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Warren Mi History Part One 1-28

Warren Mi History Part One 1-28

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Published by Wesley E Arnold
This is the History of Warren Michigan and Center Line Michigan in Macomb County Michigan. This is based on research and contains thousands of fotos. This book has 16 parts (because of the many fotos leading to large file size). This book is part of a 20 volume research collection by humble historian Prof Wesley E Arnold MA. This is the most complete historical work on the Warren Township area totaling around 4,000 pages. Visit http://macombhistory.us for more up to date info and videos.
This is the History of Warren Michigan and Center Line Michigan in Macomb County Michigan. This is based on research and contains thousands of fotos. This book has 16 parts (because of the many fotos leading to large file size). This book is part of a 20 volume research collection by humble historian Prof Wesley E Arnold MA. This is the most complete historical work on the Warren Township area totaling around 4,000 pages. Visit http://macombhistory.us for more up to date info and videos.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Wesley E Arnold on Oct 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our Flag stands for Freedom with Liberty and Justice for All, With Freedomof Speech, of the Press, of Religion and with Personal Privacy.
From Bill of Rights
Warren History
Center Line History and
Hundreds of Pictures
Emphasis is on our American way of life,Freedoms, Constitution and Bill of Rights.There is no religious or political agenda in this historyYou may
AVAILABLE FREE WITH 1000s OF PICTURES toview and print now at Companion Web Site WHICHALSO HAS MUSIC macombhistory.us
Also available on a DVD which has over 8000 picturesavailable for a small donation to Friends of the Library.The DVD has Census info from most censuses and has
from research and interviews.Important ignored recent history: Remember 9-11 whenattacks killed 3000 of us, Remember attack on PearlHarbor, Times Square Bomber,
Detroit Underwear Bomber,
,some TV stations media now partly foreign owned forcePolitical Correctness Censorship. Child kidnapping threat,“child brides” do Google search see for yourself, RFIDs,Mu chips, You in international databases, WarrenMemorials stolen, American culture changes and other Important Recent history
Freedom is not free.Thank us vets for yours. Many died for your freedom
Keep informed.
Be Vigilant, Be Prepared
Freedom isn't Free. Many died for yours.Keep informed. Be vigilant.Be Prepared to defend your freedoms.
Our flag stands for Freedom with Liberty and Justice For All
Make the Golden Rule the expectation and standard of human conduct.
Humansneeda Code of Conduct for all.
This book has 1427 pages,
All vols total 4,000 pages
This is Vol 20 Warren-Center Line
CONTENTS PART ONEConstitution Bill of Rights 3Warren Union Cemetery 4Freedom Trains 5Old Age Young Love 1868 p6St Clement color 1854 Bunert 7log cabin, Civil War,
Boblo boats
8Farm Animals 9Mu chip misc 10Soldiers, World Train Center 11Prehistory, Stone Age, French 12Sleigh ride, Bear 13Maplesugaring, Skating 1800s 14Indians 15British, Raisin battle
, epidemics 16
1818-1848 beginnings 17Early settlers 18Settlement
, land patents, diseases
early farming, Beebe's Corners, Twp Gv't 20Abel Warren 21 Naming of Warren, wolves, bears, crows 22State Rd, daily activity, cooking, cabins 23
work, trees, responsibility, pure water 
 bad of old days
1837 stages, railroads, Kunrod's 26Michigan in Civil War 27more on Civil war and 1870s 28PART TWODet Bay City RR and trains Hist Qn 29steam tractors, doctors, floods, fires 301893, disease, drainage, wells 311800s merchants, businesses, notables 321850s notables 33Epitaphs, more 1850, 60, 70 notables 341880, 1890 notables 35Hunters, cougar, wolf, wild animals 36early Van Dyke, St Clement, Twp hall 37Warren Village, Center Line notables 381900s, Kunrod's Corners, Det BC RR 39Buechels Store CL farm views, more 40horse, ele trollys, Van Dyke, off track 41Warren Village main street views 42horses, vehicles, rut road, many fotos 43stuck get a horse, sliding, roads, fotos 44roads, 1900 notables, bridge 45fire, police, village hall, prohibition 46Wilson mill, Wrn Coop, Edison
, steam 47farm implements plow, wind mill etc. 48oldest churches, population stats 49 humane pioneer influence golden rule heritage 50
