
ireghters at the Avondale Fire Stationwill get a new station soon.Construction for Avondale FireStation, DeKalb County Station No. 3,is expected to start in 2013.
, the DeKalb County Fire Rescue depart-ment deputy chief of operations, said gettingthe station approved has been a long process.“We’re just waiting on the funding,” hesaid. “Everything else has been approved andis ready to go.”The project is part of a Housing and UrbanDevelopment (HUD) Community Develop-ment Block grant.
Chris Morris
, the county’sdirector of community development, said thedepartment is working really hard to makesure it begins the process on the $2.6 million project early next year.“We’ve already been able to get the plan,the specications done, the architectural work and the documents ready to go out for bids onconstruction,” Morris said.The Brown Design Group was selected asthe architect.The new re station will be built on a va-cant lot next to the current station. Morris said
Avondale Fire Station, built in 1947, will bereplaced by a new station which is expectedto constructed next year.David Owens slides down the fire pole at the Avondale FireStation. The station is the only one in DeKalb County with afire pole.A design of the new Avondale Fire Station is posted on the refrigerator in the station. Photos by Carla Parker 
The Champion Free Press, Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 Page 2A
Local News
DeKalb Medical at Hillandale to open Comprehensive Breast Center
       V       i     s       i       t       A       t       l     a     n       t     a     s       D     e       K     a       l       b       C     o     u     n       t     y .     c     o     m
DeKalb Convention & Visitors Bureau’sReunion Specialist will teach you everythingyou need to know to plan the perfectFamilyReunionfrom 9 a.m. to Noon.T-Shirts, Attractions and Tour Informationwill be available at theVendor Showcasefrom 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn Perimeter 
1501 Lake Hearn Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319
Call 770-492-5050 ext. 1181
Pre-registration is required
Saturday - November 10, 2012
FREE Family Reunion PlanningWorkshop & Showcase
Host your Family Reunionin DeKalb County!
 by Alice MurrayDeKalb County residentsare seeing pink this October as local healthcare providersstress the need for screen-ing during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.At DeKalb Medical’snew Comprehensive BreastCenter at Hillandale, morethan 70 women took advan-tage of reduced-rate mam-mograms Oct. 6 during ascreening event. A grandopening for the facility isset for Oct. 28. Billed as a“Facing Your Fears” Hal-loween carnival, the Sundayafternoon event will providefamily fun such as play ar-eas and trick-or-treat activi-ties for children, tours of thenew breast center, healthand wellness information,and a chance to meet staff members.The 3-6 p.m. carnivalis free for the public, butguests must call (404) 501-WELL to register in ad-vance.The new breast center atHillandale was designed tomeet an increased demandfrom the community. Thecenter experienced a 20 per-cent increase in patient visitsover the past three years.More than twice thesize of the previous center,the new facility includes4,170 square feet of wait-ing, dressing, and procedurerooms convenient to free parking and physician of-
ces. The original space was
1,600 square feet.Dr.
Kenneth W. Harper
,chief of staff at DeKalbMedical Hillandale, citedthe importance of regular mammograms as he showedthe new space to visitors.“When cancers are diag-nosed early, treatment isgenerally more successful,”he said.All women should talk to their primary care doctor about their individual risk for the disease and deter-mine a screening schedulethat’s right for them, Harper said.“The more risk fac-tors you have, the moreimportant it is for you to be screened at appropriatetimes,” he said.Research indicates thatrisk factors for breast cancer include family history, dietand lack of exercise.The American Can-cer Society recommendsmaintaining a healthy bodyweight by eating a well- balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetablesand whole grains to staywell and limit cancer risk.The group also recom-mends that individuals limitthe amount of red meat theyconsume, especially high-fatand processed meats, and toexercise at least 30 minutes
a day ve or more days each
week.While the AmericaCancer Society guidelinescall for women to start an-nual mammograms at theage of 40, some women inhigh-risk groups may needto start screening earlier,Harper said.He cited research fromthe National Cancer Instituteshowing that White Ameri-can women have the high-est incidence rate for breastcancer, but Black womenare more likely to die fromthe disease.
