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The Mysteries of the 12 Supreme and Divine Names of Allah

The Mysteries of the 12 Supreme and Divine Names of Allah

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Published by mrpahary
The 12 divines Names of Allah described and their meaning
The 12 divines Names of Allah described and their meaning

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Published by: mrpahary on Oct 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mysteries of the 12 Supreme and Divine Names of Allah
Laa ilaaha illallaahThere is no god except Allah
There is no god except AllahThere is no deity except AllahThere is no Nafs except AllahThere is no Qalb except AllahThere is no
except AllahThere is no purification except AllahThere is no progress except AllahThere is no spirituality except AllahThis invocation is useful in the annihilation of oneself rendering the person and the specificsection null and void in the presence of Allah.A state of Fanaa.It is vital at the Nafs section.2
AllahProper name: Allah
Allah is Ismul A'zam
The greatest name containing divine attributesHe is the cause of all existenceHe does not resemble any of His creationNothing else can assume this name or share itHe is the supreme, the One above everythingHe is the Creator and the UnseenHe is the Secret of secretsThis invocation of this Name will bring theremembrance of the proper name Allah in the heartof the zaakir and to make him remember who Allahis.It is vital at the Ruh section.3
Allah is He who is HeAllah is the OneAllah is AloneAllah is independentAllah is directly concernedAllah can
t be forgottenHis presence is absoluteThis invocation goes directly to the heart of theZaakir as reminding him that Allah is He andthere is no one else. The zaakir can achieveany stage but it is HE who has made himreached this height. There is He, He and Healone.It is vital at the Qalb section.4
HaqqThe Truth
The one suitable to the requirements of wisdom, justice, truth or factto be in accord with the needs of the situationto be true, right, correct, just, properto be genuine, authentic, real, soundto be established, confirmed as factto be necessary, requisite, justifiedto happen without doubt or uncertaintyThe invocation of this Name will bring Truth andsecrets in the heart of the zaakir. The lost state orforgotten aspects of the reality of the soul will bereturned to the heart of the zaakir in form of light of Truth.It is vital at the Qalb, Khafi and Akhfa sections.5
HayyThe Living
The One who is undying, everlasting.The One who is eternally whole and sound.The One Life from whom all life arises.to live, to be livingto become apparent, distinctto animate, to reviveto vitalize, to call into beingto be whole, soundto call, summon, invite, hastenThis invocation will heal the sick heart andwill bring eternal life in the remembrance of the heart of the zaakir. It will revive the hearttowards Allah.It is vital at the Sirr section.6
The Self-Subsisting
The One who is free of any dependence on anythingelse for existence.The One through whom all things arise.to stand up, to rise up, to ascend, become highto begin, to start, to come to passto arise, to set outto be on-going, to existto be founded, to be built onto undertake, to carry out, to manageto make aright, straighten out, accurate, exactto make righteous, uprightThis invocation will bring honour and dignity,wealth crushing all laziness of the Nafs and heart.The zaakir heart will be illuminated with the secretsof Allah.It is vital at the Sirr section.

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