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Zoa Report F 2012 Low

Zoa Report F 2012 Low

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Published by cartalucci
Zionist Organization of America 2012 Annual Report
Zionist Organization of America 2012 Annual Report

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Published by: cartalucci on Oct 21, 2012
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Founded 1897 
Zionist Organization of America
Cong. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)
Chair, House Foreign Affairs Committee
Dr. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz Award
Glenn Beck
Media Superstar, TV/Radio Host Author, 6 NY Times Bestsellers
 Adelson Defender of Israel Award
Cong. Michele Bachmann (MN)
Presidential Candidate
Dr. Miriam Adelson
Distinguished Physician
 Adelson Defender of Israel Presenter 
Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu
 Video Address to ZOA
Sheldon Adelson
Renowned Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
 Adelson Defender of Israel Presenter 
Upcoming ZOA DC Mission–April 25
ZOA People: Dr. Ben Chouake
ZOA Student Leadership Israel Trip
PA & Iran Clerics Call for Murdering Jews
Secretary of Defense Panetta Criticizes Israel
NY Times Friedman Writes Anti-Semitic Column
SPRING 2012 
has aproud and deserved reputation for telling the simple truth,whether popular or not. Remember, truth is not a politicalposition. We take positions that are unpopular or contraryto received wisdom if we believe the situation warrants it.The Obama Administration’s policy of engaging, strengthen-ing and legitimizing the extreme, jihadist Muslim Brother-hood in Egypt is an example of this: contrary to what theObama Administration has said about the Muslim Brother-hood being responsible, democratic, or non-threatening, the
ZOA rmly believes that the U.S. should not engage it.
It didn’t require the gift of prophecy to foresee that theMuslim Brotherhood would make great strides in the wake of the Hosni Mubarak regime.Contrary to its internationalimage, Egyptian society isnot moderate. A 2010 Pewpoll found that Egyptianswould like to see shariahlaw instituted: 82% of Egyptians want adulterersstoned, 77% want thievesto be whipped and theirhands amputated and 84%favor the death penaltyfor Muslims who change
religion. A 2007 University
of Maryland survey showedthat 67% of Egyptiansfavor the re-establishmentof a single, Islamic state,or Caliphate, while 74%favored strict application of 
Dramatic Changein Egypt
Sharia law in every Islamic
country.For these reasons, we
opposed U.S. efforts last
year to push the regime off the stage and replace it withwhatever emerged in newelections. Not because we’reopposed to democracy; quitethe contrary: in a societylike Egypt that has knownonly autocracy and Islamism,we fully expected that earlyelections would see anti-democratic forces like theMuslim Brotherhood growand in time gain power.
Unfortunately, the
Obama Administrationembarked on policies thathave helped bring aboutthis result. Already in June2009, Obama invited theparliamentary bloc of theBrotherhood, then a bannedparty, to attend his Cairospeech.The Brotherhood’snature and history are notsecrets. It was founded in1928 by Hassan Al-Banna.Before and during WorldWar Two, it collaborated
President's MessageAround the Countrywith Morton KleinZOA Brandeis AwardDinnerZOA Center for Lawand JusticeZOA GovernmentRelations DepartmentZOA Brandeis AwardDinner PicturesZOA CampusActivism NetworkStudent LeadershipMission to IsraelZOA PeopleDr. Ben ChouakeZOA Israel/JewishNews Items
ZOA Israel Ofce
ZOA Around theCountry
Published by the
Zionist Organization of America
 Jacob and Libby Goodman ZOA House4 East 34th Street,New York, NY 10016Phone (212) 481-1500Fax (212) 481-1515Email: email@zoa.org Website: www.zoa.org 
Morton A. Klein
National President 
Dr. Michael Goldblatt
Chairman of the Board
Dr. Alan Mazurek 
Chairman, National Advisory Council
Henry Schwartz
David Drimer 
National Executive Director 
 Josh Teplow,
 Art Director 
Morton A. Klein
President,Zionist Organizationof America
