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Nakshatras and Its Native

Nakshatras and Its Native

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Published by: Janarthanan Alwarramanujam on Oct 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Nakshatras Ashwini“Owning horses”0 - 13°20 AriesDeities: Ashwini KumarasSymbol: the horse’s headShakti: power to reach things quickly (shidhra vyapani shakti)Basis Above: creatures to be healedBasis Below: healing therapiesResult: freedom from disease Ashwini natives are swift and are able to travel at high speeds. They are natural healers and being intheir presence in soothing. They are good listeners and will make excellent therapists andpsychologists. This is an animal Nakshatra so there is an affinity for animals, especially horses. Theyalso have an affinity for vehicles. Ashwini people usually reach lofty heights in their chosen professionbut not though ambition. Others recognize their efficient ways and natural soothing presence and theymove up because of these qualities. Roy Rogers, the cowboy actor, has his natal Moon here and hewas featured in over one hundred movies with his Palamino and German Shepherd. Peter Fonda, thelead in “Easy Rider”, also is an Ashwini native. The chopper was his metal stallion carrying him swiftlyacross the United States.Bharani“To bear”13°20 - 26°40 AriesDeity: Yama, the god of deathSymbol: vaginaShakti: power to take things away (apabharani shakti)Basis Above: removal of life from the bodyBasis Below: carry the soul to the realm of the ancestorsResult: Moving on to the next worldBharani people are obsessed with deathand/or transformation. Their power lies in taking things away.  As long as the things taken away are negative or counterproductive, then the Bharani person works inline with the universe. For example, if one has a brain tumor, a Bharani surgeon will effectively be ableto take it away. Garbage needs to be taken away. Psychologically, negative attitudes and self-defeatinghabits need to be taken away so that the person can better themselves. The vagina, as the symbol of Bharani, takes away the semen to produce another life, it takes away the vital essence of one being tocreate another. It also rips the fetus away from its contemplative, peaceful womb atmosphere andthrusts it into the noisy world. As a side note, Jim Morrison had his Moon in Bharani. Did you see themovie, “The Doors”? Throughout the entire movie, he spoke about and was obsessed with the subjectof death.Many of his songs were about death. Krittika“Razor/cutter”26°40 Aries - 10°00 TaurusDeity: Agni, the god of fireSymbol: A razor or sharp bladeShakti: To burnBasis Above: HeatBasis Below: LightResult: Burning and purificationKrittika is also a transformative Nakshatra. Fire is the most purifying substance known. Krittika peopleare fiery, courageous and able to cut away the unnecessary to achieve their goals. Frida Kahlo had her Moon in Krittika and her art is filled with images of cut flesh and even a self-portrait of cutting her ownhair. There are myths associated with Agni, the god of fire that tell of high sexualpassionand illicitaffairs with other married individuals, note that Katherine Hepburn’s Moon is also under the sway of Krittika and her 25 year affair with the married Spencer Tracy was hardly a secret.
Rohini“The growing” or “the red”10°00 - 23°20 TaurusDeity: Prajapati, lord of creationSymbol: an ox cartShakti: growthBasis Above: plantsBasis Below: watersResult: creationRohini is a soft, tender nakshatra. This was the favorite wife of the Moon. The deity, Prajapati is acreative deity, presiding over theatrical art, dancing and music and all growth. Rohini, as the favoritewife of the Moon, was highly talented in these arts as well as highly skilled in making love. In Vedicmyth, the Moon stayed with Rohini to the detriment of his other wives because of her beauty grace andcharm. The father of the brides, Daksha, cursed the Moon, so now he waxes and wanes as he visits allof his wives. Rohini people make wonderful dancers, Fred Astaire has his natal Moon here. Rohinipeople are concerned with growth, note that Sigmund Freud, doing research into the growing mind of the individual from babyhood, through toddler years, revolved an entire thesis around how theperceptual mind grows inpsychology.Mrigashira“the deer’s head” “hunting”23°20 Taurus - 6°40 GeminiDeity: Soma, god of immortalitySymbol: deer’s headShakti: the power to give fulfillmentBasis Above: to extendBasis Below: weavingResult: Making the world enjoyableMrigashira individuals search within the creation for satiation and usually find it. They extendthemselves into creation, weaving a pattern of karmas, but these desires to be fulfilled are benign andthe motivationbehind them is to enjoy the creation. Mrigashira individuals are charming, changeable, timid, and impulsive. They like