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The Break

The Break

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Published by Greg Phipps

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Published by: Greg Phipps on Oct 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The BreakByGreg Phipps
Scene 1: Greg introduces himself, and announces it’s thelast day of school. Greg: My name’s Greg Phillips and thisis The Bre-- [Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da by The Beatles]Scene 2: Greg walks around the halls, and finds some girls.He asks if they’re gonna come to his party. They awkwardlyreject him. He walks off.Scene 3: Greg flips off his teacher, and tells him off.Scene 4: Greg and Cameron drive away from the school for thelast time.Scene 5: Greg drives with Cameron to go buy some pot, theyargue.Scene 6: Greg finds his drug dealer contact, it turns out tojust be a black guy.Scene 7: Cameron complains to Greg in the car.Scene 8: Cameron and Greg play video games, and discuss themasculinity of C3P0Scene 9: Greg makes fun of Cameron for reading.Scene 10: Greg interrupts Cameron watching Bindlestiffs, andsuggests they go on a road trip.Scene 11: Greg and Cameron drive in the car. The car breaksdown.Scene 12: Greg and Cameron wait on Triple A, and discusstheir love lives.Scene 13: Greg and Cameron decide to have a party, andinvite tons of people.Scene 14: The night of the party, no one shows up except forDarla, a really dorky girl.Scene 15: Darla cuddles on the couch with Cameron, and he’sreally uncomfortable with it.Scene 16: Cameron is shown scrubbing his hands, and Gregpatronizes him for not getting laid.Scene 17: Greg finds porn in Cameron’s room, they argueabout it. Greg decides Cameron needs a girlfriend.Scene 18: Greg and Cameron go to a party and try to pick upchicks. Greg hits on Cameron’s sister unknowingly. Gregintroduces Cameron to a gay guy as a joke, Cameron getsfreaked out and they leave.
2.Scene 19: Cameron patronizes Greg for hitting on his sister.Scene 20: They go to a fair, and Cameron is afraid ofheights, they leave.Scene 21: Greg and Cameron drive back, and get lost. Theyspend the night in their car, and realize they’re at thebeach.Scene 22: Greg and Cameron drive and rock out to ComeTogether by The Beatles.Scene 23: Greg and Cameron have a discussion about what wasreally in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction over dinner.Scene 24: Greg and Cameron go swimming recreationally, andit is discovered that Cameron can not swim.Scene 25: Greg decides to make a short film on an extremelylow budget with the documentary crew’s help about a boy whohas cancer, but due to a radiation in his chemo treatment,he gets superpowers and becomes Cancer Boy.Scene 26&27: Greg shooting the film at different locations.Scene 28: Greg premieres the movie for Cameron, and itsucks.Scene 29: The movie within a movie, lasts 6 minutes.Scene 30: Cameron tells Greg that it sucks, and they argueScene 31: Greg and Cameron get in a fist fight, Greg getspunched in the face and they stop.Scene 32: They have a heart-to-heart, and Greg reveals hepaid for the movie with his college money, and sinceCameron’s going to college, Greg’s afraid he won’t have afriend anymore once Cameron’s gone. Greg yells at Cameronfor never supporting him, and always shooting him down, andasks why they were ever friends in the first place. Cameronleaves.Scene 33: Greg is shown at a lemonade stand, trying to selllemonade in order to raise college funds. He isn’t sosuccessful at first, but after he implements a girl with bigboobs into the mix, he raises enough to get back what hespent on the documentary crew, plus $1K left over forspending money.Scene 34: Greg, trying to do productive things with hissummer, gets a longboard and crashes after going down a deephill.

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