A 2010 Pew poll found that Egyptians would like tosee shariah law instituted: 82% of Egyptians wantadulterers stoned, 77% want thieves to be whippedand their hands amputated and 84% favor the deathpenalty for Muslims who change religion.
with Nazi Germany.Its leading intellectual
gure, Sayyid Qutb, is theinspiration for Al Qaeda
and other Islamist terroristmovements. The Palestinianbranch of the Brotherhood,Hamas, is a blood-soakedterrorist organization whichcalls in its charter for thedestruction of Israel and theworldwide murder of Jews.The Muslim Brotherhoodplatform, leaked in August2007, calls for jihad, states
that “Islam is the ofcial
state religion and Islamicsharia is the main source forBrotherhood.”
In the rst round of 
Egyptian elections inDecember, the Brotherhood,operating as the Freedom & Justice Party (FJP) captured37% of the vote, while otherradical Islamists attracteda further 25% - an Islamist
majority. Upcoming rounds
of votes look likely to
conrm or augment this
strong Islamist showing.All of which increasesthe likelihood of thenew eventual Egyptiangovernment abrogatingthe 1979 Egyptian/Israeli
Why, then, is the U.S.,
which has given Egypt over$40 billion over 30 years insupport of the peace treaty,legitimizing and engaginga jihadist, misogynistmovement intent onconsigning the peace treatyto the ash heap?Ahead of the Decemberelections, the Brotherhoodstruck from its Englishwebsite bylaws calling for“establishing the Islamicstate,” or caliphate. Andafter Osama bin Laden waskilled, it issued praise inEnglish. But it also containsobligations that theGovernment of Egypt hasundertaken.”It is inexcusable to claimextremists are moderateswhile assisting them intotaking power. Yet PresidentObama is doing just that.The ZOA has publiclyurged the ObamaAdministration to warnEgypt that abrogating theEgyptian/Israeli peace treaty,under which Egypt receives
U.S. aid, will lead to thetermination of U.S. aid. Egyptis a recipient of massive U.S.
aid for one reason only- because it concluded apeace agreement with Israel.Had it not done so, it wouldnever have received over$40 billion of aid from the
U.S. taxpayer.
We have also urged Israelto make it clear to Cairothat, in the event that Egyptabrogates the treaty, Israelwill no longer be bound byits terms and will consider
retaking the Sinai and its
Israeli-developed oil-wells.The peace treaty is a legal,contractual undertaking. It isboth absurd and unthinkablethat Egypt can abrogate thepeace treaty, yet retain all of what it gained by signing it,while Israel is deprived of allit gained under the treaty..With Zionist greetings,Morton A. KleinNational President
legislation.” It stipulates thatthe president and legislativebranch will be advised byclerics who must approvedecisions and that non-Muslims will be barred fromthe presidency, which is alsoheld to be unsuitable forwomen.Yet, absurdly, PresidentObama’s National Intell-igence director, JamesClapper, said that the groupis “largely secular” and notparticularly extreme whileanother Obama adviser,Bruce Riedel, argued thatAmerica “should notbe afraid of the Muslimtreaty. In recent weeks, thedeputy leader of the MuslimBrotherhood, Rashad al-Bayoumi, said regarding thepeace treaty that, “To me, itisn’t binding at all... On nocondition will we recognizeIsrael. It is an enemy entity.”Last year, the Brother-hood leader, MuhammadBadi’, spoke enthusiasticallyof jihad and called for astate based on Islamic law.He also spoke optimistically
about the U.S. heading for a
collapse. Also last year, too,Bayoumi emphasized theobjective of abrogating theEgyptian-Israeli peace treaty.statements in Arabicdecrying his “martyrdom”and condemning his“assassination.”Yet, the ObamaAdministration pretendsthat gentle words in English
conrm its moderate,
democratic credentials.It hears what it want tohear and ignores whatit doesn’t, contentingitself, in the words of the
State Department, with
“assurances from theparty with regard to theircommitment not only touniversal human rights,but to the international

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