to hunt for the objects of their desires. The house placement of the Moonas well as any planets conjunct the Moon in Mrigashira will give clues as to what the native is hunting.Mrigashira is an animal Nakshatra, so there is a natural love of animals and nature unless planets areseverely afflicted here. Also, as a side note, Mrigashira people often have big, beautiful, doe-like eyes. An example is Brooke Shields and Goldie Hawn who both have their Moons in this asterism. Ardra“the moist one”6°40 - 20°00 GeminiDeity: Rudra, the storm-godSymbol: a teardropShakti: the power of effortBasis Above: to hunt or searchBasis Below: reach the goalResult:achievementRudra, the god of Ardra, is a form of Shiva. Shiva is very unconventional and heretical in his actions andviews, so Ardra people are inclined to be the same way. The symbol is a teardrop, so high emotion isassociated with this asterism. Often Ardra individuals will be moved to tears, and since Shiva is the godof destruction and suffering, often Ardra people will suffer for what they want and to achieve their goals.In order to reach the goal, there is suffering and destruction of some sort along the way. Ardra’splanetary ruler is Rahu, showing an obsessive, strong desire nature. Ardra natives can make their goalstheir obsessions, giving a powerful impetus for success, however if they do not have a beneficial andhealthy goal, they can fall into addictions. Janis Joplin and Farrah Fawcett have their natal Moonsplaced here. The sad story of Janis Joplin’s addictions ruining her after she achieved great success is
well known. Farrah Fawcett was also a household word in the late 70’s but did have some addictiveproblems recently.Punarvasu“return to goodness and light”20°00 Gemini - 3°20 Cancer Deity: Aditi, mother of the godsSymbol: a quiver of arrowsShakti: the power of wealth or substanceBasis Above: wind, air Basis Below: wetness, rainResult: producingherbs and trees  Aditi, the mother goddess, is beyond form and boundless. She is goddess of space and also of theearth. Like the goddess, Punarvasu people love freedom and expansion. The have the natural ability tocreate wealth andprosperity. They have many resources from which to draw upon, represented by thequiver of arrows. They like to store and retain their creations and energy instead of spending it. Theyhave a strong sense of virtue and of right and wrong. The ability to resurrect a failing marriage or career,or regain self-respect, prosperityor income is a natural talent among these natives. The person may become overly enamored of material well being and use it for selfish reasons, but will always return tothe balanced, correct path. Rehabilitation is a key word here. David Hasselhoff has his Moon here andhas been through many rehabilitations for alcohol related problems and he also knows that his actionsare self-defeating and seeks out help to renew himself.Pushya“nourishing” “the flower”3°20 - 16°40 Cancer Deity: Brihaspati, teacher of the devas (divine beings, gods)Symbol: udder of a cowShakti: the power to create spiritual energyBasis Above: sacrificial worshipBasis Below: the worshipper Result: possessing spiritual knowledge and energyBrihaspati as the lord of Pushya rules knowledge and Pushya natives tend to be professionals in their field and quite knowledgeable. They will nourish anything they come into contact with and make it growand thrive. As a result, this Nakshatra has the reputation of being the most auspicious Nakshatra. Lucknaturally comes the way of the Pushya person.Prosperityand wealth are also attributes that seem tobless the life of the native of Pushya. Learningand mental energy are favored by this Nakshatra. Clint Eastwood, Joe Montana and Gloria Steinem all have their natal Moons in Pushya. All three of theseindividuals are extremely learned and fortunate in their respective fields. Ashlesha“entwiner” “embracer”16°40 - 30°00 Cancer Deity: Sarpas, the deified serpentsSymbol: a coiled serpentShakti: the power to inflict with poisonBasis Above: the approach of the serpentBasis Below: agitation or tremblingResult: destruction of the victim Ashlesha natives entwine or embrace that which they desire. They have a hypnotic, sensual, undulatingquality which can metaphorically paralyze the object of their gaze. The poison they inflict can be todestroy or an ambrosial nectar that will bring about illusions within the recipient. They do not have themagnetic, charismatic qualities to sway the masses, usually their hypnotic powers work best on a one toone basis. Snakes are representative of the kundalini energy so this asterism has intense mysticalpower. The sarpas inhabit the underworld, so the Ashlesha native will be fascinated by the hidden,occult, deeply psychological areas of life. They are also akin to snakes as they periodically shed their 

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