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The Asparragus Just Had Gotten Out of the Destroyed Bank

The Asparragus Just Had Gotten Out of the Destroyed Bank

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Published by aesscribd

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Published by: aesscribd on Oct 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Asparagus just had gotten out of the destroyedbank. He got in and out in ten minutes and whatsatisfied him most was he had to kill more than tenpeople during the raid. Without question, he wasnow the first on the list of the New York Police mostwanted supervillains list and there was no Spider Manor some guy like in the comics to stop him."Hey, you there in the Asparagus costume! Freeze andput your hands over your head!" a voice out of amegaphone shrieked. The officer who had said thatwas obviously horrified and scared. Well he had allrights to be so."I have no intention of putting my hands above myhead!" the Asparagus shouted and turned around tothe voice."I-I will have to shoot,this is the last warning," the officer stuttered."Oh go on then, shoot me," the Asparagus saidmockingly. "You can't harm me. You know I am The Asparagus and you are going to die."James Brown woke up next to his wife, her blonde hair was laying on his muscular chest. "Morning Honey,youslept really long, so you missed how your daughter puked," she said.
"Why do I think that I didn't want to see that," he saidand kissed her on her forehead. Arriving at the police station, Officer Brown realizedsomething was wrong. Everywhere red dots blinked.Everyone was shouting and and paper was flyingaround like in a movie where everything was messedup.Shouting at his best friend, Corey Lindsheimer, heasked, "What is wrong here?""There were thirteen murders yesterday,two of themwere police officers!" Corey shouted."Whoah, that is really bad no wonder there is such amess here."Suddenly a phone rang, no one talked at the other endas officer Brown took the call. He had already orderedto trace the call before he took it and as he hung up theaddress was brought to him.10 police cars arrived at the address the look of thehouse was more than terrifying it was completelydunked into Asparagus sauce. One guy looked out of awindow but he didn't have skin any more. Someonewas standing on the roof and he was actually laughing.He looked like a giant Asparagus but that wasn't

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