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Arts Grade 7

Arts Grade 7

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Published by Allan Palma Gil

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Published by: Allan Palma Gil on Oct 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IP INTEGRATIONContent Content Standards Performance Standards Learning Competencies IP Concepts IP Values
Drawing and paintingof the folk art motifs,designs found in artifactsof the cultural groups inLuzon, Visayas, Mindanao
organic, curvilinear geometric, linear nature-based hues; dyesprimary colors
secondary, tertiary colors
of colors,
shapes and lines.
appreciates thedistinctive designs, color schemes, figures andobjects coming from thecultural communities foundin the three island groups.
Luzon: weaving 
Abra,kalinga, Vakul, pahiyas,higantes, barong Visayas 
hablon,piyaya,Mindanao- kulintang,malong, torogan 
of the Spanish (400 yrs)and Americans (50 yrs)colonizers on Phil. cultureand lifeways (houses,churches, celebrations,education, food, dailyutensils, clothing,accessories
(paintings of churches and plazas; pictures of cottages at John Hay and Teachers Camp; Vigan, Taal,Batangas, Iloilo, Bacolod- these places still have well- preserved homes inspired by Spanish 
creates a AVpresentation with a groupthat compares the distinctartistic designs of artifactscoming from the differentcultural communities fromthe three island groups of the Philippines andexplains what inspired or influenced the design.visual report on theinfluences of the Spanishand the Americans in thearchitecture of thePhilippines, particularly inthe churches and thehouses around the plaza,and the distinct featuresfound in it. joins a group to do aresearch on the culture of some indigenouscommunities coming fromone island and creates anaudio-visual presentation(drawings, paintings) for the class.report on how theSpaniards and the Americans influenced theculture of the Filipinos,illustrations in a classpublication.plaza by drawing/paintingduring the Spanish timesand make a mural of this.IPs have the distinct &unique art form w/c wereuse, handed down fromgeneration to generation.[Dagmay & Dagum of theMandaya] Headdress.IPs have very rich artscrafts far various purpose &functions that is still veryuseful today.Indigenous dyes & colorsare discovered by IPs insearch of developing their craftsmanship.IPs have their owndistinctive geometricdesign patterned in their unique history & origin of that design.Preserve & promote IPsarts & craftPreservation &promotion of IPs artistichistory & sense.
IP INTEGRATIONContent Content Standards Performance Standards Learning Competencies IP Concepts IP Values
NEW MEDIAstill pictures- camera films- videoclip- videocam- cellphones- screen printing of design
Film is a series of scenes
in action; color sets mood
Principles: CONTRAST
is created when oppositesare combined: quiet colorsand loud colors; slowaction
and frantic movement.
realizes that still pictures,film and moving imageshave a visual language andartistic elements differentfrom still drawings andpaintingscan be told through a shortfilm with emphasis onimages, color and music or sound, with dialogue not anecessary component.(
Cinemalaya films; award winning TV ads; other awarded indie films by Ditsi Casimiro, etc)
record an event using acellphone and other recording devices, andthese can be shared withothers immediately.ginaldesign can be replicatedmany times through theuse of a duplicatingmachine.(
Team Manila designs of Phil. icons, maps, places 
Is able to make a shortstoryboard of the series of shots he is going to filmand the kind of shots hewill take, to be able to tellhis story.video productions andmovies and appreciates thedevelopment of thenarrative through differentshots employed, the use of visual clues and the use of color, music.-composed photos andanalyze its composition toshow balance, emphasisand proportion of shapesand lines.narrates a short story, anevent, a celebration, atragedy, using a camera,cellphone or videocam torecord it and present theevent.decisions about the angleof the shots, the kind of shots (close-up, long-shot,topshot,etc) and thecomposition of the shotswhile he is in the processof recording.events he recorded to tellhis story and presents itand allows his classmatesto critique his pictures or film.Is able to make a shortstoryboard of the series of shots he is going to takeand kind of shots, to beable to tell his story.video productions andmovies and appreciate thedevelopment of theCulture is dynamic. Itkeeps on changing due tosurvival valuePreservation of Indigenous Knowledge,System & Practices
for shirts, bags,hats,; Also Island Souvenirs design for different provinces)
narrative through differentshots, use of visual cluesand use of color, music.
IP INTEGRATIONContent Content Standards Performance Standards Learning Competencies IP Concepts IP Values
3D ASSEMBLAGECreation of:objects of Jun Yeeparts to create a musicinstrument LirioRal Arogantebuttons Wall hanging byChing Abad- bicycle parts -PicassoPutting up a Mini Museum
of found and naturalobjectsorganic and natural shapes
knows that modernsculptors and craftsmenuse any material in their environment to create a 3Dwork.indigenous groups, it iscommon to create musicalinstruments, pots andfishing and huntingweapons, weave cloths,construct houses,according to their owndistinct. designs using localmaterials.
Mt. Province 
bamboo based 
music instrumentsmetal gongs, Woven baskets for food, rice.
guitars, T’boli,
molded bells, jewelry,figurines.Tie-dye abaca tapestry.Maranaos-molded metal jars, gongs,weapons.
exhibits in hisassemblage that thematerial is not important,but the creativity andimagination of the artist increating an artisticassemblagecommunities, constructing.,carving, weaving andcreating what they need ispart of their lifestyle andmakes them self-sufficient.looks at his ownassemblage and those of others and he can judgewhich work is most creativeand at the same timeartistic.gathers material from hissurrounding that isconsidered trash, and witha group, recycles thismaterial to be part of an
plastic bottles, caps; tetra packs,straws, tin foil wrappers,etc..)
which will be acreative sculpture.actual 3D artifacts fromdifferent parts of thecountry and research on itssource, material, source of design, use, and
put up amini- museum
, whereeach artifact is displayedand labeled properly for students to appreciate.IPs have their own wayof creating things accordingto its functions & purpose Appreciate IPshandworks (eg. Sculpture& wood Carving)

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