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Published by SilenceI

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Published by: SilenceI on Jan 22, 2009
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Inevitable by snoopy0917Summary: Alone in his quarters at night, Bill thought about it...Categories: PWP, Drama, Romance Characters: NoneGenres: Angst, Drama, Romance, SmutWarnings: Graphic SexChallenges: NoneSeries: NoneChapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2576 Read: 470 Published: Apr 08, 2008Updated: Apr 08, 2008Story Notes:It's a companion piece to Insane but can be read separately.Spoilers? Let's say post-Crossroads Pt 1 to be safe...1. Chapter 1 by snoopy0917Chapter 1 by snoopy0917Author's Notes:Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the propertyof their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property ofthe author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, orproducers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Translation: I own nothing. Just a laptop computer, battered 5-star notebook, andbic pen. And this little story. The characters? So not mine.It was inevitable. Alone in his quarters at night, Bill thought about it.During the day, it was easy to forget. To fool himself. To compartmentalizethings. To hide. Behind layers of fraying wool and fading insignia. Behind titlesand verbal acrobatics. Behind a weathered face and stoic expression. But at night?At night, he thought. Alone in the darkened rooms. Blanket and sheets heavyagainst too warm skin. As he lay in his rack chasing sleep, his mind wandered. Andhe thought about it. About her.Laura.Subject to the whims of his subconscious. Unable to protect her from hisinsubordinate thoughts. Not that she wanted his protection. Or needed it. In fact,shed probably be frakking encouraging him. And that line of thinking only fueled
 his imagination.In his more lucid moments, Bill insisted that these things started innocently.Simple imagining of a compact cabin on New Caprica. Which in his mind mergedconveniently with Old Caprica, allowing their dream-selves the comforts of acivilization that no longer existed. Halcyon days at the end of theirs, enjoyingcompany, comfort and all of the unspoken things that lay between them. The thingswhich remained unnamed even in his mind, as if putting words to thoughts andfeelings would animate them. And once given life they would force their way toexpression, crawling up through his windpipe, past his lips and into the world,willing themselves into truth and being.Yes, it started innocently.Bill pushed aside the truthful part of his psyche, the flashes and snippets thatbetrayed the impure thoughts that had lived there for longer than he wanted toadmit. Since the first time those toned calves strolled into his cabin andannounced that there was a woman underneath those omnipresent suits. Since thefirst time shed argued with him in the corridors and hed wanted to replace that
politicians smirk with something completely different. Bill remained steadfast,
 ignoring the unwelcome knowledge that shed long ago replaced the faceless female
 in his fantasies, the amalgamation of half remembered features from half a dozenpast acquaintances. A time long before he kissed her.He kissed her. He shifted beneath the blankets boxers and tanks creasing
 uncomfortably against his bare flesh. Even as ill as shed been, as frail and
 fading, her lips were warm and soft and hinted with the faintest tang of spice.Hed thought about it that night too. Lying alone in his rack, bathed in the empty
 blackness of his rooms. The wetness gathering on his cheeks as he thought aboutwhat was never to be. And denying the inevitable.His only comfort was that when he kissed her his thoughts had stayed innocent.Usually, it didnt take long before they detoured right to the carnal.
