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Tim's Response to Guardian Article on Time Teams Future

Tim's Response to Guardian Article on Time Teams Future

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Published by Tim Darch
Tim Taylor's responses to the Guardians Article regarding the future of Time Team
Tim Taylor's responses to the Guardians Article regarding the future of Time Team

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Tim Darch on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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frankjag added this note
A wonderful programme that showed the value of motivated people who clearly enjoyed educating others. The whole team deserves congratulating for the work involved and its longevity as a programme is no surprise. I am delighted to see that the idea is one that may continue - even in a differing format.
1 thousand reads
1 hundred reads
Clair Davis added this note
I have loved this programme from the start. My husband and I watched every series. We even watch the repeats intently. TT will have to return in 1 form or another to satisfy the viewing public.
Russ Squire added this note
A form of TT on-line will at least be good for all us "non-brit" veiwers. Maybe some form of interactive involvement even?
Mike Brace added this note
The facts are that TT has done a massive job to bring archaeology to everyone in the country. "history matters" and now after all these years matters even more. There must be thousands of you out there who have been drawn into the craft because of TT. For myself the TT programmes have lead me into archaeology, first doing a BA, then a research MA and now on into a Phd. Well done TT!
DigVentures added this note
Let's celebrate all they have achieved, and be glad that Tim is right about the public interest in archaeology. We worked with many of the cast and crew (esp our own Raksha Dave!) on our project at Flag Fen last year (www.digventures.com), and our internet channel has already proven that there is a huge audience out there. No TT means there is room for innovation - for old friends, and new faces!
Geoff Archer added this note
had me going there when i saw the report..thank god youand the team will do your very best to get the show to stay as it should be! no time team? no way !! geoff archer swansea TT0138
Frank Bogers liked this
kyron liked this

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