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BI Generals

BI Generals

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Published by skalpsolo
british israel
british israel

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: skalpsolo on Oct 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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American Fundamentalist ArmyGeneral Stumps for Israeland the ‘Kingdom of God onEarth’ Mission
 http://educate-yourself.org/cn/armygeneralstumpsforisrael17oct03.shtmlOctober 17, 2003http://www.theneworder.org/news/biblethumpinggeneral.htm 
Original TitleBible-thumping general off on a crusade for Israel
 Combined news services Friday, October 17, 2003WASHINGTON—He believes that Islam is an idolatrous, sacrilegiousreligion against which we must wage a holy war, and he is off on acrusade. He is U.S. Army
Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin
, newlyappointed
deputy undersecretary for defense for intelligence,chosen by George Bush to smite the enemies of Zion
. The choiceseems appropriate for a regime known for its swagger, rather than itsintelligence.“We in the army of God, in the house of God, kingdom of God havebeen raised for such a time as this,” the man announced at the FirstBaptist Church in Broken Arrow, Okla., on June 30, 2002.
Boykin warmed to the subject by expressing his contempt for theMuslim deity, whom he referred to as an an “idol” unlike the Judeo-Christian one.‘Our religion came from Judaism’In a speech at the Good Shepherd Church in Sandy, Ore., June 21, thegeneral went on to declare: “Ladies and gentlemen, we will neverabandon Israel, we will never walk away from our commitment toIsrael, because our roots are there. Our religion came from Judaism,and therefore these radicals will hate us forever.”“That means we’ve got a commitment to Israel. That mean’s its acommitment we’re never going to abandon.“Go back and read the history books. Go back and read what the earlyfounders of this nation said about Israel, about the Jews. John Adamswrote extensively of, he called it the Hebrews, the contributions theyhad made to our concepts of liberty and the importance of theircontributions to the founding of this great nation.‘We will never abandon Israel’“Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin each, independently, whenasked to come up with a national symbol for this new nation, bothcame up with a national symbol that reflected on our Jewish heritage.“One had Moses standing over the Red Sea with his staff and the waterparting.“The other had the Israelites coming out of bondage in the desert beingled by a ball of fire. They recognized the importance of our relationshipto the Jews and to Israel. Ladies and gentlemen, we will never abandonIsrael, we will never walk away from our commitment to Israel because

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