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Boffo the Elephant and the Dramas of Gretchen Lock

Boffo the Elephant and the Dramas of Gretchen Lock



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Published by Devon Pitlor
A journey into the horrors of the unreal
A journey into the horrors of the unreal

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Oct 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Boffo The Elephant and The Dramas of GretchenLock 
by Devon Pitlor
I. In the "panoramic" parking lot of Home FestivalOn an indeterminate date somewhere in the second decade of the Twenty-FirstCentury, in a Time that was neither morning nor evening, day nor totallynight, sunny-bright nor totally cloudy--- a sturdy, able-bodied twenty-threeyear old college senior at Crest Ridge University was driving his late modelFord 150 pickup around a vast parking lot filled with every sort of ploddingshopper imaginable. The parking lot was filled to capacity with vehicles. andthe back and forth motions of the multitudinous shoppers made navigation of its passageways almost impossible. Far, far in the distance, the huge box storeHome Festival loomed in the shoulder-high mist of what at times seemed to bea warm but yet oddly chilly winter's day when piles of snow were rapidlymelting in places and just as rapidly freezing in others and dirty slush lined thecaravan routes of the streaming patrons as they formed endless lines leadingboth in and out of the distant store. Some were dressed for winter weather, asit may have been winter indeed. Others wore clam diggers and short pantsaround their bulging girths. Most seemed fat or at least beyond any aestheticweight parameters. Many wore stocking caps, and few were attired in red andwhite Christmassy garments. From the speaker system which dominated thehuge parking lot, a confusing mixture of Christmas and summery tunes raspedout, as if emanating from scratchy 33 RPMs or at least very worn CDs. Thesteely gray slate sky was almost as low as the tops of the cars, vans and SUVsthat enclosed the seemingly inaccessible store--which could be glimpsed only inthe void, so great was the extent of the massive parking lot. It was hard to tellwhether it was a happy day or not because of the unreadable faces displayed
on the legions of shoppers, but the young man did not care.His was a frenzied goal. He needed to find a parking space up close to thestore, and this despite the vigor and health of his young body. Locating such aspace was his sole obsession. He knew that for sure. It was one of the onlythings he knew with confidence. The other was the reason. His aim was topurchase a wood chipper---for reasons unknown at that moment even tohimself. He would need a close-in parking slot for that end. Other than thesetwo over-riding notions, the young man's mind was blank, consumed like afriable vacuum by two thoughts alone: Find a convenient parking place andbuy a gas powered wood chipper. He did not know, question or remember thereasons why.And so he circulated again and again around the immensity of the parkingspace, which was larger than any such terrain that he had ever seen in his life.He navigated anxiously behind the slowly ruminating crowds, the carelesschildren and the slow-moving trucks and seemed to make no measurableprogress whatsoever.The young man's name was Elijah Foxton, and he was a lifelong resident of The Enclave, a subdivision on the better side of Eaglesmont. He had no clearmemories of ever having been to Home Festival before for any reason at all. InThe Enclave, home improvement tasks were usually the sole business of paidentrepreneurs, and during his twenty-three years of life, Elijah had never paidthese much attention nor did he need to.Again his only clear thought was to find a close-in parking space and buy awood chipper. Elijah did not even know what a wood chipper looked like andonly had a vague notion of what it was used for. Chipping wood, he thoughtdismissively, not pursing the fractured logic any farther. In front of him rolledthe titanic backsides of women dragging children and clutching the arms of 
their husbands or boyfriends. All of these impeded Elijah's forward motion.In a state of hazy but definite desperation, Elijah wove his fingers around thesteering wheel of his truck. His knuckles, he noticed, were turning white. Hehad been driving around far too long, but exactly how long he could not beginto say. In fact, he had never driven in one place so long in his life. Since dayand night did not seem to exist and there was no sun in sight, Elijah could onlyconjecture at how long he had been circulating. It may have been days...butno, that was not possible. Or was it?A parking place and a wood chipper. These filled nearly all the empty places inElijah's wits like gas balloons blown out of proportion which nudged everyother reasonable concern into unimportant and inaccessible mental crevasses.The only other remarkable thing about Elijah's continued and hopelesstrajectory was that his crotch and genitals were growing patently painful, assince the start of his quest, he had maintained a huge and vibrating erection,which, though pleasant at first, had lasted too long and for no good reason andnow was making his entire genital region feel taut, stretched and swollen. Hemanaged to wonder at times about the prolonged erection, why he had it, whatit meant. He had seen no girls of his class or age that might have provoked it.In fact, most of the shoppers who surrounded his truck in its dawdling andfruitless progress were obese and ungainly. There was no reason for alingering erection here. But then again, the obsession remained: the parkingspace and the all-important wood chipper. He had to get them. Parking at adistance from the mammoth store was not an option. Buying a wood chippersomewhere else was not either.And so as he laboriously trundled his truck in first gear through the trails of slush and processions of shoppers, Elijah felt frustrated and confused that hisentire life, which he considered rich and abundant up to this point, had come

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1 hundred reads
Devon Pitlor added this note
Thanks again to all those who have read, liked and commented. More tales to come.
Dani89Z added this note
The plot involvement is superb. Complex and logical. Scary as hell idea. Great images as usual. Believable characters faced with an issue that can't ever be solved.
AlisonAmes added this note
Creepy idea that this girl can control so much. Do we need to wonder where she went last of all and did what?
Nartan89 added this note
Reading circle chose this again as Number One. Complicated but great!
Lopezboy added this note
Blizzard scene really sticks in your mind and also the ending.
Chris V. added this note
Disoriented world...right from the start. A conversation starter. What if it could and does happen? Then what is real or not real?
Brandon Freel added this note
Best read of the month! Unique idea. Another wow!
Devon Pitlor liked this
Devon Pitlor liked this

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