Please Recycle This Paper
Staff at DeKalb Medical Hillandale are proud of their new 4,200-square-foot Comprehensive Breast Center which is twice the size of the previous center. A “Facing Your Fears” Halloween carnival is planned for Oct. 28 during which tours of the center will be given. Photos by Alice Murray
Page 3A The Champion Free Press, Friday, Oct. 19,, 2012
I was fortunate enough to at-tend the grand opening of the newEdenPURE
factory in North Can-ton, Ohio. The new plant broughthundreds of new jobs back to Ohioand reversed the common practiceof sending Midwest manufacturing jobs to China. Now, EdenPURE
continues to ramp up productionfor the coming Winter with excit-ing new models and hundreds of new employees as this Made inAmerica success story continues togrow.
American Labor, AmericanQuality
With over 3 million portableheaters sold EdenPURE
is thebest selling portable infrared heat-ing system in North America.However, like any classic, Eden-PURE
has dozens of would-becompetitors who create Asiancopies at low prices using cheap,foreign labor. Don’t be fooled bythese imitations. Look for theEdenPURE
logo and the Made inNorth Canton, Ohio stamp. Savelike millions of others on your heating bills and say “NO” tocheap foreign imitators.
Save up to 49% on 2013 Eden-PURE
Now readers can save up to49%($229 the largest savings ever on new EdenPURE
s). Eden-PURE
is not just the best-sellingportable heating system in NorthAmerica. As an EdenPURE
own-er I rank EdenPURE
#1 for quali-ty, safety and efficiency. And nowis the perfect time to save like nev-er before on our expanded 2013EdenPURE
line made in our brand new North Canton, Ohio fa-cility.With two models EdenPURE
can meet all of your heating re-quirements 365 days a year.
Stay Comfortable 365 Days aYear
“Never be cold again” is theEdenPURE
promise. EdenPURE
provides you insurance against thecold all year long. Stay comfort-able on those unseasonably chillyevenings no matter the season. Ilive in California but believe me itgets cold at night. Keep your ex-pensive furnace turned down untilit’s absolutely necessary. And if we are f ortunate enough to experi-ence a mild winter as many of usdid in the Midwest last year, youkeep your furnace off all seasonand save even bigger.
New, More Efficient Models
The engineers at EdenPURE
listened to their millions of cus-tomers and somehow managed toimprove the #1 portable heater inNorth America. Through old fash-ioned American ingenuity the newEdenPURE
line is more efficientto save you even more money.The EdenPURE
PersonalHeater now heats a larger area, anincrease from 350 square feet to500 square feet. That’s a 30% in-crease in efficiency! And Eden-PURE
is proud to introduce the2013 Model 750. The new Model750 is perfect for larger areas andheats up to 750 square feet. Butthe best thing about the Model 750is the price. We priced the Model750 at only $50 above the PersonalHeater. This means you receive a33% increase in performance for only $50. That’s American engi-neering at its best!The EdenPURE
can cut your heating bills and pay for itself in amatter of weeks, and then startputting a great deal of extra moneyin your pocket after that.
Super Safe Infrared Heat
Now remember, a major causeof residential fires in the UnitedStates is carelessness and faultyportable heaters. The choice of fireand safety professional, CaptainMike Hornby, the EdenPURE
hasno exposed heating elements thatcan cause a fire. And a redundanthome protection system that sim-ply shuts the EdenPURE
down if it senses danger. That’s whygrandparents and parents love theEdenPURE
.The outside of the EdenPURE
only gets warm to the touch so thatit will not burn children or pets.And your pet may be just like mydog who has reserved a favoritespot near the EdenPURE
. Yousee the EdenPURE
uses infraredheat. And just as pets enjoy bask-ing in a beam of sunlight they tryto stay close to EdenPURE
’s“bone-warming” infrared heat.
