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Convertoare de Putere Cu Circuite Rezonante D.alexa

Convertoare de Putere Cu Circuite Rezonante D.alexa

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Published by Radu Tant

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Published by: Radu Tant on Oct 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The electric power converters known mainly as electronic power converters, areequipment's interposed between the energetic sources and the consumers, heaving the role of converting the energy form and parameters according to the consumer's demands. Certainlythese conversions must be done with the highest possible efficiency in order to ensure theoptimal waveforms of voltage and current to the input and output of the converters.In this book, on the subject of power electronic converters the converters \\ithresonant circuits are intensely analyzed because these converters are widely applied all overthe world due to their reduced commutation losses, by smaller prices and dimensions and atthe same time by less severe problems of electromagnetic interference and all theseadvantages because the resonant pulses' slopes have the du/dt lower than those of converters \vith hard commutation.The present work was conceived in order to serve to a large number of electrotechnic,electronic and automatic engineers and students, for those who want to be initiated, those whodesign, manufacture and keep in good condition of work these converters.The first chapter is surveying some specific problems of the power semiconductordevices, with special references to gate turn off thyristors (GTO), MOSControlled Thyristor(MCT), Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and so on.The second chapter is treating the quasiresonant dc-dc power converters. From thiscategory, the buck and boost types were presented, with a wide variety of applications in orderto obtain new s\:vitched-mode power supplies, monophased rectifier with high power factorand sinusoidal input current, feeding systems for the electrical vehicles, uninterruptible power"supplies, etc.The third chapter is presenting the monophased inverters heaving in \iew theresonant parallel or series circuits, used mainly for induction heating installations workingwith frequencies starting vl'ith some kHz to some tens of kHz.An active power filter circuit used to compensate the high energy current harmonicsexisting in the triphasic networks, is described in the fourth chapter. A combined filter systemis proposed, a combination between an inverter of low power and sine passive filters \\ithcapacitors cOlmected in parallel with some diodes, a system that ensures the limitation of theapplied voltage on these capacitors at a maximum value, which is 2 or 3 times lower than thatencounted to the classical passive filters with series LC circuits. On the same principle isproposed the making of some reactive power compensators \\lith gradual s"itch capacitors insteps.Further on, in the fifth chapter, the monophased inverters \\lith connected capacitorson the dc bus are treated serving for perfornting zero voltage switch. The variant inverter \\itch load connected in parallel with the resonant inductance, presented in this chapter, is aninteresting alternative to the inverters described in chapter three.Some resonant circuits to perform the zero voltage s\\litch, endowed with capacitorsfor limiting the tension on dc bus of the converters are presented in chapter six.Finally, the seventh chapter presents the PSPICE simulation of some powerconverters "ith resonant circuits, namely of quasiresonant type dc-dc, and of the monophasedinverter with connected capacitors on dc bus serving in promoting zero voltage ,,"witch.
Lucrare editata in cadrul programuluiJEP 09737 cu sprijinul financiar alEC TEMPUS
Bucure~ti, 1998

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