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The Rites and Worship of the Jews.

The Rites and Worship of the Jews.

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE RITES AD WORSHIP OF THE JEWS.BY ELISE W. GILESCOTETS.PAGEPREFACE 7ITRODUCTORY 9PART I.HOLY PLACES AD PERSOS.CHAP.I.— The Outer Court of the Tabernacle 19II.— The Holy Place 26III.— The Priesthood 40IV.— Other Holy Persons: azirites. Vows 58PART II.HOLY WORSHLP.L— Sacrifices 67II.— Burnt Offering; Meat Offering; Drink Offering .. 78III.— Peace Offerings 88IV.— Sacrifices for Sins committed : Sin Offering ; Tres-pass Offering 93V.— Rites for Special Occasions; 108VI.— The Liturgical Ritual: Benediction, Prayer, and
Praise 120PART III.HOL Y SEASOS.CHAP. PAGEI. — The Day, Week, and Month 125II.— Annual Feasts and Fasts 130III.— The Passover, and Feast of Unleavened Bread .. 134IV. — The Feast of Weeks : or Pentecost 144V.— The Great Yearly Fast: The Day of Atonement .. 149VI.— The Feast of Tabernacles 158APPEDIX.— I. 'Comparative Religion' 165II. ew Testament Priesthood and Sacrifice 167ALPHABETICAL IDEX 170ILLUSTRATIOS.Boards and Bars of the Tabernacle 27Interior of the Sanctuary 29The Candlestick, or Lampstand 31Table of Shewbread 36Ark and Mercy-Seai 38The Sign of Aaron's Aitoiniment 44High Priestly Costume 51
PREFACE.' rT^HE ew Testament is hidden in the Old ; the Old is _1_ made clear in the ew.' In the light of this deepsaying of Augustine, the modern study of the Old Testamentis largely and wisely conducted ; especially of those partswhich have to do with the institutes of Worship and Sacrifice.An accurate acquaintance with these institutes, especially asthey stand recorded in the antique and often perplexing book of Leviticus, will throw much light on the teachings of theew Covenant, and will perhaps save the thoughtful studentfrom many mistakes. In particular, he will be able to considerfor himself the extraordinary hypotheses that the national lifeof Israel was developed and consolidated without the Law,and that the account of the Tabernacle and its worship is ' merelyan ideal picture of the Babylonian exiles, a reflection of Solo-mon's Temple projected backwards by a vivid fancy upon thedistant canvas of Hebrew mythology.' To examine thesetheories is in no way the purpose of the present volume ; thereader will find the question amply discussed in more directlycontroversial works. 1 It will be sufficient for the end now inview, if a careful and accurate exposition of the Leviticalordinances shall incidentally disclose the harmony of thesystem with the state of things in which it professedly hadits origin, and its consistency, as standing in the forefront of Israel's history, with all subsequent developments of the1 Among the briefer recent discussions of the subject may be mentionedThe Genuineness of the Pentateuch, by the Rev. R. Wheler Bush, M.A., andThe Mosaic Authorship and Credibility of the Pentateuch, by the Dean of Canterbury (o. 15, Present Day Tracts).8 PREFACE.national life. The reader will with new assurance accept thedeclaration that the Lord spake by Moses, and that the' pattern of things in the heavens ' was verily showed to thegreat Lawgiver ' in the Mount.'It will "be observed that the nation is spoken of here, as inthe other volumes of the series, under the appellation of ' TheJews.' To insist upon retaining the name ' Israel ' or ' Israel-ites ' until the time of the national disruption, would have

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