The Health Secret is in theCopper
technology usescopper heating chambers to takethe energy provided by our specialSYLVANIA infrared bulbs and dis-tribute our famous soft heat evenlythroughout the room.Now our copper isn’t ordinary.It’s 99.9% pure antimicrobial cop-perfrom an over 150 year oldAmerican owned company in Penn-sylvania. So your EdenPURE
heater is continuously pushing soft,healthy, infrared heat throughoutyour room.
How to Order
During our 2013 introductionyou are eligible for a $202 DIS-COUNT PLUS FREE SHIPPINGAND HANDLING FOR A TOTALSAVINGS OF $229 ON THEEDENPURE
PERSONAL HEATER.This special offer expires in 10days. If you order after that we re-serve the right to accept or rejectorder requests at the discountedprice. See my attached savingsCoupon to take advantage of thisopportunity.The made in North Canton,Ohio EdenPURE
carries a 60-day, unconditional no-risk guar-antee. If you are not totally satis-fied, return it at our expense andyour purchase price will be re-funded. No questions asked.There is also a 3 year warranty onall parts and labor.
Richard Karn,North Canton, Ohio
1.Electricity ignites powerfulSYLVANIA infrared lamp.2.The quartz infrared lamp gently warms thepatented copper heating chambers.3.The soft heat “rides”the humidity in theroom and provideseven, moist, soft heatceiling to floor andwall to wall withoutreducing oxygen andhumidity.
Heats floor to thesame temperatureas ceiling.
 ©2012 Media Services S-9468 OF26079R-1 Advertisement
reopens Ohio factory creates 250 new jobs
New models shipped direct from warehouse at 49% savings
SYLVANIA is a registered trademark of OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc. used under license.
Never be cold again
As Al Borland on Home Improvement I was the man with all theanswers. However, as Richard Karn I still look for money sav-ing and efficient heating in my home. I have an EdenPURE
In-frared Portable Heater in my California home and like millionsof others found it to be a super-safe, reliable source of portableheat all year long.
How it works:
The price of the EdenPURE
Model 750 Heater is $449 plus $27 ship-ping and the price of the Personal Heater is $372 plus $17 shipping, but,with this savings coupon you will receive a $202 discount on the Model750 and a $175 discount on the Personal Heater with free shipping and beable to get the Model 750 delivered for only $247 and the Personal Heater delivered for only$197.The Personal Heater has an optional remote control for only $12. TheModel 750 remote is included in the price.Check below the number you want (limit 3 per customer)
Model 750 with remote, number ____
Personal Heater, number ____
Optional Personal Heater Remote $12, number _____To order by phone, call TOLL FREE
1-800-315-1257 Offer Code
. Place your order by using your credit card. Operators are onduty Monday - Friday 6am - 3am, Saturday 7am - 12 Midnight andSunday 7am - 11pm, EST.To order online, visit
Offer Code
To order by mail, by check or credit card, fill out and mail in this coupon.This product carries a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totallysatisfied return at our expense, and your purchase price will be refunded – no questions asked. There is also a three year warranty.
Check below to get discount:
I am ordering within 10 days, therefore I get a $202 discount plus Freeshipping and my price is only $247 for the Model 750 Heater.
I am ordering within 10 days, therefore I get a $175 discount plus Freeshipping and my price is only $197 for the Personal Heater.
I am ordering past 10 days, therefore I pay full price for the Model 750or Personal Heater plus shipping and handling.Enclosed is $______ in:
Money Order (Make check payable to EdenPURE
) or charge my:
Am. Exp./Optima
Discover/NovusAccount No. _______________________________Exp. Date ____/____
Offer Code
7800 Whipple Ave. N.W.Canton, OH 44767
Richard Karn is a paid spokesperson for EdenPURE
 All of the testimonials are by actual EdenPURE
customers who volunteered their stories, and were given another EdenPURE
heater as thanks for their participation. Average homeowners save 10% to 25%.

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