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GunturDistrict Villages

GunturDistrict Villages

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Published by rajendra79159

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: rajendra79159 on Oct 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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List of Villages in Guntur District
List of Villages in Guntur District of VGTM Urban Development Authority
S.No Revenue Village Gram PanchayatWhetherPowersdelegated toG.P Under – Sec56 APU Act of 1975Guntur Mandal1 Ankireddypalem Ankireddypalem
Yes2 Ankireddypalem Lalpuram No3 Ankireddypalem Vengalayapalem No4 Ankireddypalem Challavaripalem No5 Budampadu Budampadu No6 Chinapalakaluru Chinapalakaluru No7 Chinapalakaluru Mallavaram No8 Chinapalakaluru Dasupalem No9 Etukuru Etukuru Yes10 Gorantla Gorantla Yes11 Koritipadu Gorantla Yes12 Guntur (Rural) Reddypalem No13 Jonnalagadda Jonnalagadda Yes14 Nallapadu Nallapadu Yes15 Nallapadu Turkapalem No16 Pedapalakaluru Pedapalakaluru No17 Pedapalakaluru Gollavaripalem No18 Pedapalakaluru Adavi Takkellapadu No19 Pedapalakaluru Tokavaripalem No20 Pothuru Pothuru No21 Pothuru Obulanayudupalem No22 Agathavarappadu Agathavarappadu No23 Bandarupalli Bandaupalli No24 Bandarupalli Garikapadu No25 Damarapalli Damerapalli No26 Damarapalli Phanidram NoAmaravathi Mandal1 Daranikota Daranikota No2 Amaravathi Amaravathi No
3 Vaikuntapuram Vaikuntapuram No4 Pedamadduru Pedamadduru No5 Narakullapadu Narakullapadu No6 Karlapudi Karlapudi7 Ungaturu UngaturuTullar Mandal1 Harichandrapuram Harichandrapuram No2 Vadlamanu Vadlamanu No3 Ananthavaram Ananthavaram No4 Nekkallu Nekkallu No5 Thullur Thullur No6 Pitchiklapalem Pitchiklapalem No7 Dondapadu Dondapadu No8 Abbarajupalem Abbarajupalem No9 Rayapudi Rayapudi No10 Borupalem Borupalem No11 Motadaki Motadaki NoTenali Mandal1 Angalakuduru Angalakuduru Yes2 Angalakuduru Chavavaripalem No3 Gudivada Gudivada No4 Gudivada Kopalle No5 Kathevaram Kathevaram Yes6 Kathevaram Kancherlapalem No7 Kathevaram Somasundarapalem No8 Kathevaram Telaprolu No9 Kolakaluru Kolakaluru Yes10 Kolakaluru Hoppeta No11 Nandivelugu Nandivelugu Yes12 Nelapadu Nelapadu No13 Pedaravuru Pedaravuru Yes14 Pedaravuru Jaggadiguntapelem Yes15 Pinapadu Mallepadu No16 Sangamjagarlamudi Sangamjagarlamudi No17 Deverapalliseri18 ChinaraveruMangalagiri Mandal
1 Atmakuru Atmakuru No2 ChinaKakani ChinaKakani Yes3 Chinavadlapudi Chinavadlapudi No4 Kaza Kaza Yes5 Krishnayapalem Krishnayapalem No6 Kuragallu Kuragallu No7 Kuragallu Neerukonda No8 Nidamarru Nidamarru No9 Nowluru Nowluru Yes10 Nowluru Errabalem Yes11 Nowluru Bethapudi No12 Nutakki Nutakki Yes13 Pedavadlapudi Pedavadlapudi Yes14 Ramachandrapuram Ramachandrapuram YesTadepalli Mandal1 Chirravuru Chirravuru No2 Gundimeda Gundimeda No3 Gundimeda Prathuru No4 ippatam ippatam No5 ippatam Mallampudi No6 Kolanukonda Kolanukonda No7 Kunchenapalli Kunchenapalli No8 Penumaka Penumaka Yes9 Tadepalli Tadepalli Yes10 Tadepalli Krishnanagar Yes11 Undavalli Undavalli Yes12 Vaddeswaram Vaddeswaram NoPedakakani Mandal1 Anumarlapudi Anumarlapudi No2 koppuravuru koppuravuru No3 Namburu Namburu Yes4 Namburu Venkatakrishnapuram No5 Pedakakani Pedakakani Yes6 Takkelapadu Takkelapadu No7 Takkelapadu Ramachandrapalem No8 Tangellamudi Tangellamudi Yes9 Uppalapadu Uppalapadu No

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