Churches fotos
51PART THREE misc fotos next 52community fotos, JFK, Busch school 52aerial farm view, flood, riding stables 53Mudville, wagon makers, bridge, baseline 54Downtown Warren, cars, stuck, gas pump 55Van Dyke, off track, Wm Leroy, views 5610 Mile Van Dyke, 1920s gas stations 57early 1900s, WWI, depression 58self sufficient farming 1930s, WCTU 591930s, telephone, mysterious tower 60
World War II 61our POWs tortured, abused 62
1950s Korean War, Warren became a city 63 pop-culture replaced conservative culture 63commercialism, Vietnam War 64Fire departments 65Center line Fire Department 66more fire departments 67Warren Fire Department 68Police departments 69Good Fellows, policing, threat 70Center Line water tower, city views 71recession, unemployment, corporate greed 71Boblo boat foto, 2000s half of Warren near  poverty line, unemployment 20% 722000s off shoring, Warren's unemploymentworst in nation. 5000 foreclosed homes 73RFID big brother coming in, loss of privacyBig bank bailout working class stiffed 73Rights lost, Patriot & Mil Tribunal Act 73Woodcarver shop, thousands of childrenwithout medical, adequate food, and qualityeducation. 1200 homeless
, constant change 74
Old things from Sears catalog 75misc fotos school class 76Bear Creek and GM aerials 771940s ration card, USO etc. 78Respect & honor our Soldiers: 79unlike officers of Warren “Hysterical” socwho stole their memorials from our cemeteryThey died for our freedoms 80Our cemeteries 181Our cemeteries 282Warren Union Cemetery83Cemeteries 484Schools 1 better education85First Schools, teachers contract 86Schools old fotos 387Schools 4 today's education88Our libraries, virtuality89Oldest businesses 190farm and early families91husking bee, lantern, colt, farms 292Rinkeland Centenial Farm, old picnic 93J Romanski Ryan view, milk truck, drain 94Theaters 1 The Liberty, the organ 95Motor City, Ryan, Van Dyke Theaters 96Clothing, Sarsaparilla, Waterloo Boy 97Automobiles and families 98Burlers Variety Store, oldest businesses 99Motor City Speedway, steel, Moore Store 100Thomas Jefferson sayings 1101Thomas Jefferson sayings 2102Old sayings 1103Old sayings 2104Map 1875 center of Warren Township 105Map 1875 North Warren Township 106Map 1875 South of Warren Township 107Map 1916 community of Van Dyke 108Map 1916 Warren Village area 109Map 1916 Warren Township 110Map Warren village lots 1875, 1916 111Map 1869 best one anywhere Wrn Twp 112Warren Historic sites list, locations 113Historic sites map 114Important Historical Newspaper Articles 115Bank Bailout Newspaper Articles 116US Attacked Newspaper Articles 117Americans Killed Newspaper Articles 118Historical Newspaper Articles Security 119Historical Newspaper Articles Terrorists 120War, Titanic Articles, Dodge City 121Ladd Center, War, Earthquake 122Unemployment Highest in Nation 123Patriot Week, New Data Hub 124Earmarks, China, S Bieda e-letters 125Memorials 126Old time Music 127Boondogglers spent Our Trillions 128Future of Warren 129Important facts 130END OF PART FOUR PART FIVETrain Travel in 1800s 3 pages 13f Freedom Train 3p 12f Leviathan 4 p 8f Local Animals of the Past 7 pagesMichigan Wild Animals Present 1p 32f Michigan State Fair 8 pages 38f Making Clothing 9p 13f Bunert Weier Farm 2 5p 9f Bunert Weier Farm 1 9p 14f Fall Color at WUC MUST SEE 10 p 13f Fall Color smaller file 10p 13f Lessons of History 2f Rulers And Public Officials 13 pages longSchools When Built 2p 0f 6th and 8th Grade Final Exam 1890 1pBunert One Room School Museum 7 p 21f Businesses 50s-60s 6p 10f PART SIXBaseline 3p 5f Boblo Boats 8p 12f Businesses 7p 23f Business2 4p 18 Center Line Fire Dept1 4 pages 6f Center Line Fire Dept2 4 pages 13f Center Line TimesChurches Founded Years 2p 0f Churches in Middle Warren 4p 13f Churches in N Warren 2p 9f Country Store 2f Courtesy Gas Station 3p 1f Crops 4 pages 15f Daily Activities 1800s 5_pages 22f Detroit Free Press 1f Detroit News 1f Engine 1225 Polar Express 1f Epitaphs 6p 2f Eviction of the Indians 2pFarm views 5p 10f Farms 8p 25f Fiddlers 2p 1f First Methodist Church 1f First WHS Student 1f Headline President ShotHome Inventions 7p 28f Honored Historians 4p 5f Local Locals 2p 55f PART SEVENAmerican Heritage Historic 1 8p 12f Indians 7 pages 5f Inside Old Store 5p 19f Inventions 15p 23f Longest lasting businesses 3p 6f 

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