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Published by san_2000

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Published by: san_2000 on Oct 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sage Bhrighu’s Blessings
BySaptarishis Astrology
Readership Level: Basic To Advanced
ith Obeisance toLord Ganapati, tobeloved Jupiterwho is the Cause of  Goodness in our lives. We submit this technique at the holy feet of SageBhrighu, the founder of Bhrighu astrology, the greatest one who no doubt ismost beloved for showing us all that we do not know astrology yet. May he bless us tonot have hatred towards anyone.
B S P - 18
BSP rule is where Jupiter sits it also gives effects in the 69
year of one’s life for
that house
It is difficult to get charts of natives who have crossed 69 years of age and yet doremember the events specifically, hence we have been able to test this technique on onlyfew charts and thus readers are requested to test it aggressively before accepting it. In thisarticle we would also take up charts with Moon Sign as Asc and show the applicability of BSP which we have not shown before.One thing that BSP has taught us is to think out of the box and the more our basics arestrong the more we can use BSP. At the same time BSP like any other new technique
requires one to shed old habits before it is accepted. BSP techniques though very simpleare truly effec
t in being a ‘Bridge’ to the Predictive astrologer and remains a mere
technique to the non predictive one. To the predictive astrologer it acts as a bridge andpoints you at the year and the house which is going to give result, out of the manysignifications of the house it is the smart astrologer who can use it as a super fine tool toidentify what exactly would have happened. Finally we must say something that we havenot said before that BSP can be the most powerful tool in rectifying a birth chart in thehands of an experienced astrologer.Let us take few examples and see how BSP 19 of Jupiter giving effect in the 69
year isplaying out.
Chart 1 : K N Rao, Astrologer
Now see Jupiter is sitting in the 10H of knees in the sign of Cancer who is the naturalhouse of 
home, it is the 3
lord of mobility and 6L of diseases of feet as Pisces isnatural sign of feet. Additionally some take Jupiters aspect on the 4H as the probabilityof diabetes or obesity. See as per the BSP rule Jupiter will give one of its effect in the 69
 year. We asked him....Rao Saheb,Would you remember by any chance any significant event that happened in your 69
 year of life which would be from Oct 1999 to Oct 2000.
SA, (name deleted)I used to tell my classes in 1998 that the year 2000 was the year of my illness. It was donethrough my version of Mandook Dasha as outlined by Sitaram Jha.In 2000, at the age of 69 when I was away in Lucknow suffering from diabetic neuritis of legsand was on walker for next nine months, my students remembered my prediction.In transit, if you are progressing Jupiter and its entering the house where Rahu is placed, thisworks in some cases but cannot be generalised. K.C .Saxena used to do it with more than eightypercent failures.Let me know your theory and let me see if I can add or modify it and help you..KNRao.
Thus you can see that Jupiter in the 69
year acted as the 6L of diseases and gave him adisease of the legs for nearly nine months.
Chart 2: Rupert Murdoch, Media Baron
 Jup is the 4L (important for marriage) aspected by Saturn & Moon, Saturn is 2L of family and itself denotes change and Moon is the 8L of sustenance of marriage and alsoindicator of change. Jupiter sits in the 7H of wife/marriage and the 69
year would befrom March 1999 to March 2000. Now in the 69
year he divorced his 2
wife and within17 days married his 3
wife on June 25
1999 which comes in the 69
year andincidentally he was running Jup/Jup.

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