Bill exhaled slowly as her lips slanted over his, unforgettable tang of Laurafilling his senses. No longer in the cramped, too public venue of her office. Notsurrounded by their people and the trappings of their positions. No. In hishometheir homehis home. Securely encamped on his pliant couch. Hatch locked,
 universe ignored. Just pliant leather, pliant lips, pliant Laura.The fantasies never started the same. Sometimes lips. Sometimes those spectacularlegs. Sometimes the false memory of auburn tinted locks whispering across heatedflesh. But always her.She nipped his lips. Punishing the lower one just a little too sharply between herteeth. Just enough to force him backwards with an insincere glare. Saucy eyessmiled back at him, even as her body surged forward molding her curves into hislap and attacking his mouth anew. Even in his mind, Laura kept him focused on thetask.I want this, she whispered, her voice husky, low and promising, radiating sex
 and yet still so very Laura. So does he. Despite the arguments, the denials, theobstacles his brain creates, he wants this.Bill wrapped his arms around her, securing her firmly as she straddled him. Laurasmiled again, her impish, sly smile that promised things no ex-schoolteachershould know. Long elegant fingers slid teasingly through his hair before findingthe back of his neck and pulling forward.Her mouth slanted over his once more, hot and demanding and full of promise. Hertongue insisted on entrance. Bill was only too eager to surrender. He groaned asshe ruthlessly explored his mouth, tongue and teeth plundering every surface theycould reach.His hands tightened involuntarily on her hips before returning to his control. Hedidnt want to be passive in this encounter. Loosing his hands, they slid up to
 her shoulders and disposed of her suit jacket. The remaining shirt hung slightlyaskew from his quick movements, revealing additional inches of tantalizingcleavage.She made quite the picture, his Laura. Lips swollen. Hair falling wildly about hershoulders. Breasts straining against their confines. Skirt hopelessly crumplednear her waist as her wriggling forced it upwards. Miles of leg begging to makehis acquaintance.His hands dropped to her thighs, forcing the heavy cloth up even farther. His
hands moved restlessly against his stomach before losing their war and slidingunder the band of his boxers. Thumbs traced the juncture where her hip met thighas he bent forward to sample the skin of her neck. Fingers brushed against his ownflesh before gripping steadily and starting a rhythm.He unbuttoned her shirt and it melted away, rewarding him with acres of creamypale flesh.Bill always imagined impractical lingerie. The kind that no longer existed. Scrapsof lace and silk in that vibrant shade of red that made her skin glow andaccentuated her assets. Enhanced her sensuality. Not that she needed the help.When she wanted, Laura practically oozed sex.Her hands trailed from the base of his skull, dancing along the muscles in hisarms until they could capture his. Eyes locked with his, she brought them to herbreasts. Her spine arched instinctively into the touch, even as she leaned forwardto steal another set of breathless kisses.Relishing her impatience, he ignored her silent demands. Instead he flattened hispalms against her flesh, exploring every area hed denied himself. Enjoying the
 way her flawless skin slid against his hands. The way his roughened fingerssnagged slightly against the satiny fabric of her bra. The way she groaned andground against him when he finally acquiesced and reached for her breasts.He hardened underneath her. Underneath his hand as she writhed above him.His mouth soon followed his hands, blazing a path down her jaw, the tender skin ofher neck reddening under the caress of his day-old stubble. His fingers releasedher bra as his mouth reached its seam. He took a moment to look at her. To burnthe memory of her skin, scent, taste into his senses before dipping forward andcapturing a rosy-tipped nipple between his lips.She tossed her head back, unashamedly pressing even further into his touch.Bill.
Hed never considered himself a breast man but Laura could convert him. Hers were
 spectacular. Supple and firm and age-defying. Not looking wasnt an option. He
 knew shed noticed. Hed swear shed started dressing with it in mind, just to
 torment him. Even a limited wardrobe couldnt stop her. Shifting her blouse
 strategically when they were alone, so he could glimpse just the slightest bitmore than was proper. Forcing him to think about what it would be like to stripaway her clothes and cup them, massage them, bury his face in her cleavage andmake it his world. To find every sensitive spot and drown her in pleasure. Makeher come alive in his hands.The picture changed.His hands clenched. Rage filled him. He turned and bit. Gnashed at her breast.Marring the skin. Breaking it. Sucking the cancer from her system. Purging thedisease from her flesh. Stealing its life before it could steal hers.Pain ripped Bill from the fantasy. Wincing slightly, he unclenched his hands fromtheir now bruising grip and brought them to cover his face. He forced down theanger. The rage. Willed his body to relax and release the furious tension. It tooktime, but his muscles softened, expelling the fury.He could not shake the helplessness. Give him an enemy he could fight. A tangible

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