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Africans & Americans Lost History

Africans & Americans Lost History



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Published by essatheking
complete chapter 3 of my manuscript,
complete chapter 3 of my manuscript,

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Published by: essatheking on Jan 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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`****Africans & Americans Lost History****~Chapter 3THE GREAT ZIMBABWEWhen anthropologists were asked who built the city of Great Zimbabwe, theyboldly, stated nobody knows who built it or why it was built.In introducing the concept of development in Zimbabwe and trying to describewhat its early culture was all about. One of the paradoxes in studying the earlyperiods of Africa is it cannot be fully comprehended without first deepening ourknowledge of Africa in general. To better understanding the complexities ofAfrica’s development, we must have a clear understanding of Africa history as awhole and this can only be done when we really know the truth of Africa;shistory. Than and only than will we be able to do intensive studies of theAfricanslost history and glorious past. Let us look at the kind of myths told about Zimbabwe during the fourteenthcentury and up until this passed twentieth century. When the city of GreatZimbabwe was first discovered, it was more of a norm for archaeologists todisregard the African people that lived there, so that knowledge of its peoplewerebeing projected as an under developed society.The term “Zimbabwe” is being used here to designate the African Zambezi andLimpopo tribe’s culture covering the territories that were once calledMozambique and Rhodesia. Mozambique was first called Monomotapa when theEuropeans first came there. The word Rhodesia came from the early explorerwhose name was Cecil Rhodes. The writers of history, had no interest in writing preceding the Europeansarrivalon the continent of Africa, Gold, copper mining and city building flourished inZimbabwe’s society. The most characteristic feature was the building of a largestone circular structure and city made entirely out of ganite stone, both of whichis referred to collectively, as Great Zimbabwe. The myths of Zimbabwe andAfrica in general were spreading around the world. Many of the myths came fromnews reports from special journalists and agents sent to Africa. From the manynegative myths of Africa, from the early historians records and books. One stands23The Great Zimbabweout and is quite obvious where the facts of covering up Africans true identity wasadmitted, a German Egyptologist by the name of Richard Lepsisu in the midnineteenth century AD 1842.In his book entitled: discoveries in Egypt pg.117. He gives this explanation as tohow archaeologists ignore who the real and original Egyptians are, he says thebone structure of the ancient Egyptians are purely African and belongs to aNegroid race of people or an African ethnic group of people.He said this is why some anthropologists say so little about the otology of the
original Egyptians, scientists hide the truth the original Egyptians were ofAfricanorigin, since Europeans first encountered the ruins of the Great Zimbabwe city ithas been the focus of ideological concern and conflict.They are unwilling to believe sub-saharan Africans could have built such astructure, adventurers and ideologues long claimed the ruins a mystery, theorizingancient Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, or Hebrews created the structures. In fact, aEuropean writer by the name of Tingay points out, since archaeologist GertrudeCaton-Thompson excavations in 1932, it has been widely known that GreatZimbabwe is truly of Africa and less than 1000 years old, nevertheless, the WhiteRhodesians, whose ideology proclaimed the land empty of people and culturebefore they arrived, tried to rewrite history asserting an African genesis forZimbabwe was tantamount to treason, after the Liberation war in the 60’s thenew nation, discarded the name Cecil Rhodes and Europeans gave it,Mozambique and Rhodesia, looking to the past to their African roots and culturethey choose to re-name the state, Zimbabwe which is what it is called this presentday.Who would disagree that there wasn’t a cover up when it came to writing specificfacts about Africa history.Proof of this cover up was unveiled when the ruins of the great city of Zimbabwewas first discovered in the fourteenth century, the original people foundedZimbabwe in AD 600. These were the only people living there at the time of itsdiscovery, they later became mixed African tribes. The first founders were theKaranga of whom we call Bantu today, they were the ancestors to the present dayShona people later the Hottentots, Khoisans and Zulu inhabited the area, they24The Great Zimbabwewere the only Africans that had migrated there from eastern and western Africasouth of the Sahara. It was and still exists as the only city in the world made out of blocks ofgranite,the same type stones found inside the great pyramids in Gaza. The stones wereplaced one on the other with exact precision. Its a miracle the structure standsthispresent century, sadly neither structure was placed on the list of the worldgreatestwonders, paleontologists and anthropologists should have a field day with thesetwo amazing discoveries, during my research when I called different scientificinstitutes. I asked them directly, who built the city of Great Zimbabwe, they allsaid, no one knows who built it and some even went as far as to say no one knowswhy it was built, all of these so-called experts with degrees in the study ofancientarchaeology.All these scholars of the world, historians and sociologists conspire that thereisn’t any evidence of who built the city of Great Zimbabwe and the large circularstructure, they all claim they don’t know how it came into existence this let meknow its a white conspiracy. I say white since it all came from so-called whitescientists response.The truth of the matter is they have a white inferiority complex. I think they
areafraid of big black ugly blackmen, there is a white conspiracy to cover up thetruth of Africans history. I’ll take it a step further and say it also reflectson theirmental state of mind even in this 21st century, it shows them wanting to stillcontinue to promote a “white supremacy ideology due to their white inferioritycomplex.When an early explorer by the name of Cecil Rhodes heard of the gold mines insoutheast Africa he sent his brigands to Zimbabwe to rob and steal all they couldmanage to carry out of the country, including the native people of Zimbabwewhom he intended to put on the slave trade market to be sold as slaves.When his expedition and other European agents arrived in Zimbabwe they couldnot help but marvel in wonderment at the surviving ruins of what were once theGreat Zimbabwe city and culture. Automatically and subconsciously, withouthaving evidence or proof, they assumed right there on the spot that it had been25The Great Zimbabwebuilt by European people who may have lived there before they arrived, in this21st century they still have the tendency to look at its achievements with a senseof wonder but not as an outgrowth of the Africans social development, theKaranga tribes,of whom we call Bantu tribes were the first people to inherit theland of Zimbabwe, they later formed two groups one became the Zambezi tribeand the other were called the Limpopo tribe, they are ancestors to the Shonatribeswho reside in the areas this present day these African tribes constructed thecircular structure and city they are the founders who formed the first RozwiMutapa empire in the region.The cyclopean structure was referred to as a temple by the Karanga tribes at thetime it existed it served religious purposes, even with this scanty evidence itsobvious the great importance of this African society was the religious aspects ofserving the individual and what is closely, tied to a form of social development,the ruling class the Mwene empire, were known to have oracles of the people,some of their religious rituals included objects that were symbolic of cattle,suchas horns, bones, tail fans as is found in the interlace kingdoms like todayBunyoroKaragwe tribes of southern Africa one can only guess that the rituals symbolizedthe dominance of owners of cattle, as some tribes today pay respect to thepre-existing idea of cultivating cattle and herding, in order to effect a stablesynthesis.What is distinguish about Great Zimbabwe culture and city is it use of graniterocks the entire city was built from it, built on a granite hill of flaked orgroundedgranite, it should be called the most famous site of surviving stone ruins in theworld, it is located north of the river Sabi in eastern Zimbabwe, some of theprincipal structures or features of Great Zimbabwe society were the walls.Whichraised to about 30 feet high, 20 inches thick and estimated at over 950 meters inlength and 1200 meters in width. The technique of laying bricks with lime ascement.The styles of encircling brick walls are characteristically, African it isdescriptiveof how the kraals are enclosed the same way the roofs are built in a circle on topof the grass and mud huts as the African Bantu tribes build their huts in Tanzaniathis present day one European archeologist said although he did not know whobuilt it said, there was as much labor extended in building the Great Zimbabwe

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