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Scientology Jesse Prince

Scientology Jesse Prince



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Scientology defector Jesse Prince reveals the cult's shocking secrets.
Scientology defector Jesse Prince reveals the cult's shocking secrets.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Reverend Happyfinger on Jan 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to the Jesse Prince interviews
by FACTNet 
 In late August 1998, FACTNet director Lawrence Wollersheim conducted about 20 hoursof interviews with Jesse Prince , who was formerly the second-in-command of Scientology. The purpose of FACTNet's interviews was to collect information for theFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to aid the FBI's research into illegalities performedby Scientology.The testimony Jesse has provided in his interviews with FACTNet is extremelydisturbing, even to those already familiar with much of Scientology's wrongdoings. Jessehas witnessed the leadership of Scientology bugging the homes of its own "ministers";the leadership of Scientology laughing over a former colleague's death; the leadership of Scientology ordering illegal copyright registrations, destroying court evidence, tamperingwith judges and fixing an election in a small California town. Jesse has seen membersforced to work so many hours they endure permanent injuries; he has seen membersforced to run around a pole in the desert for 10 hours a day, day after day; and he hasseen members die because they were refused proper medical treatment. He has observedmanipulative treatment of John Travolta and Tom Cruise, Scientology's celebrities. Andmuch more.What has been provided by Jesse Prince's interviews is a look into the very highest levelsof Scientology and the pervasive criminality that takes place there. The information is sopowerful that FACTNet has not only submitted transcripts of the interview tapes to theFBI, but is also making them available worldwide through the FACTNet web site.Jesse was a Scientologist from 1976 to 1992 and served in the highest ranks inScientology's powerful Religious Technology Center (RTC), even serving on its Board of Directors. After leaving in 1992, Jesse spent six years working to reconstruct a lifeoutside Scientology, but did not speak publicly about his Scientology experience until1998.Jesse's silence was due to his vast knowledge of criminal activities pervadingScientology, his possible culpability for having partaken in illegal acts on behalf of Scientology, and his fear of Scientology's vengeance. He has shown great courage andhas put himself at considerable personal risk to tell the world what he knows aboutScientology. Jesse's speaking out despite the death threats he has received has provided abeacon of hope. He has sent a profound message to others, to help them come forward.Now it appears that other high-level Scientology executives may also be coming forwardwith their stories.The information in these transcripts is so important that FACTNet believes it could bedangerous not to release it to the public. Hopefully, exposing these allegations will
2eliminate a great deal of future harm by preventing people from joining Scientology andconvincing current members to leave.Also for this reason, FACTNet encourages the further dissemination of these transcripts,as appropriate, to governments, embassies, leaders, law enforcement agencies, media, andespecially families of current Scientologists. FACTNet recommends getting JessePrince's series of articles to everyone currently in Scientology. Upon reading thetranscripts, even the most hardened Scientologists will have powerful doubts aboutwhether they have been profoundly and cruelly deceived.Complete, uncensored transcripts available at...http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/jesse_tapes.html 
3Tape 1, August 16, 1998Lawrence Wollersheim and Jesse PrinceL: Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Today is the 16th of August, 1998. This isLawrence Wollersheim, about 5:00 in the afternoon, sitting with Jesse Prince. We’re justgoing to talk about his time in Scientology and ask him different things. And this is myvoice, the other voice will be Jesse’s.J: The voice he’s referring to is this one right here.L: OK. Tell me, the other day we were talking about Scientology tampering with judges.You mentioned that you had been interviewed by the FBI once before and that they hadasked you about it but you didn’t tell them what was going on. Were you in Scientology?J: Yes I was. I told them the truth as I understood it at that time.L: You told them what you knew at that time, the truth as you understood it at that time.It was concerning a tampering with a judge. What was that judge’s name?J: Judge Mary Anna Fouser.L: This was in a case?J: A RICO suit brought against David Mayo, the AAC. CSC and RTC brought theaction.L: What specifically did Scientology do to tamper with this judge, and if you can just tryto describe what your knowledge is, and who was involved in doing it and if you knowwhat they specifically did, or you don’t know what they did. Kind of, a person, an action,as much detail as you can have.J: What I would like to do is just start at the beginning. Any time a judge appears in acase in Scientology, good, bad, or indifferent, a common practice is to do an ODC,particularly if he’s a hostile judge, or is perceived to be a hostile judge. ODC meansovert data collection. What would happen is, you’d get some guys normally from OSAInvest, and they would go and get as much public record as they could about thatparticular judge.L: Could you state what OSA Invest is?J: Office of Special Affairs Investigation Unit. It’s kind of like a low scale FBIinvestigatory group that investigates enemies and critics of Scientology.

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