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Assignment 1 - Textual Analysis

Assignment 1 - Textual Analysis

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Published by Londie T. Martin

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Published by: Londie T. Martin on Oct 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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L. Martin \ English 101
172, 193 \ Fall 2008 \ University of Arizona
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Unit 1, Essay 1
Writing Our Environment
An Interpretive Textual Analysis (4-5 pages)
[W]ho I am, who any of us are, and how we see the world cannot be separated from ourideological positions within our culture and time.
Much of our thinking still adheres to amechanistic worldview, which reduces the complexities of the world to
 ,organisms, and mechanisms, rather than to an
one, which considers organisms inrelation to each other and their surroundings and which focuses on the interdependence of all
living and nonliving systems of the universe.”
 Ute Haker and Sharon Wright-Harris
“Writing the Environment
Writing as Revision,
p. 412
Important Dates
In class, sign up for Essay #1 text
1 page discovery draft due for Peer Response
(Bring 1 paper copy to class.)
3 page rough draft due for Peer Response
(Bring 1 paper copy to class.)
Writing Workshop #1
(If you signed up for this workshop, bring 13 copies of your rough draft to class.)
Final draft of Essay #1 is due in class
Selected Texts for Essay #1
For our first essay, I ask you to begin the writing process by familiarizing yourself with the texts we will be exploring during Unit 1:
“sonora desert poem” by Lucille Clifton, pp. 427
-428 in
Writing as Revision
“Escudilla” by Aldo Leopold, pp. 457
-459 in
“Knowing Our Place” by Barbara Kingsolver, PDF on D2
“The Clan of One
Breasted Women” by Terry Tempest Williams, pp. 439
-444 in
“Landscape and Narrative” by Barry Lopez, pp. 415
-419 in
 We will discuss each of these texts in class, but I encourage you to browse through all of them soon. Inclass on
September 15
 , I will invite you to select
one text
on which to focus your attention as youcompose Essay #1.
Purpose and Audience
of this assignment is to select one text, conduct several close readings of it, and compose anengaging, academic essay that examines
how the text works
how its words, structure, style, tone,ideas, metaphors, or other textual strategies work together to elicit meaningful responses from readers.It is important to remember, however, that there are multiple ways to respond to and interpret a text.Your essay will describe the interpretation of one important reader
you. Thus, your job in this essay isto describe
your analysis
of the text’s purpose
and strategies by wisely selecting
meaningful pieces ofevidence from the text
to support your analysis.One way to support your unique analysis of a text is to reflect on your own worldview. In other words,how are personal experiences, values, and beliefs actively shaping the way you view and interpret thepossible meanings of a text? Each of us brings a unique life history to the texts that we read, and part ofyour job in this essay is to
help your readers thoughtfully consider the perspective through which you

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