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The Rejected

The Rejected

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Published by Matthew Trask

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Published by: Matthew Trask on Oct 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ByMatthew Trask 
Dust settles on the hard wood floor as a man entersthe bar. The door slams shut behind him. A red glowis cast on the floor as the sun sifts through thestained window to the left of the door.The bar is empty apart from to men playing pool andthe bar man.The man whom just entered walks over to the bar.We remain CLOSE ON his feet as he limps over to astool.He struggles on to the stool. CLOSE ON a gun as helays it on the counter.The bar man, a typical looking American bar man,walks over to the man.CLOSE ON the mans eyes as he lowers his sunglasses.His left eye is cut and blood covers most of hisface.BARMAN:
I don’t want any trouble.
 CLOSE ON the mans hand as he opens his fist, as ifexpectant of a drink, on the table in front of him.It is bandaged with a blood stained rag.MAN:Just give me a drink.BARMAN:
What’ll it be?
 MAN:Something strong.
He then pours a glass of whiskey and slides ittowards the man who catches it and drinks itstraight.There is a silence in the bar. Nobody knows what todo.The two men playing pool stop and look over at theman.He is dressed in a blood stained Hawaiian shirt andshorts with a pair of worn, old flip flops on hisfeet. He is cut and bruised and appears to have beenshot in the leg. His face is however still not fullyvisible.The flashing red and blue lights of the police thenseep through the window followed by the final ring ofthe siren.BARMAN:What have you brought to my bar boy.The barman reaches behind the counter and places hishand on a loaded shotgun that is concealed beneaththe bar.The man then places his hand on his gun and pusheshis sunglasses back in front of his eyes.The door then swings open and two policemen walk in.They are dressed in the typical uniform of aCalifornian Police Officer.OFFICER 1:Hand up!The man remains still, hand on gun, at the counter.The barman keeps his hand on the shotgun.The man, still holding the empty glass, turnsslightly. He throws the glass at the celling abovethe officers raining glass down on them beforeshooting them in the knees. He stands and walks overto them as they writhe in pain.

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