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F.Sc Part 2nd English Novel Book (Balochistan Board Quetta) by Sajid Ali Baloch Gichki

F.Sc Part 2nd English Novel Book (Balochistan Board Quetta) by Sajid Ali Baloch Gichki



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3- Good-bye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton
3- Good-bye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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Published by: Sajid Ali Baloch Gichki on Oct 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3. Write a note on Brookfield (school).What kind of school Brookfield was? What do you learn ofEnglish public schools from it?
Brookfield was a Public School. It was situated in a verybeautiful piece of land. There was a large group of old palm trees andthe School building lay surrounded by those trees. It was an opencountryside and the school therefore had plenty of playing grounds.It was a very old foundation. It was, established in the 16th centuryduring the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It was a grammar school.Unfortunately it did not become as famous as Harrow or Eton atanytime in its history. In 18th century during the age of George I, themain building structure of Brookfield was built again.Mr. Wetherby had made it famous during the middle of 19thcentury. It was, nevertheless, a good school of the second rank. Hedied in 1870. Then came Mr. Meldrum who served from 1870 to1900. After him came Mr. Ralston who a very modern man and had arow with Mr. Chips. After Mr. Ralston, Mr. Chatteris came as theHeadmaster. He was also a modern man and made the schoolprogressed. He died in April 1918. Next head, after the end of temporary headship of Mr. Chips, was Mr. Cartwright.In Brookfield like other public schools, the matters of disciplinewere taken seriously. The headmaster and the teachers tried tocontrol the boys as best as possible. Naughty students were punished.Different efforts were made to have good discipline in the class. Likeother public schools Latin and Greek languages were taught inBrookfield. Grammar was also taught with great care. ThusBrookfield was really a useful educational institution.Brookfield produced many famous men almost in every fieldof life. Members of the Parliament peer and bishop’s administratorsand judges, professional men and businessmen all sorts of people hadcome forth from Brookfield. It had a rather long list of old boys.When the1st World War broke out in 1914, it also contributedto the war effort. Quite a few of the teachers & students joined theArmed Forces. Many of them died for England. Its grounds were alsoused for training purposes. The School building was bombarded bythe enemy during the war but the teachers went on teaching & thestudents went on reading. Both during peace & war Brookfieldcontributed to the glory of England.
4. What contribution did Brookfield make to England?
Brookfield supplied a great number of educated people toserve England in every walk of life. Great politician and CivilAdministrators came out from the school. Knights and Bishops weregiven by the School to the Society. Judges and lawyers of repute hadread at this school. Professional people as well as businessmen alsocame out of the school. So people from this school served thecountry at the time of peace.Whenever there was a national emergency, the school cameforward to help the people. When the1st World War broke out in1914, it also contributed to the war effort. Quite a few of the teachers& students joined the Armed Forces. Many of them died for England.Its grounds were also used for training purposes. The School buildingwas bombarded by the enemy during the war but the teachers wenton teaching & the students went on reading. So Brookfield made agreat contribution to England during all the phases of national life.
5. Write a note on Mr. Chips as a teacher.
Mr. Chips had joined the Brookfield Public School in 1870 &served the institution, with a small break, up to 1918. Chips was not avery brilliant or intelligent person. He had not got any distinction as astudent. He taught ancient languages of Greek and Latin which wereconsidered dead languages during Victorian period. His method of teaching was old and his pronunciation was same. He was not ascholar in any way. So he could not become a teacher or headmasterat any famous first rate school.During his long stay at the Brookfield school, Mr. Chips hadbeen a very hardworking and honest teacher. He was a very studiousand intelligent teacher. He could not go to some other school becausehe had a moderate degree and no social background. However, hewas very happy at this school and worked with great labor. He was apainstaking teacher. He taught even during the bombardment at theschool building. He loved his students very much and treated them ina very amicable way. He cared enough for the discipline and wasenough hard but after his marriage with Katherine Bridges, hebecame lenient.He was an orthodox (traditional) teacher. He treated most of the problems of the school in a very wise way. He taught with such azeal and honesty that soon he became very popular among the staff as well as the students of the school & attained the position of theBrookfield Tradition. This is why he wins the row during theheadship of Mr. Ralston and it is due to the same reason that Mr.Chatteris asked him to join the staff once again during the time of World War I (1914 – 1918).
6. Describe the first encounter (meeting) between Mr. Chips &Katherine Bridges.How did Mr. Chips marry to Katherine Bridges?How did Mr. Chips fall in love with Katherine Bridges?Under what circumstances Mr. Chips married Katherine?
In 1896, Chips went to the Lake District with one hiscolleagues Mr. Rowden, during the summer vacation. He was thenforty eight years old. They were enjoying the trip but Mr. Rowdenhad to leave suddenly due to some family business. Mr. Chips did notwish to end his full of pleasure tour so soon. Therefore, he stayed onalone at Was dale Head, where he boarded in a small farmhouse.One day Mr. Chips was climbing on Great Gable. He saw agirl on a dangerous looking rock. She was waving her hand. Mr.Chips thought that perhaps she was in some difficulty and waswaving for help. He wrenched his ankle in a useless effort to helpher. The girl was in fact waving to a friend standing below to therock. Her name was Katherine Bridges. When she saw Chips fallingdown, she and her friend came to help Chips. He was surprised to seethat Katherine was an expert climber. Both the girls took chips to theplace where he was staying.It was an irony of fate that Mr. Chips was helped by the girlwhom he was going to help. Miss Bridges was twenty-five (25) whenshe met Mr. Chips who was forty-eight (48). As Katherine was-atrained nurse, so she visited chips quite often in the farmhouse. Sheused to come on her bicycle all alone, Katherine had long discussionswith chips on different topics. She expressed her views in favor of equality & freedom of women in society.Chips was much impressed by Katherine & he began liking her.Katherine also liked Chip’s delicate & serious attitude. They were somuch in love with each other that they married in London at the endof the summer vacations.
7. Write an account of Mr. Chips’s married life.
The married life of Mr. Chips was very short but veryimportant and impressive. He got married in 1896 & his wife,Katherine, died in 1898 in the case of a child birth. Thus, his marriedlife was limited to only 2 years.Mr. Chips had very poor opinion about women from thebeginning. He did not like at all the modern women of late Victorian

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